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Working Title :

"How Teachers in Selected Public and Private High school of Dasmarinas City Manage their stress "

Statement of the problem:

Part A
Stress Management is the need of the hour. However hard we try to go beyond a stress situation
life seems to find ways of stressing us out and pester us with anxiety attacks. Stress
management can be defined as interventions designed to reduce the impact of stress in the work
place. These can have an individual focus, aimed at increasing an individuals ability to cope
with stress.

Part B
Stress, either quick or constant, can induce risky body-mind disorder. Stress, if we can’t manage
can lead us to depression, anxiety, irritability, memory and concentration problems, complusive
behavior, mood wings and etc,.They can also effect our immune, cardiovascular and nervous
systems and lead individuals to habitual addictions, which are inter-linked to stress.

Part C
To support our associate teachers in the process by having no burden while working, to lift them
up, build a strong foundation and help them free out of negatives in, while doing their proffesions. Our
botoom line is to help them do their jobs compassionately, motivated and joyfully, spiritually,
enotionally and professionally.

Research Question:
1. How Teachers manage their stress?

2. If we're stressed, can we still be productive?

3. How is the stress affecting their works?

4. What are some exercises that is required to do to lessen their stress?

Definition of terms:

1.) hostile- not friendly : having or showing unfriendly feelings

2.) sober- having or showing a very serious attitude or quality
3.) vehemently- showing strong and often angry feelings, very emotional
4.) mar- to ruin the beauty or perfection of (something) : to hurt or damage the good condition of
5.) concur- to agree with someone or something
6.) camaraderie- a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group
7.) revelry- a wild and noisy celebration
8.) unscathed- not hurt, harmed, or damaged
9.) dexterity- the ability to easily move in a way that is graceful : clever skill : the ability to think and
act quickly and cleverly.
10.) exuberant- very lively, happy, or energetic : filled with energy and enthusiasm.
Significance of the study:
Teachers, this study helps them to know what will they do to manage their stress and still be
productive in their profession.
Students will also benefit from this research, because being a student is stressful also. In this
study it can help them to handle their stress.
Ordinary people will also benefit from this study, because anyone can be feel stress this study
will help them to control and handle their stress.
Future researchers will also benefit from this study, This study will serve as a resources and
reference among researchers undertaking related field. This will also serve as their guide in
conducting future similar studies.

Scope and limitation:

The research is conducted from salawag to paliparan and the participants are teachers, the research
questions only tackle topics regarding stress management.

Review Related Literature:

Stress Management among Teachers: The Bhagavad Gita's Approach

Education is insurance, it gives us guarantee for comfortable and dignified life. It is the process
of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, values and beliefs. In fact it is the most potent
tool for the complete development of individual and the society. It is well known that quality of a nation
depends upon the quality of its citizens. The quality of the citizens depends upon the education
system. As education is imparted by teachers and if the teacher is capable, energetic and mentally
healthy, it is good for the school and a matter of joy for the society as well. In today’s world as nobody
is stress free, teachers are also human being they also suffer from stress. Stress is a very serious
problem if it crosses its limits. It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension and may cause several
other problems among teachers, if it is not tackled properly on time. Holy books such as The Vedas,
The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, The Quran and The Bible are considered as ocean of
knowledge as the wisdom spelt out in them are the new rays of hopes which are essential to face the
modern life problems especially stress. Like other religious books The Bhagavad Gita is referred as
one of the important book which has bearing on education. The present paper is an humble attempt
to find the implication of Bhagavad Gita in the present scenario of education in tackling stress among
people in general and teachers in particular...

How Teachers' Stress Affects Students: A Research Roundup

In one 2016 study, University of British Columbia researchers tracked the levels of stress
hormones of more than 400 elementary students in different classes. They found teachers who
reported higher levels of burnout had students with higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol each
morning, suggesting classroom tensions could be “contagious.”
For example, in one forthcoming study previewed at the American Educational Research
Association (AERA) meeting in San Antonio in April, researchers from the University of Groningen in
the Netherlands interviewed a small pool of 143 beginning teachers over the course of a year. Those
who showed higher levels of stress at the beginning of the year displayed fewer effective teaching
strategies over the rest of the school year, including clear instruction, effective classroom
management, and creation of a safe and stimulating classroom climate for their students, than did the
teachers with lower initial stress levels....