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THE OLYMPIAN GODS AND GODDESSES Narrator 2 (Raissa): Demeter had a beautiful young daughter named Persephone,
whom she loved very much. When the seed was dropped into the ground,
Narrator 1 (Aira): Demeter was the sister of Zeus, and was the goddess who
Persephone watched over it.
watched over the fertile earth.
Persephone (Lhuer): Hello, there.
Zeus (Frix): Demeter, my sister. You will be the goddess of agriculture; also the
Farmer 1 (Kaitlyn): Hi, Persephone! Are you going to help us water all of these?
goddess of harvest, nature, the seasons and the cycle of life and death.
Persephone (Lhuer): Yes, of course!
Demeter (Bambam): I hereby accept the responsibility, Zeus.
Narrator 1 (Aira): One day, the young goddess was playing with number of
Zeus (Frix): You will take charge of all the crops in earth.
nymphs and was gathering flowers. Suddenly, a great chariot came rushing... the
Narrator 2 (Raissa): So then, Demeter came to earth to teach men how to sow
poor girl was seized and placed in it, and carried away in spite of her cries.
grain and how to cultivate it.
Persephone (Lhuer): Help, help! Mother Demeter! Help!
Farmer 1 (Kaitlyn): Goddess Demeter! How should we plant our crops?
Hades (Kyle): Don't you ever try to escape, young girl.
Demeter (Bambam): This is how you plant all your seeds. (taught them how to
Poseidon (Mark): Your mother will not know about this.
Hades (Kyle): I will make you my wife, Persephone. I'll bring you to the
Farmer 2 (Cezly): Oh, thank you goddess!
Underworld and live there with me from now on.
Narrator 1 (Aira): Greeks worshipped her because she helped them to gain their
Persephone (Lhuer): Oh please, Hades! Let go of me!
foods. They even made statues of her, carrying bunches of grain and poppies in
Hades (Kyle): No, not now young girl. (laughs with Poseidon)
her hand.

Narrator 2 (Raissa): When Demeter found that Persephone had been stolen from authority to know where she is!
her, she cried with grief. Hera (Jewel): Hades had grown old but doesn't have a wife yet.
Demeter (Bambam): Oh my dear, Persephone! Where are you, my child? My Athena (Claire): And we thought that your child will be fit for him.
child! My child! Persephone! Persephone! Demeter (Bambam): No way! I will leave Olympus!
Narrator 1 (Aira): She lighted torch and searched for her daughter 9 days and 9 Athena (Claire): Noooo, Demeter!
nights without eating or drinking. Little did she know that Zeus had given Demeter (Bambam): Unless you will give my daughter back.
Persephone to Hades to be his queen, and that he had taken her to the Narrator 1 (Aira): The gods had nothing to do with Demeter leaving the
underworld. Olympus. She hid herself on earth and mourned a long time for her daughter.
Demeter (Bambam): Zeus! Zeus! Have you ordered all of these? Narrator 2 (Raissa): One day, the goddess was sitting by the side of a well,
Zeus (Frix): I am sorry, my sister. I had giver your daughter to Hades to make dressed in all black when for young children came to the well to drew water.
her as his queen. Young girl 1 (Artha): Oh, hello. Why are you alone here?
Demeter (Bambam): But why haven't you told me? I am her mother! I have the Young girl 2 (Faith): And you seemed so sad, didn't you?
Demeter (Bambam): My daughter had been taken away from me. (cries) should we do?
Young boy 1 (JB): Is she stolen from you? Apollo (Seng): We should see her and beg.
Demeter (Bambam): Yes, child. Narrator 2 (Raissa): Gods sent one after another to beg her to come back to
Young boy 2 (Joshua): Is it okay to you if we'll take you our home? It is very Mount Olympus.
dangerous being alone here. Poseidon (Mark): Demeter, Olympus needs you.
Narrator 1 (Aira): They did not know of course, that this old woman was a Athena (Claire): Oh Demeter, pity us.
goddess; but they were all kind to her, and the mother kept her nurse to her Hera (Jewel): Please, Demeter. We're begging you.
baby son. Apollo (Seng): There human race will be gone! There's no one to look after crops!
Demeter (Bambam): This child is awesome. He reminds me with Persephone. I Demeter (Bambam): NOT UNTIL YOU GIVE BACK MY DAUGHTER!
am very fond of you. Narrator 1 (Aira): So Zeus sent Hermes to the Underworld to get Persephone.
Narrator 2 (Raissa): So, she wished to make him immortal like the gods, so that Hermes (Ian): Persephone, child! I'll bring you back to your mother!
he might never grow old or die. And at night, when everyone is asleep, she would Hades (Kyle): What are you doing, Hermes?!
lay the child on fire to burn his mortal parts. Hermes (Ian): Zeus ordered to get Persephone back. You can do nothing about it
Mother (Katelyn): An insane woman! This is absurd! What are you doing to my Hades, or else, Zeus and the other gods will lock you to Tartarus!
son? Are you out of your mind?! Why are you burning him? Hades (Kyle): Okay, okay. But here's the deal. My wife had eaten part of a love-
Demeter (Bambam): Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt him. I just want to apple.
make him immortal. Persephone (Lhuer): I could only be given to my mother part of each year. I need
Mother (Katelyn): What?! Immortal?! Who are you to make him immortal? Only to be with my husband, Hades.
gods can do that! Hermes (Ian): Let's go, Persephone. Demeter is waiting for you. This long's
Narrator 2 (Raissa): By what just happened, broke the charm. But though enough.
Demeter could not make the boy immortal after that, she did cause him to grow Narrator 1 (Aira): Persephone had been returned to Demeter.
up to be a great and good man. Demeter (Bambam): My child!
Narrator 1 (Aira): While Demeter was searching for her daughter, there was no Persephone: Mother, I missed you!
one to look after the grain. Narrator 2 (Raissa): For two-thirds of the year, Persephone was allowed to live
Farmer 1 (Kaitlyn): What happened? We plowed all day but there hasn't any with her mother in the light and air of the upper world, but the remainder of
sprout coming out! the time she was obliged to stay with Hades as queen of the underworld.
Farmer 2 (Cezly): We'll be in famine! This couldn't be! Narrator 1 (Aira): The Greeks thought that when the bright spring time came, it
Narrator 1 (Aira): Zeus saw this and... was Persephone returning to her mother, and making all the earth glad for her
Zeus (Frix): If Demeter will be gone this long... the race of men will die? What presence.
Narrator 2 (Raissa): But when the winter wind blew, and the plants and flowers John Bert Cruz - Young boy 1
died, she had returned underground, and the earth was left dark and dreary.
Joshua Chaneco - Young boy 2

Keitlyn Montoya - Farmer 1

Frix Tungol - Zeus Cezly Mallari - Farmer 2

Bambam Pagcu - Demeter Aira Turla - Narrator 1

Lhuer Dizon - Persephone Raissa Labrador- Narrator 2

Kyle Quiambao - Hades Ian Adona - Hermes

Mark Valencia - Poseidon Katelyn Inocencio - Mother

Jewel Lumawig - Hera Peter Peralta - in charge of sound effects

Claire Lumbang - Athena

Seng Teoh - Apollo

Artha Villanueva - Young girl 1 Created by:

Frix Daniel C. Tungol 7 - Faith
Faith Deanne Campos - Young girl 2