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Presented By:-

Varun Gupta
Flow Of Presentation
• Introduction
• Marketing Mix
• STP Of Reliance Digital
• SWOT Analysis
• Merchandise Management
• Category Management
• Marketing Research
• Organisation Structure
• Role Of IT
• Role Of CRM
• Service Quality
• Conclusion
• Reliance Retail has the distinction of operating the
largest consumer electronics store chain in India
through a network of over 6,500 Reliance Digital and
jio stores.
• Reliance Digital offers over 200 national and
international brands offering a widest assortment of
• Reliance Digital offers its customers a delightful
shopping experience and help them in bringing home
the latest & best of technology at unbeatable price.
Marketing Mix
• P

• PRODUCT : It contributes to total Indian exports, nearly

14%. It includes best qualities and authentic products.
• PLACE : Its headquarters are based in Mumbai, India. It
has nearly 123 subsidiaries and 10 associate firms. It is the
largest retailer with nearly 1466 outlets in India.
• PRICE : It’s pricing policy differs from product to product
and it has tried that the customer cost remains affordable.
• PROMOTION : It utilizes the available advertising tools so
that the best marketing strategies could be implemented. It
relies more on spending less on promotions and reducing
the prices so that customer s are attracted to the company.
STP Of Reliance Digital
• SEGMENT : Quality and price cautious group.
• TARGET GROUP : Upper middle class and middle class.
• POSITIONING : Quality and trust.
SWOT Analysis
• STRENGTH : It owns various private label brands. It has
strong distribution network. Strong backing of the parent
• WEAKNESSES : Product variety is available but more
SKUs are not present due to inefficient back end
infrastructure. Poor inventory control at certain locations is
a concern.
• OPPURTUNITIES : Leveraging on brand name and
entering into Reliance saloon. Large potential to reduce
operation cost in cities using strong supply.
• THREATS : Strong competition globally from Carrefour,
Metro A.G., Tesco. Operating cost are too high. Wallmart is
biggest competitor when it comes to sourcing/ backward
With increase in competition, merchandise planning is fast
becoming an integral part of the retail business. The main idea
behind the study was to learn directly from the market, what
consumers demand in a particular catchment area around each
Reliance Digital Store, so as to efficiently and effectively
utilize every square feet of floor area of the stores in order to
cut the extra cost and increase efficiency.
Category Management

Relies on creating, ranging and pricing new product

introduction and production.
Marketing Research
• ONLINE SERVICES : By qualified Reliance Digital
• EXTENDED WARRANTY : We are there with you before
as well as long after you have purchased.
• Generating revenue by partnering with brands.
• Global expansion.
Organisation Structure
Zonal Cluster
Manager Manager

Store Area
Manager Manager

Store Supervisor

Service Commercia
Associate l Associate
Role Of IT
• Scanners and bar coding to identify an item use pre
store data to calculate the cost and generate the total
• Online order can be placed for products.
Role Of CRM
• Less need to compete on prices as customer see value in
• New products typically are more successful.
• New customer generated from mouth.
Service Quality
Reliance Digital provides you with the best of service
qualities. The researchers identified the five determinants
of service quality, in order of importance :
• Reliability
• Responsiveness
• Assurance
• Empathy
• Tangible
• You get to touch, try and feel every product before you
make your decision.
• The specially designed Experience Zones stimulate exact
conditions to familiarize you with your product.
• The trained staff will be only too happy to understand and
advice on the optimum choice of products meeting your
• Reliance Digital is backed by Reliance ResQ, the service
arm that is available for support all 7 days and fully geared
to provide and to and solutions.