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Choose the correct answer by crossing [X] A, B, C, a. You can repair it by yourself
or D ! b. You should call a mechanic
c. Why don't you stop driving
1. Raisha : I’m little confused about what to d. You are going to a mechanic
choose for the movie we’re going to watch.
Rina : ............ 7. Alex : What do you suggest for dinner?
Raisha : That sounds good Silvia: ..........................
Alex : Sorry, I'm a vegetarian now.
a. What about watching the Avengers ?
b. Let’s go to the cinema. a. Let's cook onion soup at home
c. What about going to canteen? b. I think we can enjoy marmalade
d. What about watching TV ? c. What about eating some french fries?
d. Why don't we have steak at the Crown
2. Fitri : The weather is very today.
8. Below are sentence of asking
Agnes : .........I think it can lower our body suggestion, except….
a. What about eating some hot plate food ? a. Can you tell me what I should do?
b. What about doing some exercises ? b. Do you have any suggestion for me?
c. What about going to the beach ? c. What would you do?
d. What about eating ice cream ? d. Would you mind giving me your suggestion?

3. Nadhil : I recommend you to buy this book. It 9. Which sentence shows the giving suggestion?
motivates us to reach our dreams. a. I have got a headache.
Etik : .......I already bought it last year. The b. You should stay at home.
book is not so good. c. Don’t you go to school?
d. Let me check
a. That sounds good to me
b. Really? Okay, I’ll buy it 10. Below are sentence of accepting suggestion,
c. I don’t think so except….
d. I don’t know a. No, thank you c. Sounds great
b. That’s good d. Sure, why not?
4. Indah : ...............
Nova : Let’s have lunch.
a. Hey, I’m thirsty
b. Oh, God. It’s so cold here
c. Dude, I’m so full
d. Nova, I’m very hungry Please answer questions below briefly !

5. Amin : I'm sorry for being late. My car broke 1. What is the definition of suggestion?
down on my way here. 2. What is the social function of suggestion?
Mr. Budi : .............................. 3. Mention 2 examples of asking suggestion !
Amin : Thanks for your advice. I'll do that. 4. Mention 3 examples of declining
a. You should call a taxi suggestion !
b. My driver can help you 5. Mention 2 examples of giving suggestion !
c. I think I will send you a driver
d. You'd better have it checked regularly.

6. Tommy: My God! My car has broken down.

Tia : ...................
Tommy: That's a good idea.