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lecturing, and dissertasion, but we also do project work.

I am certain that I will

PERTANYAAN-PERTANYAAN UTAMA gain valuable theoretical experience to help me make educational decisions as
1. tell me about yourself well as be ready for practical and technical work which is currently has great
potential and in high demand in my region.
my name is fakinah Nailan edward. I passionate in built environment, designing,
construction especially in planning. i used to work in conceptualiazing design this is the best mix of theory and practical subjects, to make us prepared for real
idea. I consider my calling is to help people to have better place for living, not world. On the top of that, I really like the variety of campus activities. I can see
only affordable but also beautiful, comfortable, clean, accessible and difable myself participating on it, to further support my studies.
friendly. i spend my time learning about it by doing volunteering research in city I am interested in their program, because in my opinion, the study program
mapping, heritage mapping, tsunami mapping. I would love one day i can prepared by UCL is well structured and covers most of the topics I am interested
continue my dream to pursue higher education in this field, this scholarship will in. Their urban planning program has a unique focus on the real estate sector. In
be a dream maker and turning point in my life. addition the program is under Barttlet School which has experienced more than
100 years in the field of education of architecture and urban planning, and is one
of the best schools in the world for this field. The most interesting is the addition
2. what make you special to receive this scholarship will take classes Planning material, Comparative urban planning projects and
research, their real estate classes which focusing on Investment and
I know that you meet here many great talents and that similarly to me, they all development, which is an indicator of investment in planning is very much in
have desire to become proffesional and represent theirself, city, as well as our contact. The program also provides the opportunity to obtain membership of the
country later, on the world scene of higher educations. however, not all of us RTPI and RICS (Membership urban planners and urban surveyor certified) by
can make it and will make it. while i hope to be one who can make it, i do not taking a class field selection Practices Planning, Spatial Planning Concept and
want to underestimate anything. I have proven that I can study and work under Context; and Comparative Cultures Planning System and each 15 credits; which
high pressure and be successful. I plan to study really hard and do my best to would connect the network to an international urban planner. Field studies on
obtain scholarship. The fact that almost all universities I have applied accepted field projects and planning of real estate in major cities, and met local
my application, shows my good qualification. I believe I have relevant practitioners; would also be an added value of this program. This course will be
experience, and am a dedicated person. I believed I am strong candidate for very much in line with the urban development and construction in Indonesia is
scholarship. this scholarship will be the greatest achievement i will ever have, for well underway.
that I will make sure, my society will benefit.

4. why do u want to study in UK

3. why do u want to study at this university
Whilst trying to determine where I want to study, I have set certain goals and
I have made a very detailed research about subjects in each grade of the study expectations from the institutions. My main criteria is institution. as follow as the
program. Based on my findings, I believe I possess necessary skills, experience scholarship proposed for the best universities, It must be well known and high
and desire to go forward with planning study programs. Among many offerings I ranking university. And finally study program should be as close as possible to my
found out that from all the institutions, selected subjects has healthy balance future goals so I can gain as much as possible from it. I found UK meet all my
between theory and practical subjects, for instance not only study from seminar, criterias and the ratio between quality and finances and university rankings UK is
the best choice since its shorter. so by the amount of money that the scholarship real estate and planning is crucial for development of city, by having good
gonna invest in, it is worthy to decide by the greatest value that we can have. understanding, we can create better place for living and affordable for society. so
far we have only zoning system that divided place for each sectors. but there is
for example in UK whole education cost will be 760 hundred million rupiah, while no integrated area for living that is decent. for simple example, one area of
taking in other university in europe for example netherland will be 920 hundred house real estate sud have park for playing, diffable access, and green area, and
million, and in USA will be 1,1 billion rupiah, by that studying in UK we will save all sud be counted.

5. why do u have to continue higher education abroad?

