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19th July 13.20-13.25 Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1 Stage rehearsals (*)
Category 1d "Historical Period since 1911 to the present
19th July 15.50-16.10 Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1 day"

"Seghizzinregione" Festival
19th July 20.30 Sala Don Bosco, Via 24 Maggio, Mossa (GO)
Official Presentation of the participating choirs, jury
20th July 10.00 Associazione Seghizzi, Corso Verdi 85 members and guests - Not all choir needed, although
Meeting withe the Administrator (The Choir's President
20th July from 10.30 onwards Associazione Seghizzi, Corso Verdi 85 is required to be present)
20th July 14.00-14.20 Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1 Category 2a "folk and traditional songs"
20th July 20.00 Tennis Club Zaccarelli, viale XX Settembre, 3 "Open-Air Friendship Party" (**) (***)
21st July 15.30 Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1 Grand Prix Seghizzi (****)
21st July 20.45 Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1 Prize giving ceremony and award of special prizes
Gala concert of the winning choirs - The SEGHIZZI
21st July 21.15-23.00 Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1 2019 XXXI GRAND PRIX Winner will be announced at
the end of the concert
Please note the following:
a. Upon its arrival, the choir is required to come to the Association's Headquarters, Corso Verdi 85, so as to receive a "welcome kit" including Info sheets etc.
(Not all choir needed)
b. The choir is required to be at Teatro Verdi at least 30 minutes before its own performance starts.
(*) Please note that the time at the choir's disposal is about 5 minutes; stage rehearsals are intended for the sole purpose of doing a short test of the acoustics.
(**) Party offered by the Organising Committee to all choirs taking part into the competition … eating, drinking, singing and dancing…
-------A free bus service is provided to all choirs without their own transport. Departure point/time: in front of Teatro Verdi/from 19.30 onwards. Departure
from Tennis Club to the Hostel around 22.30
-------For organisational reasons we kindly ask you to let us know how many choir members will particicipate in the event
(***) The finalists will bw announced during the Open-Air Party (around 10 PM)
(****) On Sunday 21st July 2019 at 15.30 the best qualified choirs (categories 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2a, 2b, 2c) will take part in the "Grand Prix Seghizzi".
INFO: to the theaterphone
for all 0039
530404 mobile 0039 340 7912635