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Frederick H. Norton
Continued from page 11 manuscripts, photography, as PUBLIC AUCTION
Museum of American History. I
suspect that Norton must have
well as writing and paperwork
from the Norton potteries in Mid-Summer Consignment Sale
acquired a group of wares
from the Peabody Pottery in
Worcester and Bennington
were also identified.
the 1920s, consisting of the But aside from that, 10 A.M. (PREVIEW AT 9 A.M.)
vase I purchased on Cape Cod, Norton contributed as an Silver Creek Social Club
the four objects he gifted to archeologist, as well. He 2943 Rt. 412, HELLERTOWN, PA 18055
the MFA and possibly the two recovered a great collection of
pieces in the Watkins collec- artifacts that should be noted
Antiques - Silver - Coins/Stamps - Household - Tools
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tion at the Smithsonian. today from the original
Although soon after Dogtown settlement in Antique Wood Tools, Primitives, Sterling Flatware, Coins, Decorative
Watkins’ book was released, Gloucester. The community

See Auction Calendar at for details.
Norton wrote a pottery book of was settled about 1693 and
Auctioneer, Les Beyer - PA Lic. #AU005908
his own that was published in grew to more than 100 fami-
1956, titled “Ceramics for the lies and 60 to 80 homes by
Artist Potter,” some of which 1750 through the American
was perhaps based on infor- Revolution. In the 20th centu-
mation Norton learned from ry, Norton uncovered all sorts
being a potter himself. In fact,
it was reported that Norton
of artifacts around some of
the settlement’s 18th-century
Put our
had developed a superior
terra-cotta clay by the mid-
foundations related to every-
day life, including various
60 years of
20th century. This superior clay types of red earthenware, experience
to work
is probably the same used on some decorated with slip.
two large vases that I acquired Some of the pottery may have
from Bornhofft in 2015, both
decorated with African ani-
been made locally at a busi-
ness owned by Daniel Bayley for you!
mals. The MFA also owns a (1729-92) in the 1750s, but
great collection of skillfully
created earthenware made by
some of it may have been
imported from elsewhere in
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Norton that is decorated in Essex County or even the
various vibrant colors, colors Colonial industry in Linda Deshler
that any American art potter Charlestown, Mass. The Sandy Photographs owned by Norton include (top) Moses Paige’s Pottery in Peabody, Circulation Coordinator
would have boasted about. Bay Historical Society in Mass., ca. 1880, and (bottom) the Exeter Pottery Works, about 1885, showing a Since 1983
In some ways similar to the Rockport, Mass., owns the horse-drawn pug mill.
research that Professor Norton Dogtown artifacts today. 1.800.800.1833
published at NASA Langley, he Professor Norton’s Legacy ext. 2541
also wrote some academic and Frederick Norton’s name
scholarship material about alone is easily recognizable
ceramics that was published today due to the manufactur-
through MIT. Much of this ing and creative success of
applied to being a studio pot- the late 18th- and 19th-centu-
ter and creating artistic and ry potteries bearing his sur-
decorative pottery, which had name in Worcester and John Barilla
become fashionable, especial- Bennington. But Norton Sales Representative
ly by some potters in Europe should really be recognized Since 2005
and Japan. He also wrote about for the remarkable pottery
the Martin Crafts Pottery in that he manufactured at MIT 1.800.800.1833
Nashua, N.H., the Norton in the early 1900s. I am not ext. 2536
Pottery in Worcester, and the sure how much of this pottery
Exeter Pottery Works, among exists outside of the MFA, but
other subjects. the accomplished beautiful
I learned about the colored glazes are wonderful
whereabouts of a group of to see.
19th-century earthenware bill- But equally as much, Arlene Bair
heads from businesses in West Norton was a brilliant physi- The collection of 19th-century billheads and paperwork from Dublin, N.H., West Sales Representative
Sterling, Mass., and Dublin, cist who applied and tested Sterling, Mass., Worcester, Mass., and Bennington, Vt., was originally owned by Since 2015
N.H., also known as Chesham his gifted intelligence to the Norton, many of which were cited by Lura Woodside Watkins in her 1950 book,
Village. These bills of receipt field of ceramics, especially “Early New England Potters and Their Wares.” 1.800.800.1833
were all cited by Watkins in studio pottery, and how ext. 2561
“Early New England Potters physics yielded a better There are many aspects of Antiques, February 1931.
and Their Wares” and were understanding of what was Norton’s life that intrigue me, “ “ “Clay: Why It Acts The
just rediscovered in a collec- actually taking place within especially learning the pro- Way It Does.” Studio Potter,
tion of paperwork and books the makeup of clay, the form- gression of his career, and Winter 1975/76.
from Norton’s estate. A lot of ing of clay, and how this all how he had the opportunity to “ “ “Ceramics for the Artist
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Norton’s original research, reacted inside of the kiln. visit traditional working pot- Potter.” Boston: Addison
teries in the 1920s and ’30s. He Wesley Publishing Company, Karl Pass
must have been thrilled to see 1956. Editor
how some of these businesses Ring, Madelia Hickman. Since 2013
actually operated during the “Q&A Justin Thomas. Antiques
period. I would have loved to & the Arts Weekly, November 1.800.800.1833
have spoken with Professor 23, 2018. ext. 2540
Norton and met the working- Watkins, Lura Woodside.
class potters who he interact- “Early New England Potters and
ed with in his lifetime. Their Wares.” Cambridge, Mass.:
Harvard University Press, 1950.
Chambers, Joseph R. “A
Century of Langley.” Hampton,
VA: National Aeronautics and
Space Administration, 2017. ANTIQUES & QUALITY FURNISHINGS

Norton, Frank H. & V.J. Duplin,
Jr. “The Osborn Pottery in Gonic,
This is Professor Norton inside his studio at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. New Hampshire.” The Magazine


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