5. why do u pick this course subject?
it is more because of the specific choice of related course which has great
in 2012, there was a big case related in real estate and planning in banda aceh, intersection in real estate and planning that I take only available abroad. based
when that time a developer would like to build ua best western hotel in the on the top university website , the best for the related subject is in MIT, second
available land in the city center right beside the holy mousqe baiturahman. they best is in bartlett school of planning in UCL, and the rest in the australia.
already put given right to build by the city authority, and has done research on
the feasibility of the hotel. however, their calculation wrong, it cause the failure,
the wave of rejection in aceh coming too hard, till they have to give up.
6. what do u want to accomplish in your life? tell us ur vision and mision
so My choice to study program comes from understanding what skills we are
missing in Aceh which related to my expertise in architecture. Aceh is far behind I would love to dedicate all my life to Planning and design. I would love to
in terms of development. And here comes the challenges. also I work on the become professional, and later teach young people and all in all, help our
property developer business, many told me to take study program that expert in country to get forward faster beautifully. However, because of my financial
real estate, they also told me the situation right now in Aceh that Many situation, I am unable to proceed on the path of professional planner straight
investors are concerned on lack of expertise in property business . We do face away and as well I would like to learn more about other subjects of life also.
the lack of good qualified professionals. I’ve studied in Aceh university and I was That’s why I chose to achieve this scholarship.
always keen to put my hands on real estate and urban planning. However such
studies here are very limited. thus, I choose this study program because I see
alot of perspective and needs in this field. 7. where do u see yourself in ten years
I have realized how aceh has been very undeveloped when i can see the I would love to continue my studies as postgraduate and research in field of time
comparison, when i visited medan. in aceh, the pure sector of designing isnt rows. But it can happen only if I get this scholarship. Otherwise, I would not even
really alive, unless become a developer and use our own design work. but for start working on it.
developer, we have to face our own problem. for example lack of investment.
most developer in aceh is small developer, with very limited capital. many failed,
loosing capital for wrong prediction of buying capability , then his market over.
big investor even doesnt wanna invest, bcs the lack of expertise in the 8. what organization activity has been very influence ur character
understanding of real estate market in aceh. so far real estate isnt really alive.
I was a secretary in design and model structure Laboratory, but more than that qualified professionals. I’ve studied in Aceh university and I was always keen to
we was more active as an organization, so many activities we are done together, put my hands on real estate planning and development. However such studies
from science part, to social dedication. from that I learn tht a great community here are very limited and not high quality. I choose this because I see alot of
wont last longer without a great leadership and regeneration. perspective in this field.

9. express your love toward your country I have realized how aceh has been very undeveloped when i can see the
comparison, when i visited medan. in aceh, the pure sector of designing isnt
by adding more added value to our expertise, and contribute. do something that really alive, unless become a developer and use our own design work. but for
is best for people, and escalate the dignity of the nation by having good integrity developer, we have to face our own problem. for example lack of investment.
in working. also in business, if we have money, please do investation, for most developer in aceh is small developer, with very limited capital. many failed,
creating a new employement, or simply buying indonesian farmers’ product will loosing capital for wrong prediction of buying capability , then his market over.
also save our culture’s life. big investor even doesnt wanna invest, bcs the lack of expertise in the
understanding of real estate market in aceh. so far real estate isnt really alive.

real estate and planning is crucial for development of city, by having good
10. what other gonna say about you
understanding, we can create better place for living and affordable for society. so
based on the recommendation lecturer, my lecturer said im a hardworking far we have only zoning system that divided place for each sectors. but there is
person. no integrated area for living that is decent. for simple example, one area of
house real estate sud have park for playing, diffable access, and green area, and
all sud be counted.

2. this is a new subject in you city, would you like to be a leader in this
STUDI sector?

1. Why do u pick to focus in this international real estate and planning definitely, otherwise I wouldn't apply
sector? What motivate you?

3. Are you sure you can complete the course ontime? but u didnt complete
My choice to study abroad comes from understanding what skills we are missing ur previous education ontime.
in Aceh. I have been travelling in Indonesia for sometime and I have visited I am sure that i can finish the education ontime. I didnt, certain circumtances has
different areas. I can see big contrast between Medan, Jakarta and Banda Aceh. made me to postpone education for sometime, for instance I decided to put
Aceh is far behind in terms of development. And here comes the challenges.
effort on business. which at that time my business is growing.
Many investors are concerned on lack of expertise. We do face the lack of good

8. why do you think studying in University college london and in uk will
benefit u and us?
4. why do you wanna pursue higher education? what for? is it not enough
what you got now? Studying in London I will have an opportunity to study in one of the best
universities in the world. I will have to study with one of the brightest students in
true leader must learn all his/her life. I want to get everything I can from the world. I will have opportunity to experience life in multicultural environment
university so I can apply the knowledge while pursuing my career goal here in and everything I learn I want to bring back home. As much as I can as much as in
indonesia in my hometown Banda Aceh. my power I want to improve my hometown. Let allah be with me amin

