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Andrew Klavan’s Folk Wisdom:

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Poems, Passages & Advice

The power of silence is the power of lies. Lies live in silence

Culture doesn’t work on what you’re doing it works on what you think your doing and how you
feel about what you’re doing.

Humankind cannot bear too much reality. -TS Elliot

Because they’re never talking about sex, they’re never talking about race. They’re always
talking about power.

Nothing in the world is single. All things by a law divine in one spirit meet and mingle.

“If your concerned about the poor then you really should be for capitalism. Ludwig von Mises in
1927... ‘the only system that can create wealth for the masses is market capitalism.’” -[Guest]
TAKS epi. 682

“Why are you wealthier today than the King of England in 1263?... you have all sorts of things
that he never had including indoor plumbing… And so what caused that? Innovation…. What
drives innovation is reward for being successful…. If there’s an innovation, you know where it’s
coming from; it’s coming from a market capitalist system…. it rewards you for taking on the risk
of innovation. Innovation requires risk. You’re not innovative if you’re just doing what everybody
else was doing.” -[Guest] TAKS epi. 682

… But when we start to fire people because of what we’re afraid of what the Left will say about
us, because we’re afraid that we can’t defend ourselves from the mob, I think we’ve lost the
game. I think that is the game. The game is speaking freely.

To accept that there is a spiritual reality underlying material world only expresses and to
The material is only the language makes discussing the good the true and the beautiful make a
lit more sense

You can tell when someone’s successful when the guy who comes after him is forced to adopt
his opinions. -Charles Krauthamer [paraphrased]

If you can’t tell the difference… you have lost the plot of America, of the West, of freedom. They
mean to do it. Silencing people just makes them stronger.
Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. -Raymond Chandler

We are peeking up from behind the rocks and taking pot-shots at an empire of lies.

I believe not only because it makes sense but it makes sense of everything else. -CS Lewis

When everything becomes politics, nothing becomes any good, nothing becomes worth

The truth will out. -William Shakespeare

The truth has a voice. The truth has a vote. The truth will out.

If you can’t use the language you want to use, you can’t express the ideas in your head. And
that is the whole point.

Wise passiveness — you’ve got to let the person grow as they are. -Wordsworth

You start out just trying to control what you think is evil but then you realize that you—in order to
do that—​you​ must be the arbiter of good and evil. So everything becomes your opinion writ
large and you try to shut everybody down.

The world is not to be the arbiter of our values.

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