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Which of the following structures contains genes for enzymes and antibiotic resistance?
Which of the following is the most important structure related to microbial attachment to cells?
Which of the following is not a gram-negative bug?
Which of the following is not true related to endotoxins?
Which of the following microorganisms stain well?
The compound found only in prokaryotic cells which is a component of the bacterial cell wall.
Gram’s iodine used in Gram’s staining is used as
Who disapproved spontaneous generation?
To make a vaccine against chicken cholera that would not kill the chicken, Pasteur
Where is DNA found in prokaryotes?
The organelle where ATP is generated.
The component that make up the nucleic acids
Who discovered Penicillin
Who coined the word "Cell"
Who saw the microorganisms under the microscope and called them”animalcules”
Function of capsules in bacteria
Who was concerned with contamination during surgical procedures?
Cells that retain the primary stain after undergoing Gram staining will be what color?
Which type of bacterial cell wall has the most peptidoglycan?
Which type of cell wall contains an endotoxin?
Which genera are capable of producing endospores?
In chemotaxis, a prokaryote cell eventually gets where it wants to by :
Who was one of the first people to suspect bacteria as the cause of infection and an antiseptic to
What structures are active in the uptake of nutrients ?
Cells must _________ to take up sufficient nutrients
The mordant used is Gram staining ...
The acid alcohol in the acid-fast staining procedure ... 
On what evidence did Aristotle base his belief in spontaneous generation?
John Needham's experiments on spontaneous generation were most likely flawed because:
Robert Koch made many contributions to the study of microbiology. One discovery that was important in
John Snow made what important contribution to microbiology...
Who developed postulates to demonstrate that microorganisms caused disease?
Who initiated the use of carbolic acid to sterilize surgical instruments and wound dressings?
Christian Gram solved what important problem facing microbiologists?
Who developed the chicken cholera and rabies vaccines?
Sulfa drugs were originally made from an ingredient in a ______
Joseph Lister
Which early scientist can be credited with the development of the microscope and the discovery of ‘anima
Which of the following contribute to the opportunistic and infectious nature of the bacteria ?
Capsules, sheaths and slime layers generally aid with
Proponents of spontaneous generation believed thatthe bacteria originated from :
In response to experiments showing that spontaneous generation did not occur in broth that wa
How did Louis Pasteur counter and disapprove spontaneous generation
Even after the discovery of bacteria, what hindered the realization that bacteria caused disease?
What are Koch’s postulates ?
The use of sterial techniques and agar media enabled early microbiologists to :
In Gram negative organism, how do small molecules move into the periplasm and outside of the
Recently, the use of evolutionary chronometers has followed biologists to :
which organisms are classified as prokaryotes ?
Tha Gram stain is an example of which type of stain ?
The presence of a spore in a vegetative bacterial cell helps establish that the organism is of whic
Which microorganism is a common normal inhabitant of the human intestine?
How do tears and saliva disrupt the cell walls of Gram positive bacteria?
Why is Streptococcu pneumoniae resistant to destruction by phagocytosis?
A microscope that exposes specimens to ultraviolet, violet or blue light and forms Image with the
After the primary stain has been added but befofre the decolorizer has been used, Gram posiive
The major site of cell membrane systhesis is the
Mesosomes are
Membranes of thermophilic bacteria are stabilized by phospholipids with
The Golgi apparatus is composed of vesicles called ______which may be clustered in one region o
Proteins are synthesized in structures called ______.
Which of the following distinguish the field of Microbiology from other fields of biology?
The instrument that produces s bright image of the specimen against a dark background is call
In the Gram staining procedure,the decolorizer is ______.
The lipopolysaccharide(LPS) that is found in the outer membrane of Gram negative bacteria is a
The term used to describe bacteria that are borderline between spherical and rod-shaped is _____
Which of the following is a characteristic of active transport?
All of the following types of microbes were viewed and described by Leeuwenhoek EXCEPT:
Which of the following types of microbes is most similar to animals in terms of their cell structu
Robert Koch and his colleagues are remembered for which of the following achievements?