9. have you contact the university? show correspondency

5. Why you choose this university college london, not harvard? Yes, I did
in matter of planning, university college london is better in experience,
networking and afkoz the place in london, make it a perfect example combining
historical based and economical development on planning, as well as indonesia. 10. how do u get the LOA?
it has double international accreditation for town planner, and city chartered
surveyor. by studying there, and take the optional requirement module, I can be for the university college london, not yet, I assume in the coming week i will be
internationally certified for both. notified the result

6. why you choose the university College London, it is a big challenge to 11. tell us a lil about how u gonna adapt in England? far from parents and
study there? and how u gonna face that challenge? halal foods?

the workload, as usual, try to catch up faster and study harder. work hard - play england can be categorized as muslim friendly country in the aspect of religious
hard. If you love the subject it’s not a challenge it’s a joy. place, activities, also halal food. I believe it will not be a problem. far from
parents is akej, I used to experienced that.

7. are u sure u gonna be accepted to the university college london?

12. Why you dont pursue master in ur home university?
my prediction is yes, as i have applied also to other top planning school for
instance liverpool university, queensland university, RMIT, and University of there is no master degree or further higher education in the field of planning and
south australia, they are all already accepted me for the related program designing in my home university

13. what are ur concrete plans for the next 5 years, 10 years, and 50 years.

along with my friend Im gonna continue growing the property developer 19. what are ur hobbies?
business, hopefully we can compete with big contractor in my home city. and
more trust from clients and investor. so we can have proper penetration and my hobby is cooking
bigger project, for instance cheap decent houses for people in Aceh.

20. What books do u read?

14. Do u have plan to become a lecturer
I read architectural magazine mostly
I have, however it is a chance. my university will open new department, city
planning. and also the neighbour new national university, Islam national
university arraniry is also opening an architecture department. if I could 21. Tell me about yourself?
contribute, it will be a great opportunity to live the science by lecturing.
Im a motivated hard working person. I appreciate the advancement of thought
and science, in all aspect.
15. what if u cant be a lecturer in your home university?

i will be entrepreuneur proffesional worker, in property developing, also building 22. Do you ever join a research program?
yes, mostly in city mapping area.

16. your education background and your work, is it still relevant?

23. Do you ever make a book? Or scientifical journal, or becoming an
yes. very assisten of lecturer?

I have ever been guest speaker for some structure model class and critic
17. what is ur concret work after you graduate for your society?

right now rebuilding my local business, giving training, and designing a new
foodcourt business in banda aceh. 24. what was your reasearch in undergraduate study? tell us the formulation
of the problems? what instrument u use?

in architecture, the thesis isnt a fully reseach focus, it is more to design. so the
18. what will be the concrete product after you graduate, for your country?
product 90% design. the thesis only consisted of the report of the drawing.
the master plan of banda aceh, with the focus of real estate feasibility.
supervising of LPDP and on the leuage of indonesian best talents. that will be a
significant networking.
25. why are u interested in this research?

32. why do you deserve to get this scholarship?

26. how do u get this GPA, while doing business and many organization
involvement at the same time?

im trying to do my best, and balancing the work and study. organization is 33. what is your unique selling points?
important, it refresh my mind after an hectic project deadline each semester.

27. mention us all of your achivements from recent one, and mention the

28. what is your biggest achievement?

completing architecture and also get investment in my business. 2. your background? and year of graduation?

my education background is bachelor of engineering in architecture. graduated in

29. with this achievements, why dont you choose more prestige campus? august 2015.

30. do u ever apply to other scholarship than LPDP? 3. Describe yourself and how ur friend would describe you?

yes i did, i applied to 3 scholarships so far. 3 from erasmus mundus program, one people usually tought i am a cold person, but then they realised Im a very loyal
from swedish institute. friend.

