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It looks like technology bring us an advancement with wearable device. Smartwatches, smart glasses, smart ID badges, and activity trackers make us to change the way we go about each day and the how we do our jobs. As per an April 2015 report looking over 2,400 U.S. CIOs by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology, 81 percent expect wearable processing gadgets, for example, watches and glasses to wind up normal working environment devices.

Smart eyewear are being used for hands-free access to patients’ medical records by doctors as well as nurses and staffs of hospitals. Oil rig specialists sport brilliant head protectors to interface with land-based specialists, who can see their work remotely and convey directions. Warehouse managers can catch continuous execution information utilizing a smartwatch to all the more likely oversee dissemination and satisfaction activities. Wearable figuring gadgets improve profitability by conveying data to laborers without expecting them to interfere with their errands, which thus engages representatives to settle on progressively educated choices all the more rapidly.

Although primarily client devices, smartwatches are being employed for business. The Apple Watch, for instance, includes a range of options to form workers additional productive. It will take phone calls and settle for voice commands. it'll show a very important message, e-mail, or calendar appointment on your articulatio plana rather than buzzing loudly and with each e-mail, text message, calendar, provide you with a warning received, the watch uses refined, discreet vibrations that won’t be a distraction within the middle of a gathering. There are Apple Watch versions of Evernote (note taking), PowerPoint

(electronic presentations), and Invoice2go, which is able to mechanically prompt you to start out work your period of time as presently as you attain employment website, send basic invoices and receive alerts once they’re paid.

Salesforce have made lots of applications for many big company. Take Apple as an example with its Apple Watches. Salesforce helps salespeople, service agents or maybe even other business users to speed up the production or work by instantly deliver notifications. For more details, by wearing an Apple Watch on your hand, discount approval request can be transferred immediately to sales managers, customer service managers can see which alert is critical, need immediate reply. Not just for business, other users can also have the ability to access a report or to find other informations. Use their customers to analyse new data, uncover new insights or even view performance metrics.

Southern Co., a energy company in Atlanta, is now testing some wearable equipment in its power plants, power distribution and transmission pipeline. Recently, the company has started using both head-mounted and wrist-mounted computers and performed several “proofs of concept” with Google Glass, Apple Watch, and the Moto 360 Android Wear device. The proofs of concept concentrated on boosting plant workers’ ability to follow documented operations more exactly and to record adherence to those operations. Bluetooth video cameras worn on the head were also piloted to record work stages and for video conferencing between field personnel and central office personnel.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, their hotel room keys are not the regular key compared to other hotels. Instead of using the original key or the

magnetic card lock,

frequency identification (RFID) wristband. The RFID has several functions, such as park entrance ticket, can be assigned a PIN and linked to the guest’s credit

card to make purchases, can be used to link photos to guest accounts,

are also equipped with long-range RFID for greeting or helping guests personally. RFID data will be used to minimize waiting and messages will be sent to lure visitors in order to move to another area which is less crowded. FastPass+ is a ride reservation system which allocates visitors to the most popular attractions by returning windows for express entrance in an hour.


guests are given a MagicBand which is a radio


Wearable devices are just to started to fill the phenomenon of the customers but it probably changes the business world. It proposes the broad-based allure of hands-free data delivery that allows completing the required tasks by employees with the inputs of visual and audio cue. Therefore, wearable devices help to get better the worker's productivity and corporate environment. It could also be useful in business and commercial settings:

1. Trainingas having the Augmented-reality headsets — improved versions of Google Glass or even GoPro cameras — could be very useful ways for workers to share exactly what they’re seeing.

2. Business Travel as the Headsets and other wearables could help business travelers discreetly access information on unfamiliar locales without having to pull out their smartphones on every street corner.

3. Sports and Entertainment as the wearables would be on the athletes and entertainers, capturing their movements, metrics, and experiences for sharing with their fans. Similar approaches are already in use with car-mounted cameras in auto racing and other sports

4. Police and military: This is already happening with wearable cameras increasingly showing up on law-enforcement personnel

5. Sales: Salesforce support better customer service by offering access to live data as needed. The company is partnering with Accenture to help develop new applications.

Wearable computing is coming, whether we’re ready for it or not. Google Glass had its moment, but poor marketing helped marginalize its promising but still awkward technology. Smartwatches so far have also been a disappointment, with limited functionality and clunky aesthetics. The value of wearable computing devices is more about finding ways to use wearables to augment and enhance business processes. To sum up, successful adoption of wearable computing really depends not only on cost effectiveness but on the development of new and better apps and integration with existing IT infrastructure. Also, the organization’s tools for managing and securing mobile devices also hold a strong supportive role in the process.