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2019年 第24回フィリピン研究会全国フォーラム / The 24th Young Scholars’ Conference on Philippine Studies in Japan

June, 22 (Sat)
1st Lecture Room (6th) 2nd Lecture Room (6th) 3rd Lecture Room (6th) Auditorium (8th floor) 6th Seminar Room (5th)

Local Development Japanese Occupation Penel: Language, Literature, Education Filipinos in Japan 1

Edgar Calabia Samar (Ateneo de Manila University)

Roman R. Sarmiento Jr.II (Far Eastern University) Donna Nunez (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
The Function of Sight in the Incitement of Fear:
The Natural Calamities in the midst of the Exploratory study on leisure, happiness, and life
Notes on Types of Philippine Creatures of Lower
Japanese Occupation in the Philippines (1942- satisfaction of OFWs in Japan
Marjorie D. Resuello (Nagoya University) Mythology
Local Economic Development and Disaster Risks in
the Philippines Satoshi Miyawaki (Osaka University)
John Lee Candelaria (Hiroshima University) A Study on Support Services to Help Children with
Emergence of Bible Translation into Heterogeneous
Arguing for Japanese technological supremacy and Filipino Roots in Japan Integrate to Japanese
Carl Milos R. Bulilan, Colleen Gayle Coquilla, Zessa Language: New Testament Pinoy Version and the
modernity through Japanese “propaganda in the Society
Mae Paredes (Holy Name University) Development of Tagalog/Filipino/Taglish Bible
Philippines during the Pacific War"
Reclaiming Culture: Innovating Traditional Religious Translations
Jhemarie Chris Laboy Bernas (Ritsumeikan Asia
Performance for Tourism in the Philippines
Joselito M. Ebro Jr. (UP-Diliman) and the Pacific University)
Kimi Yamoto (Osaka University)
Parades as Propaganda: Japanese-Sponsored Community Union-Civil Society Groups Coalition:
Error Analysis among Beginner Filipino Major
Parades and the Greater-East Asia War Cases of Temporary Migrant Workers in Japan
Learners in Japan: Focus on Errors before
12:00 Introducing Verbs in Filipino Language

13:00 Plenary Talk (Auditorium)

Patricio Abinales (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
14:00 Japan Scholarship on the Philippines in a Polycentric Southeast Asia

14:20 Filipinos in Japan 2 American Colonialism History of Minorities and Ethnicities リピン近代史、ベトナム近世史、モンゴル中世史の Social Movement

Arnel E. Joven (University of Asia and the Pacific)

Ferth Vandensteen Manaysay (Waseda University)
Revisiting Culion: History, Heritage, and Community
Kenneth S. Reyes (University of Tokyo) Global Climate Justice Norms and Local Indigenous
堀 巴美(社会福祉法人ならやま会) The Sweetness of Power: Human Capital Movements: Collective Action Framing of
Jopol Alvin C. Ancheta (UP, Diliman) 芹澤隆道(京都大学)
EPA介護福祉士候補者の学習等支援体制の実際と Accumulation in America's Philippines Cordillerans in the Philippines
Godparenthood, Ethnicity, and Status: A Late 19th- 台北帝国大学南洋史講座再訪
Century Case Study of Molo, Iloilo
Okada Taihei (University of Tokyo) Harmond Marte (Hiroshima University)
川口 智(日本IBM) Two Modernities and Education--The Philippines Development Aggression in Panay: A Study on the
Myfel Dapar Paluga (UP, Mindanao) 明治と現代のモンゴル襲来をめぐる言説・イメージ・
フィリピンITエンジニアの活躍 and the United States at the Turn of the Century Impact of Dam Projects to the Tumandok
Where is the Pantaron Manobo ‘economy’ 国民意識
Indigenous People in the Philippines
located? Three heuristic points for studying the
金春喜 Lorenzo S. Hipolito, Jr (Centro Escolar University)
late-19th century/early-20th century Manobo of 岡田雅志(防衛大学)
フィリピンから来日した児童がなぜ「発達障害」にな The Historic Return of Balangiga Bells A century 瀬名波栄志(東京外国語大学)
the Bukidnon and Davao del Norte highlands of 東洋史と東南アジア史の間:日本のベトナム前近代
るのか Journey of War, Struggle and Reconcilliation スミフル・フィリピン労働者による社会運動ユニオニ
Mindanao 史研究から見えるもの
ズム(SMU) ―現代の比労働運動と日比労組連帯の
本間桃里(京都大学) Byron de Leon (Kyushu University) 考察
Andrea Malaya Ragragio (UP, Mindanao) 永野善子(神奈川大学)ディスカッション
フィリピン系ニューカマー母親にとっての学校福祉 Popular Uprisings in Early 19th Century Philippines
The Pantaron highlands and the Manobo/Bagobo
and Guatemala in Comparative Perspective 大野知世(東洋大学)レイテ島における持続可能な
societies/civilizations in the transition period of the
Philippine colonial powers, 1849-1909: An
17:00 ethnohistorical study