31. why you choose this scholarship? 4. After you graduate, where do u wanna go? lecturing or becoming
proffesional worker?
LPDP is a pretige scholarship. win LPDP scholarship will be the biggest
achievement for me. also this scholarship has a good going concern. on the line
of leadership, and alumni development. after we graduate, we still under
5. what are your activities after you graduate? 10. what if you found a partner who doesnt agree for you to work outside
your island?
i soon prepare all it takes to pursue master degree, like selfstudy for ielts. along
with that, my business just got an investment injection to renovate. so I am I am sure he will understand.
working on that.

11. who is your role model? And why? who influence you most?
6. Are u akej to have work outside your province?
my mother influence me most,she is a very strong character person, whom very
yes, im delighted to do that. clever, and never complain. She is Ph.D and I want to follow her route

7. When are u planning to get married? 12. who is your role model in your expertise?

my design lecturer, he told me banda aceh isnt place for me at all, i should
pursue abroad study, where student like me belong and have same ideology
yes, but dunno when yet. when someone propose. about design.

8. do u have the candidate already? 13. What is your biggest motivation?

I just had visited medan twice, including this time. I am so amazed that medan is
very well developed, many great building like i always look on magazine and try
to design. great property grow nonstop, people live very well and happy. and
when I took an IELTS test at british council, im surprised that I and my friend are
the only indigenous who take the test, the rest all chinese descent students. I
9. what if you find your love partner in the abroad? saw they are very young, and study so hard, and plan their education really well
to study atleast to singapore. very contrast in my home city. from that moment,
Im incredibly motivated, that indigenous can also do better. if I plan my future
well, i can help my city to progress fast also.
I will do my best to bring him to indonesia. HOwever if he would not want to
move together with me we will have to find compromise to make all parties
satisfied. However, I can’t imagine living abroad the rest of my life. I am happy to
travel around explore the world but not permanent move. 14. what is your main goal in life?

15. what is the biggest difficulties u ever face in your life? 21. how is your sisters, ur brothers?

my biggest difficulties that I cant trust people easily

22. what kind of leadeship style do you think will be fit for future indonesia?
u can tell us the figure?
16. what is your weakness and strength?
they one who lead by giving examples. not by being bossy. humble and engineer.
My weakness, when i got excited i can stop doing the thing that i like. my
strength is Im a very passionate trustworthy and dedicated person into work. Servant Leader :

17. do u think a person like u in ur environment still rare? what are the 1. Listening Pemimpin patut mampu mengerakan keluh kesah atas masalah yang
proofs? terjadi dalam organisasi, serta mendegarkan suara hati dari anggota-anggotanya.
Menderngarkan sambil mengevaluasi diri akan sangat berguna untuk servant
yes, when i do dedications, in the team only me who can cook. friends elect me leader 2. Emphaty Empati yang dimaksud adalah setiap orang sangat ingin
to lead them in business. they always put me forward, for example for business diterima bahwa dirinya unik bukan seorang yang aneh dan tidak diterima orang
presentation. lain, maka tugas pemimpin disini menjadkan keunikannya sebagai kelebihan. 3.
Healing Seorang pemimpin harus mampu menjadi seorang "penyembuh".
Healing disini berarti menjadikan dua pendapat yang berbeda menjadi satu
18. do your parents support your decision to continue master degree? how pendapat yang utuh. Seorang pemimpin juga harus dapat menyatukan hubungan
you be sure about this? what are the proof? setiap anggotanya. 4. Awareness Kesadaran diri membantu servant leader dalam
mengangkat isu-isu negatif menjadi isu-isu positif dan mengatasi
yes, beside this is my parents idea. and i got full support. my mother even permasalahannya dengan mudah dan cepat 5.Persuasion Kemampuan untuk
accompany me, to the interview even in this city. meyakinkan orang lain dapat dilakukan seorang servant leader dalam mengambil
keputusan dengan cara musyawarah, Kepandaian dalam mempersuasi orang
akan membuat pemimpin tersebut mendapatkan banyak respect dari
anggotanya. 6.Conceptualization Dalam servant leader pemimpin harus memiliki
19. why you have to use the scholarship to continue study? what if u use ur
ide-ide yang lebih dari anggota-anggotanya. Sehingga para anggotanya dapat
personal resource money, for example from parents or relatives?
menjadikannya panutan dalam berbagai hal contohnya memiliki mimpi yang
it is not possible for my family to afford me anymore for higher education. they besar. 7.Foresight Kemampuan ini digunakan untuk meramalkan apa
already done the best they could. If I had I would definatly use it. kemungkinan buruk dan baik apa saja yang mungkin terjadi apabila mengambil
kepuutusan. Dari sanalah akan diketaui bagaimana sisi buruk dan baik sebuah
sistem itu sendiri. 8.Stewardship Hal ini sangat erat hubungannya dengan
kepercayaan. Kepercayaan akan timbul dari sikap keterbukaan yang dimiliki oleh
20. what are your parents’ background? how much their salary? seorang servant leader 9.Commitment to the Growth of People Servant leader
berkomitmen tinggi untuk perkembang setiap anggotanya ,dengan kata lain
ingin agar anggotanya dapat berkembang seiring dengan tujuannya untuk 26. how is the perfect mechanism to elect a leader?
mendapatkan tujuan akhir tersebut 10.Building Community Servant leader tidak
hanya berpaku pada tujuan akhir tapi juga dalam membangun komunitas. first we need to see values in true leader does it fit for business is the person
Anggota-anggotanya tidak dianggap sebagai anggota biasa saja tapi bagian dari open for learning, is he or she followable. The true leader must have followers
komunitas terkait. Demikianlah tipe kepemimpinan Presiden dan wakil presiden who will vote for him.
baru kita, Semoga kepemimpinan yang baru membawa Indonesia menjadi
bangsa dan negara yang lebih maju dan lebih baik lagi. Tuhan memberkati
bangsa dan negara kita. 27. tell us how can u get recommendation from vice rector?