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Plasmid  Pilus  Capsule 
Peptidoglycan  Flagellum  Plasmid 
Clostridium perfringens  Vibrio cholerae  Escherichia coli 
Endotoxins are secreted from cells.  Can be linked to Meningococcemia 
Produced by gram negative microorganisms 
Escherichia coli  Legionella pneumophila  Treponema 
Lipopolysaccharide peptidoglycan protein
a mordant a decolourizer a dye
Jenner Pasteur Flemming
treated the sample with heat to k attenuated the strain by repeaused a related but different mi
Cytoplasm Nucleus None of the baove
Mitochondria Golgi complex Smooth ER
Sugar Phosphate group Nitrogenous base
Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Fleming Alexander Stephan
Robert Brown Robert Koch Robert Hooke
Needham Robert Koch Antony Van Leevenhoek
made of protein/sugar tight-fitting envelop protection
Loius Pasteur Robert Koch Edward Jenner
colourless purple pink
Gram positive Gram negative both Gram + and Gram - have same
Gram positive Gram negative Acid fast
Strepmyces Clostridium Escherichia coli
steering its movement towards a tumbling in random directiontumbling in directions that are
consists of lipids and proteins regulates entry and exit of theconsists of repeating units of
Lister van Leeuvenhoek Pasteur
porins transport proteins lipid A
expend energy utilize diffusion processes grow rapidly
kills the bacteria traps the primary stain in the bacterial cell wall
kills the bacteria removes the secondary stain from th
traps the primary stain
Animalcules Experiements with broth His belief in magic
He didn't use heat to kill the micr His flasks never has microbiaHe didn't seal or cover the conta
His use of agar as a bacterial growth m His invention of the Petri dish His experiments with small pox
He discovered the vaccine to cure cholehe was an English physician he mapped cholera cases in London a
Semmelwiss Metchnokoff Koch
Tyndall Lister Jenner
How to kill Gram + and Gram - microbesHow to view view microbes and disHow to prevent the spread of infectio
Snow Lister Jenner
Chicken mold scab
was influenced by Pasteur's studies is father of modern antisepsis was trying to decrease the incidence
Francis Redi Antony Nav Leewenhoek Loius Pasteur
Flagella fast growthselectively permeable peptidoglycan
Nutrient transport cell attachment chemotaxis
the air chemical breakdown of mattepre-existing cells
Bacteria Cells Disease
He sealed and sterilized his He cultured anaerobic organsi
d disease? Lack of sterile technique Lack of understanding of conta
Bacteria arepresent in a diseased Bacteria can be islaoted from Inoculation of another healthy
study pure cultures demonstrate the nature of inf disapprove spontaneuos genera
they diffuse freely through the p they pass through porins they are transported by lipid A
classify prokaryotes infer evolutionary relations study the metabolic pathways of
algae archaeobacteria protozoans
differential lipid granule negative
Bacillus Erwinia Pseudomonas
Escherchia coli Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus
contain lysozyme, which weakensare basic and hydrolyze the cedeprive the bacteria of oxygen
Presence of a streptococcal capsulChemical nature of the strep Secretion of streptococcal exoto
Fluorescnece Scanning electron Dark-field
purple, pink purple, colourless purple, purple
plasma membrane nucleus lysosome
found only in Gram negative bactinvaginations of the plasms bphotosynthetic organelles of bac
. fattyacids that have lower mole fatty acids with double bondsfatty acids that tend to be more
thylakoids cisternae cristae
chromosomes ribosomes lysosomes
the techniques used to study organthe size of the organism both the size of the organism s
phase-contrast dark-field bright-field
crystal violet safranine alcohol
exotoxin endotoxin teichoic acid
vibrio coccobacillus coccus
saturable uptake rate can move materials against a . use of ATP or proton motive
Prokaryotes Protozoa Viruses
Algae Prokaryotes Fungi
discovery of the "magic bullet" the first photomicrograph of discovery of the causes of ferm
Option 4 Option 5 Option 6 Correct answer(1,2,3,4,5,6) Question type
Plasma Membrane 1 Objective
Glycocalyx 4 Objective
Bordetella pertussis 1 Objective
Can cause fever 1 Objective
Chlamydia 1 Objective
All of the above 1 Objective
All of the above 1 Objective
Koch 2 Objective
used very small, non-lethal amounts of mater 2 Objective
All of the above 2 Objective
Rough ER 1 Objective
All of the above 4 Objective
None of the above 2 Objective
None of the above 3 Objective
Robert Hooke 3 Objective
keep moisture 4 Objective
Joseph Lister 4 Objective
green both pink and purple 2 Objective
None of the above 1 Objective
Non acid fast 2 Objective
Yersinia 2 Objective
tumbling in random directions and tumbling 1 Objective
is found only in gram positive bacteria 3 Objective
Koch 3 Objective
peptidoglycan 1 Objective
have a lipopolysaccharide layer 1 Objective
helps bacteria stick traps the counterstremoves the 2 Objective
traps the counterst removes the primary stain 3 Objective
Observing living things seemingly arise fro 4 Objective
He did it right. It was the other guy, Spall 4 Objective
The discovery of penicillin 1 Objective
he discovered how to stain bacteria so they 2 Objective
Nightingale 3 Objective
Ehrlich 2 Objective
How to make microbes more attractive throug 2 Objective
Pasteur 4 Objective
dye endospore 2 Objective
used carbolic acid t all of the above 4 Objective
Joseph Lister John Tyndall 2 Objective
1 Objective
heat resistance 2 Objective
maggots 2 Objective
Air 4 Objective
He allowed free exch He isolated bacteria fro 1 Objective
Endospore formati Limitations of culturing 3 Objective
The same bacteria cAll of the above 4 Objective
study mixed culturstudy agar-metabolizing 1 Objective
via binary fission 2 Objective
study microorganisms in pure culture 1 Objective
yeasts 2 Objective
simple 1 Objective
Salmonella 1 Objective
Vibrio cholerae 1 Objective
lower the ionic strength of the fluid in whic 1 Objective
Secretion of streptococcal endotoxin by the 1 Objective
Phase-contrast 1 Objective
pink, pink 3 Objective
endoplasmic reticulum 4 Objective
found only in Gram-positive bacteria 2 Objective
All of the choices 3 Objective
vesiculae 2 Objective
mesosomes 2 Objective
neither the size of the organism studied nor 2 Objective
electron 2 Objective
iodine 3 Objective
murein 2 Objective
bacillus 2 Objective
all of the above choices 2 Objective
Algae 3 Objective
Protozoa 4 Objective
providing evidence that disproved spontane 2 Objective
Time(in seconds) Out of marks Explanation
120 1
120 1
120 1
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120 1
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120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
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120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1
120 1