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Materials Intelligence® for Rail

New build Final fit out Refurbishment

Innovative Materials

Simple Sourcing

Tailored Solutions

Mason Grogan supplies innovative technical material solutions to improve safety, longevity and whole-life costs of
passenger and freight trains. Our partnerships with leading rail materials manufacturers, combined with our expertise
and reliable service will simplify and optimise your sourcing, saving you valuable time and money.
Our products seal and protect, control heat and reduce noise and vibration. Our solutions also provide more durable and safer
seating and flooring, improve resistance to graffiti and aid in graffiti removal.

Rely on Materials Intelligence® for safer, quieter and more comfortable journeys

Global Network Industry Knowledge Product Knowledge Converting

Extensive knowledge & Detailed understanding of Detailed understanding of Extensive knowledge of
network of global innovative industry, manufacturing products, their performance converting methods &
materials manufacturers processes, specifications & and application network of converters
standards and test methods
Leading technology materials and composites for Rail

Materials & Solutions Applications

Extrusions EPDMs Pinchwelds U channels

Custom or standard, Fire retardant EPDMs Glazing seals Door seals
EN45545-2 rated Silicones Partition seals

Gaskets Open cell silicones EPDMs Vibration damping Display seals

Custom made, Closed cell silicones Felt Enclosure seals Washers
EN45545-2 rated Urethane Water sealing Spacers

Tapes Silicones Felt Squeak reduction Wire

Custom or EPDMs PTFE Vibration mitigation harnessing
standard width, Structural bonding (VHB) Mechanical bonding Anti-friction
EN45545-2 rated Foil tapes

Polyester non-wovens Wall and floor insulation

Hydrophobic non-wovens HVAC insulation
Melamine Thermal management
Insulation Polyethylenes Noise reduction
Thermoplastics (internal and external)
Closed cell elastomers

Flooring Composite flooring Seam sealants Locomotives Trams

With integrated Composite sub-floor Urban and Light Rail
safety features Specialist adhesives Regional Cabs

No Flame Cushions E-Leather Light Rail

Driver’s seats Flat cloth Trams
Seating Crew seats Moquette Locomotives
Inspector’s seats Urban and Regional Cabs
Suspension system

Silicones Silicone elbows Bellows

Thermoplastic reinforced Silencers Mufflers
Hoses Reinforced foams Composite ducting
Flexible ducting

Plastics Nylon 66
Custom made components

Silicones Viton
Cords EPDMs Nitrile
Gap fillers

Fire blockers (non-wovens and silicones) Fire containment and barriers

Fire barriers Intumescent seals (fire pillows and for walls and doors
intumescent fire seal strips)

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