I attend a seminar for scholarship that coached by him few months ago before i
graduate, he promised to help. the I really take what the vice rector offer, to ask
a recommendation letter.
23. what does a leader mean to u?

28. mention us all of the contain of the statement letter?

The leader should say “let’s go’ instead of you go

29. what is nationalism for you? how to proof that u have nationalism?
24. what are duties for a leader?
to become an expertise in your field and devote it to ur country’s interest

Coach-fix-develop-show. A person who others want to follow by heart

30. what is it to do your work in abroad or in the country with nationalism?

we have to admit that other countries are more developed than us now, thus it is
25. do u think u are capable of leading? do u ever lead? what kind of important to learn from then, so we can also take right steps in the future.
leadership you ever done?

I make small steps but I make them promptly. I took a leader’s role and started
31. what is patriot figure for u? who is it?
my small business. A small startup which is growing. In the beginning the size of
the team was 7, but now grow consist of 14. I done the most foundation works, our third precident, BJ. Habibie.
and then teach. for example i have done all experiments then give them the
trainings, and done the computer accounting, then teach them. at the end of
month we always do evaluation.
32. mention us historical date close to the interview day today! what does it
mean, and the relevancy for LPDP
5 Februari: Hari Peristiwa Kapal Tujuh

9 Februari: Hari Kavaleri 3. what was the activities in the organization?

9 Februari: Hari Pers Nasional[6]

14 Februari: Hari Peringatan Pembela Tanah Air (PETA) 4. how to manage an organization?

20 Februari: Hari Pekerja Indonesia[7]

28 Februari: Hari Gizi Nasional Indonesia

• 1 Maret: Hari Kehakiman Nasional

• 1 Maret: Hari Peringatan Serangan Umum di Yogyakarta 5. tell us about problems u face in organizations?

• 6 Maret: Hari Komando Strategis Angkatan Darat (Kostrad) The problem is pople come with different background and thoughts,it is an art to
harmonize it all for the goal of the organization.
• 8 Maret: Hari Wanita/Perempuan Internasional

• 30 Maret: Hari Film NasionalFilm Nasional

6. What is your social activities?

33. how do u get ur IELTS score?

7. who is the cofounder of the organization?
I did selfstudy for IELTS test 8 hours a day for 3 months, and listened to BBC
podcast anytime.

8. what are all social comunnities u ever involved?

9. what are social activities u ever involved that related to you expertise
i have done many voluntary work for making heritage mapping of banda aceh. or
1. What are organisation u ever join from recent one? mapping or tsunami disaster most affected area.

