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Marin 1

Paola Marin

Mrs. McRorey

English III – 4

April 1st, 2019

How Stereotypes Influence Women’s Health + Anthony.

My dearest friends: we are gathered here today under the powerful yet agonizing feelings

of all those women out there that are being treated differently because they look a certain way

which is not acceptable by society. Because generation through generation, the public have tried

to implement into our minds that we are inferior to them, in any possible way. They have tried

fervently and passionately to remind us that we’ll never meet that desired goal of being recognized

by our minds and not by our looks. We, women, have been the preys of an endless haunt executed

by society. They tried to decrease the volume of our voice, to cease that vivid fire inside of us, to

decrease that light inside our thoughts of hope for a permanent change. Furthermore, if we have

the privilege to speak our mind even though we have been ignored, why should we stay in the


We, women have been slaves of the unreachable standards society have lay on us. We have

tried unsuccessfully to achieve those goals we set to please them, to please the slave owners of our

freedom. They have tried to manipulate us with distorted images illustrated by cruel minds to try

and get us into following those stereotypes. Due to that pressure we constantly tolerated, we have

lived in a tremendous lie. We, women tricked ourselves to be someone completely distinct. We

tricked ourselves to play in society’s vicious game of deciding who is pretty and who is not. We

tricked ourselves into believing that if we do not reach that incredibly high standard, we are no
Marin 2

longer valuable or worthy. Trying to win the game, we lose ourselves and we completely forget

that being different is beautiful. However, we have been told indirectly to follow society’s wrong

definition of beauty. And it outrages me to even think that we are not considered to be pretty

because we are not like those girls who we see in magazines, and the sad thing is that we do not

realize the hard work those women had to endure to have that result. Thanks to the hardiness of

the public to try to oppress our freedom, some beautiful girls fall into depression and other common

mental disorders because they don’t believe they are worthy anymore since they don’t look like

that fake idea of the perfect image. These disorders can lead to eating disorders, which many young

girls struggle with throughout their life. Some of these disorders are