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1. Believe you deserve a positive result.

2. As you think, as you feel, and as you believe, so you experience the
creation of the physical reality around you -- always! No exceptions.
3. Unconditional love is the ultimate power in creation.
4. You do not get peace by hating war; you get peace by loving peace.
5. You deserve happiness; such that you can create your reality to be whatever you
prefer it to be.
6. Your beliefs create the physical reality you experience.
7. When you change your beliefs, allow yourselves to function as if a change has
occurred across the entire spectrum of your life.
8. Act like you are what you imagine you want to be and you will be it.
9. Have the belief that you will see the things that you wish to manifest.
10. If you are experiencing events in your life you no longer prefer, then allow
yourself to recognize that your ability to even imagine there is another way to be,
is being the other way. All you have to do is to put into physical action the
certainty that your ability to imagine there is another way, is the reality of being
that other person.
11. Be that person you imagine you would be like; act as the person you can
envision yourself desiring to be.
12. As you think, as you picture, as you imagine, that is real.
13. Be it, if you prefer what you imagine – and that will be the reality you experience.
14. The way to see things change in your world most quickly, is to change the
idea of who you are.
15. If you wish to see anything in your world change, change yourself!
16. Trust. Be the life you wish to be. Act as if you are that way.
17. If you have an image in your mind of how you would like the world to exist,
exist in your life as if that is the reality for you.
18. Allow yourself to know your life is manifesting what you want.
19. Be happy. Remember cause and effect are the same event. You don't have to
wait for a reason to be happy in order to know you prefer to be happy. Create the
effect of being happy, and you will attract into your lives all of the causes to
support the happiness you have created . . . just because you want to. And just
because you say so.
20. You can create any reality you desire; that is . Act as such and you will have
heaven on your Earth.
21. Have a picture of yourself doing something you would enjoy doing, and
being supported fully in that life style. Not having the shadow of a doubt
that you are supported; truly feeling that's the way you live.
22. Have a picture or feeling in mind.
23. Feel a state that you want to feel.
24. You always get in physical reality only what you already believe to be the
most likely reality you'll get.
25. Conjure up in your imagination an image – a vision of how you prefer to be
– then take whatever situation is going on in your life, hand it to the you
you have conjured up who is representative of the excited person you
would prefer to be, and watch how the you in your imagination handles the
situation you have given to it. Then copy it. You will get the effect that it gets
in its excited state of handling all things in that excited way. That's what your
imagination is for: to copy. It gives you the picture, the blueprint, the path, the
methodology, the ritual, whatever will work best for you. Create an image and
mimic the image. Then you will be that person, and you will have that life style
26. You do not have to think twice about something you already own.
27. Do what excites you the most, in the way it excites you the most to do it, with
integrity, and you will always be being of service.
28. Relax the judgment, and you will let go of the anxiety. It will turn into excitement
and laughter, and you will giggle your way through life.
29. Act like you believe it, and you'll see the results – guaranteed.
30. See what you want. Feel it. Know it. Desire it. Then be it. Act it. Do only that
thing in the way that is representative of who you want to be. See it. Feel it. Be
it. . . . one, two, three.
31. Allow the flow to take place.