10. what are crucial problem in indonesia that you think sud be prioritized to
2. What were u in there? And what is your role? be solved ?

industrialization we are far behind. We do not use most effectively internet and pertama yang memperoleh penghargaan tersebut.[2] Selain itu, ia juga sempat
other modern technologies. We should build more open society and e- mendalami studi hak asasi manusia di Universitas Oslo.[4] Sebelum masa
goverment. Educate people to access information. baktinya selesai, Retno dikirim kembali ke Jakarta untuk menjadi Direktur
Jenderal Eropa dan Amerika, yang bertanggung jawab mengawasi hubungan
Indonesia dengan 82 negara di Eropa dan Amerika.[6]

0l2RANDOM Retno kemudian dikirim sebagai Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Kerajaan Belanda
pada tahun 2012.[3] Ia juga pernah memimpin berbagai negosiasi multilateral
dan konsultasi bilateral dengan Uni Eropa, ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) dan
FEALAC (Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation).[3]
1. who is financial minister, education minister, religious affari minister and
precident and vice precident?

Financial Minister= Prof. Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro, S.E., M.UP.,

2. what is LPDP? what are the abbreviation for LPDP?
menteri kebudayaan, sekolah dasar dan menengah : Anies rasyid Baswedan Ph.D
LPDP is an abrevition of Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan. Indonesia
Religion Minister: Drs. H. Lukman Hakim Saifuddin Endowment Fund Organizer.

research, technology and higher education : Muhammad nasir

Fav Minister: Minister of Foreign Affairs= Retno Marsudi 3. what is the aim of LPDP?

Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi (lahir di Semarang, Jawa Tengah, 27 November visi=
1962; umur 53 tahun[1]) adalah Menteri Luar Negeri perempuan pertama[2]
Indonesia yang menjabat dari 27 Oktober 2014 dalam Kabinet Kerja Presiden Menjadi lembaga pengelola dana terbaik di tingkat regional untuk
Joko Widodo. Sebelumnya dia menjabat sebagai Duta besar Indonesia untuk mempersiapkan pemimpin masa depan serta mendorong inovasi bagi Indonesia
Kerajaan Belanda di Den Haag. yang sejahtera, demokratis, dan berkeadilan.

Setelah lulus, ia bergabung dengan Kementerian Luar Negeri Indonesia. Dari Being the best fund management institutions at the regional level to prepare
tahun 1997 hingga 2001, Retno menjabat sebagai sekretaris satu bidang ekonomi future leaders and encourage innovation for Indonesia that is prosperous,
di Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia di Den Haag, Belanda.[5] Pada tahun 2001, democratic, and fair.
ia ditunjuk sebagai Direktur Eropa dan Amerika.[3] Retno dipromosikan menjadi Misi=
Direktur Eropa Barat pada tahun 2003.[5]
• Mempersiapkan pemimpin dan profesional masa depan Indonesia
Pada tahun 2005, ia diangkat sebagai Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Norwegia dan melalui pembiayaan pendidikan.
Islandia.[3] Selama masa tugasnya, ia memperoleh penghargaan Order of Merit
dari Raja Norwegia pada Desember 2011, menjadikannya orang Indonesia
• Mendorong riset strategis dan/atau inovatif yang implementatif dan aims to anticipate the need of educational rehabilitation damaged by the
menciptakan nilai tambah melalui pendanaan riset. disaster.

• Menjamin keberlangsungan pendanaan pendidikan bagi generasi LPDP focuses on the development of quality human resources in various fields
berikutnya melalui pengelolaan dana abadi pendidikan yang optimal. support the accelerated development of Indonesia. Some of the priorities are the
focus LPDP, among others; engineering, science, agriculture, law, economics,
• Sebagai last resort, mendukung rehabilitasi fasilitas pendidikan yang finance, medicine, religion, and socio-cultural.
rusak akibat bencana alam melalui pengelolaan dana cadangan pendidikan.

Preparing future leaders and professionals Indonesia through education

financing. 4. sing a lyric of national song in english, to you country! or ur region sonG?

Encourage strategic research and / or innovative, implementable and create Indonesia raya
added value through research funding.
My homeland Indonesia
Ensure the sustainability of education funding for the next generation through
education endowment management is optimal. Fatherland

As a last resort, supports the rehabilitation of educational facilities damaged by That's where I stand
natural disasters through management education reserve fund.
be scout mom
Fokus, dan tujuan=
Indonesia my nationalism
Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan mengarahkan segenap usahanya guna
Nation and Fatherland
mencetak pemimpin masa depan yang tersebar di berbagai bidang. Pengelolaan
dana abadi pendidikan ini bertujuan menjamin keberlangsungan program Let us hail
pendidikan bagi generasi mendatang sebagai pertanggungjawaban
antargenerasi. Selain itu, LPDP juga bertujuan mengantisipasi keperluan Indonesia united
rehabilitasi pendidikan yang rusak akibat bencana.

