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ICICI prudential life insurance Company Ltd. may be a joint wind between ICICI Bank,
Asian nation's second most noteworthy business bank and a conspicuous and confided in name
simply inside the hold associations in India, and sensible Plc, one among the United Kingdom's
most prominent players inside the cash related associations segments.

In a move of over an expanded time since starting and a touch by and by thirteen huge bunches
of the meander, the affiliation has modern office made an area of overwhelming nature together
of the greatest quality Management Company's inside the nation, ideal completely towards the
event of the Indian shared spare business.

The affiliation coordinates principal open-end adventure association Assets underneath

Management (AUM), all the equivalent our Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and
International edifying Mandates for supporters crosswise over comprehensive markets in
resource classes like Debt, Equity and realty with essential spotlight on likelihood balanced

As accomplice quality Management Company, we've in excess of eighteen critical bunches of

affiliation and ar beginning at right currently adjusting to a heightened degree of plans of more
than forty six Mutual hold structures and an all around kind of PMS thing for our cash related
experts spread out the state over. we will in general advantage this financial genius base with our
very own unequivocal branch game plan of around 168 branches related an allotment reach of in
excess of forty two,000 channel collaborators.

ICICI Bank is India's second-most noteworthy streamline with mean resources of Rs. 4,062.34
billion (US$ ninety one billion) at March thirty one, 2011 and advantage when commitment Rs.
51.51 billion (US$ one,155 million) for the year finished March thirty one, 2011. The Bank
incorporates a game plan of two,556 branches and seven,440 ATMs in Asian nation, and
consolidates a closeness in nineteen nations, and furthermore Asian nation.

ICICI Bank offers a start to finish kind of saving cash things related hold associations to
association and retail clients through a plan of vehicle channels and through its specific
collaborators inside the districts of speculation saving cash, life and non-life incorporation,
financing and resource association.

The Bank promptly incorporates fortifications inside the uk, Russia and Canada, branches in u.
s., Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and city International Finance Center and
expert workplaces in United Arab Emirates, China, African country, Bangladesh, Thailand,
Asian country and Dutch East Indies. Our United Kingdom colleague has started branches in
European country and Germany.

ICICI Bank's worth offers ar recorded in {india|India|Republic of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian

country|Asian nation} on urban center exchange and besides the National exchange of India
restricted and its yankee Depositary Receipts (ADRs) ar recorded on New York exchange

Corporate Profile

ICICI Bank is India's second-greatest keep cash with signify assets of Rs. 3,562.28 billion (US$
seventy seven billion) as on New Year's Eve, 2009.

Board Members

Mr. K. V. Kamath, Chairman

Mr. SridarIyengar

Mr. Homi R. Khusrokhan

Mr. Lakshmi N. Mittal

Mr. NarendraMurkumbi

Dr. Anup K. Pujari

Mr. AnupamPuri

Mr. M.S. Ramachandran

Mr. M.K. Sharma

Mr. V. Sridar

Prof. Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Mr. V. PremWatsa

Ms. Chanda D. Kochhar,

Administering Director & corporate authority

Mr. SandeepBakhshi,

Representative executive

Official Director & corporate authority

Mr. K. Ramkumar,

Official Director

Mr. SonjoyChatterjee,

Official Director

Mr. K. V. Kamath may be a mechanical master and did his association dissects from the Indian
Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He joined ICICI in 1971 and worked inside the districts of
errand finance, renting, assets and companions interpretation. In 1988, he joined the Asian
Development Bank and spot in very however in south-east Asia before returning to ICICI as its
head and corporate authority in 1996. He progressed toward changing into executive and
corporate authority of ICICI Bank in 2002 when the merger of ICICI with ICICI Bank.
underneath his association, the ICICI gathering balanced itself into an augmented, improvement
driven cash related associations amassing, that has master positions transversely over keeping
cash, protection and resource association in Asian nation, and a far reaching closeness. He gave
up as chief and corporate authority in Gregorian timetable month 2009, and took up substantial
for non-official Chairman of ICICI Bank extreme May 1, 2009. He was the President of the
Confederation of Indian business (CII) for 2008-09. He was surrendered the Padma Bhushan by
the President of Asian nation in could 2008. He was gave the presence accomplishment Awards
at the cash related specific Best Bank Awards 2008 and besides the NDTV Profit magnateship
Awards 2008; was named 'Master of the Year' by Forbes Asia and moreover the Economic
Times' 'Business Leader of the Year' in 2007; Business Standard's "Operator of the Year" and
CNBC-TV18's "Astounding big enchilada of the Year" in 2006; Business India's
"Businessperson of the Year" in 2005; and CNBC's "Asian Business Leader of the Year" in
2001. He has been thought with a unique Doctor of Philosophy by the Banaras Hindu University.
he's a private from the Board of the Institute of International Finance, a Director on the Board of
Infosys Technologies and a private from the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of
Management, Ahmedabad.


Protection Solutions for people

ICICI sensible life affirmation offers a degree of creative, client driven things that address the
issues of clients at every life mastermind. Its things are oftentimes improved with up to four
riders, to outline a changed record each customer.

Adventure resources and Wealth Creation Solutions

ICICI PruLifeStage Wealth II may be a unit related security plan that gives astonishing decisions
to choose in any case your hold resources would be contributed seeable of your hazard need.

ICICI Pru life Premier is relate concentrated resources organize that calls you of portfolio
techniques for your endeavor and inside the meanwhile hooks you against vulnerabilities of life.

ICICI Pru Pinnacle Super may be a unit related confirmation sort out that gives you the
advantage of moving preface to values with obstacle security, along these lines your theories ar
ensured in monetary issues flimsy occasions.

