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‘TWO-PART SECULAR MUSIC 65 [EXERCISE 7-2. Complete this canon for two cellos or viole da gamba. “EXERCISE 7-3. Write a short duet based on the following subject for two trombones or sackbuts. Length: about 20 measures. Canzonet Morley has provided us with fine examples of secular vocal writing in his two-part canzonets, one of which is shown in Ex. 7-2. FX. 7-2 “I goe before my darling" from Canzonets to twe veyces, 1595, by Thomas Morley (1557-1602) 66 ‘COUNTERPOINT IN THE LATE RENAISSANCE fore my der = ling, T goe be = foremy dar : = fing, Fol-low thou to the bowre in the close al = ky, ‘Therweewill to- geth - er Sweet-ly Kisse each ey - ther, And like two wan - tons ‘Sweet-ly kisse cach ey - ther, ‘And ike two wan - tons dal + | Wy dal-ly dal - ly dally dal - ly, Dal-ly dal-ly dal-ly dal - ty Dally = Dal ~~ ly dalely dal - lydal-ly dat ly. ably dal-ly dally dal - ly Dal - ly dally dal-ly dal - ly. ‘TWO-PART SECULAR MUSIC ‘Therwee will togeth - er ike two wan = - tons Dal = ly dal-ly dal - ly dal-ly dal - ly dal-ly dal-ly dal - Dal-ly dal- ty dal-ly dal = ly dally dal-ly dal-ly dal - Questions for Discussion 1. How Is the setting of the secular text in Ex. 7-2 different from the setting of the texts of the sacred choral pieces we have examined? . How and where has Morley used word painting? 3. How do Morley’s cadences differ from those we have studied? 4, Is there anything new in the use of dissonance? 5. What is the formal design of this piece? How is it like a motet? How is it not like a motet? How does Morley manage voice crossing? . How does Morley use accidentals in this piece? 8. How would you describe the implied harmonies? x xo sweet-ly kisseeach ey- ther, And Dal + ly dally dal ty dal-ty dal - ly dal-ly dal -

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