LPDP berfokus pada pengembangan kualitas sumber daya manusia di berbagai

bidang yang menunjang percepatan pembangunan Indonesia. Beberapa di antara 5. what is the ddifference between conference, workshop, symposium, and
prioritas yang menjadi fokus LPDP antara lain; teknik, sains, pertanian, hukum, proceeding?
ekonomi, keuangan, kedokteran, agama, serta sosial-budaya.
Conference=a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic. Convention
Education Fund Management Institution mobilize all efforts in order to score (meeting), meeting of a, usually large, group of individuals and/or companies in a
future leaders in the various fields. This educational endowment fund certain field. Academic conference, in science and academic, a formal event
management aims to ensure the sustainability of educational programs for where researchers present results, workshops, and other activities.
future generations as intergenerational responsibility. In addition, the LPDP also
workshop= a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion depan pintu gerbang kemerdekaan negara Indonesia, yang merdeka, bersatu,
and activity on a particular subject or project. berdaulat, adil dan makmur."

symposium= a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject. "Atas berkat rahmat Allah Yang Maha Kuasa dan dengan didorongkan oleh
keinginan luhur, supaya berkehidupan kebangsaan yang bebas, maka rakyat
• a collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of Indonesia menyatakan dengan ini kemerdekaannya."
"Kemudian daripada itu untuk membentuk suatu pemerintah negara Indonesia
• a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient yang melindungi segenap bangsa Indonesia dan seluruh tumpah darah Indonesia
Greece after a banquet (and notable as the title of a work by Plato). dan untuk memajukan kesejahteraan umum, mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa,
dan ikut melaksanakan ketertiban dunia yang berdasarkan kemerdekaan,
perdamaian abadi dan keadilan sosial, maka disusunlah kemerdekaan
proceeding=In academia, proceedings are the collection of academic papers kebangsaan Indonesia itu dalam suatu Undang-Undang Dasar negara Indonesia,
published in the context of an academic conference. They are usually distributed yang terbentuk dalam suatu susunan negara Republik Indonesia yang
as printed volumes or in electronic form either before the conference opens or berkedaulatan rakyat dengan berdasar kepada :
after it has closed. Proceedings contain the contributions made by researchers at
Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa,
the conference. They are the written record of the work that is presented to
fellow researchers. They may be considered as grey literature kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab,

persatuan Indonesia, dan kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan

dalam permusyawaratan/perwakilan,
6. what do u think about our precident now?
serta dengan mewujudkan suatu keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia."
he is an effective leader. it is an essential requirement in order to achieve
organisational goals. he is the one.who e able to provide inspiration, motivation
and clear direction to their team.
8. pasal mengenai pendidikan

Pasal 31 ayat (1) menyatakan “Setiap warga Negara berhak mendapat

7. pembukaan uud 1945 pendidikan.”
Pembukaan UUD 1945 pasal 31 ayat (2) yang menyatakan “Setiap warganegara wajib mengikuti
pendidikan dasar dan pemerintah wajib membiayainya.”
"Bahwa sesungguhnya kemerdekaan itu ialah hak segala bangsa dan oleh sebab
itu, maka penjajahan diatas dunia harus dihapuskan karena tidak sesuai dengan Pasal 31 ayat (3) menyatakan "Pemerintah mengusahakan Dan
perikemanusiaan dan perikeadilan." menyelenggarakan Satu Sistim pendidikan nasional, Yang meningkatkan
keimanan Dan ketakwaan Serta ahlak mulia hearts Rangka mencerdaskan
"Dan perjuangan pergerakan kemerdekaan Indonesia telah sampailah kepada
Kehidupan bangsa, Yang diatur DENGAN undang-undang."
saat yang berbahagia dengan selamat sentosa mengantarkan rakyat Indonesia ke
Sejalan dengan itu UUD 1945 mewajibkan pemerintah untuk membiayai • Menurunkan angka kemiskinan.
kegiatan pendidikan, yaitu sedikit-dikitnya 20% dari APBN dan dari masing-
masing APBD propinsi dan kabupaten kota (Pasal 31 ayat (4) UUD 1945). Mencapai pendidikan dasar untuk semua[sunting | sunting sumber]

• Setiap penduduk dunia mendapatkan pendidikan dasar.