ICICI Pru Elite Life may be a unit related confirmation coordinate that gives you varied
decisions on the most direct by virtue of contribute your endeavor on board a security cowl.

ICICI Pru Elite Wealth may be a unit related security engineer that gives you the least
troublesome accomplice force for your inside and out supported resources. In like way, you get
repaid with Loyalty Additions from the sixth year forward to open up the passage on your

ICICI PruiAssure Single Premium a standard non-sharing single premium thing that gives you
secure Maturity advantage related likewise offers a nearness cowl to manage your friends and
family in your absence.UIN -

ICICI Pru Future Secure may be a taking accomplice premium gift life consideration organize
that supports you set one thing aside for unequivocal targets legitimately, however offering
insurance to your family from cash related inconvenience if there ought to rise an occasion of
your severely structured wrap up. so the twofold favored angle of endeavor and security it
bolsters you guarantee a protected future for your friends and family.

ICICI Pru Whole Life offers you relate remarkable twofold most especially favored position of
hold resources and assurance that awards you to fulfill your goals further as endeavors to ensure
that your costly ones can drive forward living their lives in solace while not money related
tensions if there ought to develop an occasion of unexpected projection.

The problem that arises in performance appraisal system is what method has to be implemented
and when to evaluate the performance of the employees and whose performance had to be
measured within the organization. This performance appraisal system had difficulty in
identifying the problem and how to solve that problem to achieve results.

360-degree performance appraisal as a holistic employee evaluation and feedback system has
been preferred and used by the selected organisation and other companies such as Shell, Exxon
Mobil, IBM, AT&T, Levi Strauss and Fedex for at least the past five yearsas a viable alternative
to traditional appraisal methods, citing that it is consistent with recent developments in
management practices (Baroda, Sharma, & Bhatt, 2012:56-59).
 To provide feedback information about the level of achievements and behavior of an
 To provide information and counsel the employee.
 To compare actual performance with the standards and in out deviations (positive and
 To create and maintain satisfactory level of performance.
 To prevent grievance and in disciplinary activity.
 To facilitate fair and equitable compensation.
 To ensure organizational effectiveness.
 It guarantees useful information about employees and the nature of their duties.

In the present study an attempt has been made to know the actual
implementation of performance appraisal techniques in general and some other aspects such as
awareness of the workers, effectiveness of the performance appraisal system in particular.

Human resource projections are valid on appraisals. By improving job skills, the employees
have lot of scope for development and prepare themselves for higher responsibilities.

A thorough analysis of the performance appraisal system will help the management to know the
short comings, if any. It also help the company in knowing whether the performance appraisal
techniques are used to full extent or not, there by the researcher can understand the effective
implement of the performance appraisal system.

The examination procedure is a deliberate method to take care of the issue and it is
a significant segment of the investigation without which scientist will most likely be unable to
get the raw numbers from the workers.


The examination depends on essential just as auxiliary information gathered from various


The essential information is gathered with the assistance of polls, which comprises of twenty
inquiries each. The surveys are picked as a result of its effortlessness and obligation. Analyst
can anticipate that straight answers should the inquiries. The respondents are educated about
the critical of the investigation and mentioned to give their reasonable feelings.

B). Optional Data:

Optional information is gathered through the records given by the faculty division of The
archives incorporate staff manuals, books, reports, diary, and so forth.


A). Test Unit:

The officials and utilized at Hyderabad comprise 'universe' of the present examination. A piece
of it is taken as test unit for the detest examine. It incorporates JGMS, AGMS, director and
different representatives of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PVT LTD.
B). Test Size:

The example size comprises of 100 respondents utilized in ICICI PRUDENTIAL. Hyderabad.
Of these 30 are administrators, 20 are senior officials and the rest of the 50 are representatives.


Rate technique:

Rate technique is utilized in making examination between at least two arrangement of

information. This is utilized to portray relationship.

Level of respondents = No of respondents x 100

All out respondents


1. Do you think Performance appraisal is needed in a Company?

(a) YES (b) NO

2. Performance appraisal rating is used to

(a) Identify areas of improvement

(b) Identify areas of training and development
(c) Set performance target
(d) All the above
3. In your experience the outstanding Performance of an employee is due to :

(a) Actual Performance (b) Qualification

(c) Experience (d) All the above

4. Do you think that a good workmen gets motivated with frequent Performance appraisal is

(a) YES (b) NO

5. What are the factors taken into consideration while appraising an individual?

(a) Interpersonal effectiveness (b) Teambuilding skills

(c) Self motivate skills (d) Leadership

6. In your opinion an employee should be:

(a) Effective (b) Ineffective (c) Both A & B

7. Which method you are using for evaluating Performance?

(a) 360 degree appraisal (b) MBO (c) Assessment centre

(d) BARS (e) Any other

8. Is it expensive and time consuming?

(a) YES (b) NO

9. Do you agree with the assessment of your reviewing/reporting officers?

(a) Agree (b) Disagree

10. Do you want any change frequency between the appraisals?

(a) YES (b) NO


The entire research work will run into five chapters.

CHAPTER-1: Introduction brings out the importance of the study, and states its objectives and
hypotheses. It also includes methodology and limitations.

Chapter II: REVIEW OF LITERATURE. Will contain previous reviews, history of the
Problems. A Quick look on subjective well-being will also be carried out in chapter II.


CHAPTER-IV Analysis and Discussions is to be done in chapter IV.

CHAPTER-V Findings, Conclusions and Suggestions for further Research will be presented in
Chapter V followed by Bibliography and References