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Section A

1. B 6. C 11. C 16. D
2. C 7. B 12. D 17. B
3. D 8. C 13. A 18. A
4. D 9. D 14. C 19. C
5. A 10. B 15. B 20. D

Section B

21. (Accept any suitable answers)

(a) We can plant more trees. /

Stop cutting down trees.

(b) Happy birthday to you. /

This is for you.

(c) Teacher, can I help you? /

Do you need any help?


(a) grocery shop

(b) four
(c) (Accept any suitable answers)

i. belt

ii. watch

Response : Yes
Sentence : I know I’m supposed to get something else but it has just slipped my


(e) He / She called to convey his / her wishes to Mr Lim.

(Accept any suitable answers)


(a) golf stick

(b) badminton racquet


List A List B
The offer price of the rugby ball a one-year warranty.

The usual price of the futsal ball.

The badminton racquet has is ninety ringgit.

The cheapest sport equipment is the futsal ball is eighty ringgit.

(d) The golf stick has the highest discount. It has a RM 50 discount.

(e) It is to attract more customers to buy their items.


(a) sale

(b) diapers

25.(a) (Accept any suitable answers)

i) sofa

ii) curtains

(b) It is because the children can’t wear / fit into their old clothes.

(c) It is to attract more customers to come to the shopping mall during the sale.



Section A
1. at Alwi Hotel
2. Penang Butterfly Farm
3. how batik is made
4. they took / had lunch in a restaurant OR
they went to a restaurant for lunch
5. went boating and collected seashells

Section B (i)
a) goodie bag
b) balloons
c) key chain

Section B (ii)
Good morning teacher and all my friends. I have been to Royal London Circus
and I would like to talk about some interesting performances there.

First, I enjoyed the clowns. They were very funny. They sang and danced very
well. Everyone enjoyed their magic tricks too.

Then, the animal show was really awesome. There was a bear riding a toy car
and a lion jumping through a hoop. I enjoyed watching an elephant juggling a ball too.

That’s all. Thanks.

(80 words)
Section C

Question 1

Last week, our teacher, Mrs Wong held a class party for her pupils. It was to
celebrate Children’s Day and all of them were as happy as a lark. They decorated their
class with a banner and some balloons.

Mrs Wong bought a big cake with candles on it. The class monitor blew the
candles and cut the cake. She wished everyone a Happy Children’s Day. All the pupils
received presents and sang songs happily.

After that, she told them some interesting stories. Her pupils enjoyed her stories
very much.

Before going home, all her pupils thanked her for a wonderful day.

(102 words)

Question 2

Min Huat is a kind and helpful boy. He has a heart of gold.

During the holidays, Min Huat and his friends visited the Sunrise Old Folk’s
Home. They brought food and fruits for the old folks.

The boys helped Min Huat to clean and clear the rubbish in the compound. They
worked very hard and were as busy as a bee.

The girls prepared food for the old folks. They made sandwiches and drinks.
They served the old folks and all of them ate the food together.

It was an interesting day and all of them enjoyed themselves very much.

(101 words)