UUD 1945 dan UU no.20 tahun 2003 yang mewajibkan mengalokasikan anggaran Mendorong kesetaraan gender dan pemberdayaan perempuan[sunting | sunting
pendidikan sebesar 20% dari belanja negara. sumber]

• Target 2005 dan 2015: Mengurangi perbedaan dan diskriminasi gender

dalam pendidikan dasar dan menengah terutama untuk tahun 2005 dan untuk
9. pancasila semua tingkatan pada tahun 2015.

1. Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa Menurunkan angka kematian anak[sunting | sunting sumber]

2. Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab • Target untuk 2015 adalah mengurangi dua per tiga tingkat kematian
anak-anak usia di bawah 5 tahun.
3. Persatuan Indonesia
Meningkatkan kesehatan ibu[sunting | sunting sumber]
4. Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan dalam
permusyawaratan/perwakilan • Target untuk 2015 adalah Mengurangi dua per tiga rasio kematian ibu
dalam proses melahirkan.
5. Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia
Memerangi HIV/AIDS, malaria, dan penyakit menular lainnya[sunting | sunting
Belief in the one and only God sumber]
Just and civilized humanity • Target untuk 2015 adalah menghentikan dan memulai pencegahan
penyebaran HIV/AIDS, malaria dan penyakit berat lainnya.
the unity of Indonesia
Memastikan kelestarian lingkungan hidup[sunting | sunting sumber]
Democracy, led by the inner wisdom consultative / representative
• Mengintegrasikan prinsip-prinsip pembangunan yang berkelanjutan
Social justice for all the people of Indonesia
dalam kebijakan setiap negara dan program serta mengurangi hilangnya sumber
daya lingkungan.

10. Millenium Development goals MDGs • Pada tahun 2015 mendatang diharapkan mengurangi setengah dari
jumlah orang yang tidak memiliki akses air minum yang sehat.
Menanggulangi kemiskinan dan kelaparan[sunting | sunting sumber]

• Pendapatan populasi dunia sehari $10000.

• Pada tahun 2020 mendatang diharapkan dapat mencapai pengembangan 255.471.000
yang signifikan dalam kehidupan untuk sedikitnya 100 juta orang yang tinggal di
daerah kumuh.

Mengembangkan kemitraan global untuk pembangunan[sunting | sunting


• Mengembangkan lebih jauh lagi perdagangan terbuka dan sistem

keuangan yang berdasarkan aturan, dapat diterka dan tidak ada diskriminasi.
Termasuk komitmen terhadap pemerintahan yang baik, pembangungan dan
pengurangan tingkat kemiskinan secara nasional dan internasional.

• Membantu kebutuhan-kebutuhan khusus negara-negara kurang

berkembang, dan kebutuhan khusus dari negara-negara terpencil dan kepulauan-
kepulauan kecil. Ini termasuk pembebasan-tarif dan -kuota untuk ekspor mereka;
meningkatkan pembebasan hutang untuk negara miskin yang berhutang besar;
pembatalan hutang bilateral resmi; dan menambah bantuan pembangunan resmi
untuk negara yang berkomitmen untuk mengurangi kemiskinan.

• Secara komprehensif mengusahakan persetujuan mengenai masalah

utang negara-negara berkembang.

• Menghadapi secara komprehensif dengan negara berkembang dengan

masalah hutang melalui pertimbangan nasional dan internasional untuk
membuat hutang lebih dapat ditanggung dalam jangka panjang.

• Mengembangkan usaha produktif yang layak dijalankan untuk kaum


• Dalam kerja sama dengan pihak "pharmaceutical", menyediakan akses

obat penting yang terjangkau dalam negara berkembang

• Dalam kerjasama dengan pihak swasta, membangun adanya penyerapan

keuntungan dari teknologi-teknologi baru, terutama teknologi informasi dan

11. jumlah penduduk indonesia