June, 23 (Sun)
1st Lecture Room (6th) 2nd Lecture Room (6th) 3rd Lecture Room (6th) Auditorium (8th floor)
Panel: Thinking of the Past and Future of
Panel: Diversifying Discourse: Exploring
10:00 Urban Studies Family and Migration Bangsamoro: Impact on/from the Grassroots
Indigenous Studies from the Philippines
Society and People
Cardeno, C.e.b. (Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue)
Yoneno-Reyes, Michiyo (University of Tokyo) We are One in Isulan: A Peacebuilding Model from
Interrogating “Vanaw” towards Indigenous Studies: Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao
矢ケ崎孟 (藤女子大学) Ethnic Category, Agency, and Power Relation
Some Findings on the Residents of Extreme Revisited Masami Mori (Kyoto Bunkyo University)
Poverty in Slum District in Cebu City Managing the Plural Legal Dimensions in
Scott Magkachi Saboy (Nasser Vocational Training Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim
藤原尚樹(神戸大学) Center, Bahrain) Mindanao (BARMM): A Perspective from the
再編される歴史、空間、「危険地域」─マラボン市を Jalipóng: The Village Hearth as an Articulation of an Observation in Maranao Society
事例に Indigenous Relational Worldview
Asuna Yoshizawa (Kyoto University)
Ayumi Akase (IBM Japan)
Aron Jayson L. Garchitorena (Miriam College) Ruth Tindaan (UP-Baguio) Everyday Inter-religious Negotiation between
The Relationship between Overseas Filipino Worker
Interrogating Mabini Street in Ermita, Manila as The Politics of Language Documentation: Fieldwork Muslims and Christians in Iligan: Conversions and
(OFW) and Their Families Based on the Report of
Foucault's Heterotopia Among the Vanaw of Northern Philippines Intermarriages
Field Work Survey in the Municipality of Bustos,
Lawrence Reid (University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Patricio Abinales (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
National Museum of the Philippines) Discussion Discussion

Filipinos in Japan 3 パネル:日本の離島におけるフィリピン人結婚移民 Literature and Theater Politics


東日本大震災後のフィリピン女性たちの生活再建 Karl Gerrard Tiu See (Nagoya University)
―日本人の家族からもたらされる資源と制約に着目 At a Crossroads: The Story of Two base
リーダーシップ-徳之島、宮古島、石垣島の比較 Ma. Corazon N. Sedeño (Silliman University)
して Communities
Emergence of Protest Theatre Movement in
高畑 幸(静岡大学) Negros Occidental, Philippines
永田貴聖(大阪国際大学) Saho Matsumoto(Nagoya City University)
フィリピン人移住者による複数ナショナリティ・エスニ Religious Conflicts and Conflict Resolutions:
活─1990年代に来日した女性たちの介護職への従 Timothy Dacanay (De La Salle-College of Saint
シティ関係の形成―カトリック関係施設での活動に Comparative Studies in the Case of the Northern
事 Benilde)
関連して Ireland and Mindanao
Ang Di-Bumibitiw na BITAW: Ang Mapanlikhang
矢元貴美(大阪大学) Pedagohiya ng PETA mula Martial Law Hanggang sa
中島弘象(フリーライター) 石山永一郎(日刊まにら新聞)
徳之島に暮らすフィリピン人女性の子どもたちの進 Kasalukuyan
フィリピン人の妻と出会ってから気づいた、本当のこ フィリピン政治・社会・経済の最新情勢について


15:15 パネル:医療・性・生殖 Migration Anthropology Music and Art

宮脇聡史(大阪大学) カリブ地域のフィリピン人移民─トリニダード・トバゴ 辻 貴志(佐賀大学)
性と生殖をめぐるフィリピン・カトリック教会の言説と の事例から フィリピン・パラワン島におけるワニの民話
Gerard Jacinto (Hiroshima University)
辻本登志子(青山学院女子短期大学) 師田史子(京都大学)
Special Program in the Arts (Music) in Baguio City
久保裕子(東京大学) Is the Cross-Border Regulation of “Offloading” 「仕事=賭博」の成り立ち方―フィリピンにおける闘
National High School: A Case Study of
プレグナンシーロスの経験と二つのスローガンに基 Paternalistic?: Inquiry from the Study of Irregular 鶏のエコノミー
Performance-based Music Learning in Junior High
づくネットワークが作る「明日」への社会的紐帯 Migration of Filipino Women to South Korea
School Students
島薗洋介(大阪大学) Maria Cynthia Barriga (Waseda University) イロイロにおけるアシロ・デ・モロと西ビサヤ・サニタ
フィリピンにおける親族関係と腎臓移植 Pacific at War: Shifting Social Spaces of Japanese リウムの刺繍について
Balay Sugilanon VIVA EXCON CAPIZ 2018における
Residents of Davao Settler Zone

17:15 General Meeting at Auditorium (for Japanese organizers)


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