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Computer assembly means a facility that is engaged in the assembly of computers and
computer-related equipment, electronic equipment and similar equipment from parts already
manufactured. It is very important for us especially as an IT student to know how to assemble or
disassemble the computer because if we don’t have an idea about that, we can possibly corrupt
the computer or it can’t be work if the parts aren’t arranged properly. We need physical skills in
assembling and disassembling for it to become succeed, also the hand tools and equipment to
start the operation.

Having a higher knowledge about assembly and disassembly of computer will help you
repair it if it is damaged or if it stopped working, to avoid unnecessary trouble in computer.

Many students are using computers for educational purposes, communication,

entertainment, research and others. In today’s generation, computer has a big part in our lives
because it can make our work easier and faster. Every Grade 12 student is expected to learn
and gather these disassembly and assembly skills for them to be competitive in this field.
However, their ability to grasp the meaning of any assembling task is directly affect their
performance of students in Computer System Servicing subject.

It is safe to say that a student with every possible learning assembly and disassembly
strategy has the possibility to succeed as a computer technician. They may not be equally likely
to succeed in computer school, however, since they respond differently to different instructional

According to the Republic Act No. 10175 Section 2,

“the State recognizes the importance of providing an

environment conducive o the development, acceleration, and rational
application and exploitation of information and communications technology
(ICT) to attain free, easy, and intelligible access to exchange and/or
delivery of information; and the need to protect and safeguard and integrity
of computer, computer and communication systems, networks and
databases, and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
and data stored therein, from all forms of misuse, abuse, and illegal
access by making punishable under the law such conduct or conducts. In
this light, the State shall adopt sufficient powers to effectively prevent and
combat such offenses by facilitating their detection, investigation, and
prosecution at both the domestic and international levels, and by providing
arrangements for last and reliable international cooperation,”

Therefore, we have the right to access easily the world of Information Technology to get
more knowledge about Computer System Servicing especially the main topic which is the
assembly and disassembly of computer to avoid improper performing of it.

For the purpose of the present research, we are mainly interested in learning outcomes
related to 21st century skills. To find out the possible effects of improper assembly and
disassembly of computer, a better and stronger methodological approach, multilevel analysis, is
employed and the findings are reported in this paper.