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(Bernal) (Manaois) (McMolin) (Arcala) (Sioson) (Galang)

 Underworld  The god are  Orpheus phyods his lyre  He need to go up  Orpheus and  All struggle
 Upper world stopping there to so sweetly that he his wife while not Eurydice are going that he arrived
 Cave come the charmed all things on looking at him. up in upper world for his wife
 The river styx underworld but fart.  King hades and but Eurydice is because of
they will not  Orpheus decided to his qween Persephone swallowed is love.
stopped. beloved wife an the is stopping him to darkness.
 Eurydice was underworld and try to go up in opper
stretched out her charmed hades and world with his wife.
arms to him and persephone to his music
then she and win Eurydice realese
disappeared  He climabed a cave a
shallowed by the through a dark passage
darkness. that led to the
 He find his wife in underworld Orpheus is
underworld. sing to conuese that king
 Eurydice stepped or and qween bring wife
poisonous snake Eurydice back his
and died. beloved.
 There is a three  Orpheus and Eurydice
headed dog that’s left the underworld.
guarded on gates.
 He climabed into a
cave and though a
dark passage that
led to the
Sisyphus tantalus Hades Persephon

Condemmedtorollarock u 1. We gaves you to leave my

1. Stopped trying to 1. Yes, my king you
phillforevr stopped place.
quench my thirst. 2. I began to weep. command him,to leave
Orpheus fruitless work to
3. I too fell the sadness of 2. My heart is mealted.
Orpheus I cannot refuse. 3. On please me husband

4. Wait he said to Orpheus let Eurydice be

Eurydice is yours tate reunited with Orpheus.
back to earth on one
5. She must follow you and
to you must not look back
at her until you are on
earth again
Orpheus Calliope Eurydice Cerberus
1. I gave my talent in 1. Orpheus and I is will 1. ohh! that beautiful
1. I will played lyre.
2. I involved in woman music for my son get merried. music that I heard
Named Eurydice. (Orpheus). 2. (no answering (wild).
3. I roamed the earth 2. (he had a talent of Orpheus).
By singing sad melodies
To overcome my brief.
4. I said to my self
No mortal has
Been there before but
I must try to bring.
Back my beloved Eurydice
5. I will charm Persephone
And hades with my musis
Win Eurydice release.
6. I climabed into a cave and
Through a dark passage
That led to the underworld

7. when I reached the river

stlye , I plucked my lyreand
thatwonderhim across.
8. the I stuck my lyre again
and Cerberus.
9. I continued to play my lyre
tenderly as made my way
through the glomy