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Blk. 1, Lot 4, Alta Tierra Homes, Brgy. A. Olaes, G.M.A. Cavite

Government Recognition: K-445, s. 2015 | E-092, s. 2016 | S-093, s. 2016


Teacher: Alyssa Mae F. Dapadap, LPT

I. Shade the letter that corresponds to the C. Bowling ball. Because it is not moving.
best answer. Use the separate answer D. Bowling ball. Because it is more
sheet to record your answers massive.
1. Susan and Sean are in identical cars. 5. Which of Newton's laws best explains why
Susan ascends a mountain via a short, motorists should buckle-up?
steep trail (labeled A below). Sean ascends
the same mountain via a long, gentle trail A. first B. second C. third D. gravitation
(labeled B below). Which of the following 6. The acceleration due to gravity is lower on
statements is true? the Moon than on Earth. Which of the
A. Susan gains more gravitational potential following is true about the mass and weight
energy than Sean. of an astronaut on the Moon's surface,
B. Susan gains less gravitational potential compared to Earth?
energy than Sean. A. Mass is less, weight is same.
C. Susan gains the same gravitational B. Mass is same, weight is less.
potential energy as Sean. C. Both mass and weight are less.
D. To compare gravitational potential D. Both mass and weight are the same.
energies, we must know the lengths of 7. Two cars collide head-on. At every moment
the two trails. during the collision, the magnitude of the
force the first car exerts on the second is
exactly equal to the magnitude of the force
the second car exerts on the first. This is an
example of
A. Newton's first law.
B. Newton's second law.
C. Newton's third law.
D. Newton's law of
8. Which of the following shows work done?
2. A 20-ton truck collides with a 1500-lb car A. holding a book
and causes a lot of damage to the car. B. pushing a wall
Since a lot of damage is done on the car C. sleeping
A. force on truck is greater than force on D. pushing a car at a certain distance
the car. 9. Which requires more work: lifting a 50.0 kg
B. force on the truck is equal to the force crate a vertical distance of 2.0 meters or
on the car lifting a 25.0 kg crate a vertical distance of
C. force on the truck is smaller than the 4.0 meters?
force on the car. A. lifting the 50 kg sack
D. the truck did not slow down during the B. lifting the 25 kg sack
collision. C. both require the same amount of work
3. An object of mass (mass) sits on a flat table. D. None of the above
The Earth pulls on this object with force 10. In which of the following scenarios is work
(mg), which we will call the action force. being done, according to the physics
What is the reaction force? definition?
A. The table pushing up on the object with A. Joe solves a “work” calculation in his
force mg. head.
B. Shauna places her chair onto the desk
B. The object pushing down on the table
after the afternoon announcements.
with force mg.
C. Garrett holds a barbell over his head in
C. The table pushing down on the floor with weightlifting class.
force mg. D. Paige carries a reference book across
D. The object pulling upward on the Earth the classroom.
with force mg. 11. In order to do work, energy is______?
4. Which object has more inertia and why? A A. transferred or converted
bowling ball at rest or a high-speed soccer B. used up
ball? C. lost
A. Soccer ball. Because it is moving with a D. lost or transferred
high velocity. 12. A person is holding a bucket by applying a
B. Soccer ball. Because it has a greater force of 10N. He moves a horizontal
volume than the bowling ball. distance of 5m and then climbs up a vertical
distance of 10m. Find the total work done by A. metal B. heat energy
him C. light D. electricity
A. 50J B. 150J 21. In a parallel circuit containing set of bulbs, if
C. 100J D. 200J one of the bulb blew up the effective
13. Student A lifts a 50-N box from the floor to a resistance offered will;
height of 0.40 meter in 2.0 seconds. Student
A. Increase C. Decrease
B lifts a 40-N box from the floor to a height
of 0.50 meter in 1.0 second. Compared to C. Remain the same D. Fluctuate
student A, student B does_____________. 22. Objects that DO NOT allow electrical
A. The same work but develops more current to flow are called ______.
power A. Conductors
B. The same work but develop less power B. Nonconductors
C. More work but develops less power C. Batteries
D. Less work but develops more power
D. Circuits
14. Which of the following statements indicates
the best way to increase power? 23. Why is running too many appliances on one
A. increases the amount of work done in a circuit can cause a fuse to blow or a circuit
given time, or does a given amount of work breaker to shut off?
in less time
B. increases the amount of work done in a A. The current drops to almost zero.
given time, or does a given amount of work B. The voltage becomes too much for the
in more time circuit to handle.
C. decreases the amount of work done in a C. As more resistors are added in parallel,
given time, or does a given amount of work the total resistance decreases, which
in less time causes an increase in the total amount
D. decreases the amount of work done in a of current.
given time, or does a given amount of work D. As more resistors are added in parallel,
in more time the total resistance decreases, which
15. If a substance is hot, its particles will
causes an increase in the total amount
A. move fast than the cooler object
of voltage.
B. move slow than the cooler object
24. What is really meant when we say
C. move as the cooler object
appliances “uses up” electricity?
D. may move fast or slow than the cooler A. The current disappears
object B. The main power supply voltage is
16. Another important idea about temperature lowered
and the particle model is that the motion of C. Electrons are taken out of the circuit
particles increases when temperature D. The PE of electrons is change into
increases. Which statement below is also another form
correct? 25. What will happen if the circuit offers little or
A. as the motion of articles decreases the no resistance to the flow of charges?
temperature remains the same A. There will be short circuit
B. as the temperature decreases the motion B. There will be explosion of fuses
of the articles increases C. There will be high consumption of
C. as the motion of the particles decreases electricity
the temperature decreases D. There will be sparks in the
D. as the temperature increases the motion appliances
of articles decreases 26. Why do you think earthing is important in all
17. Why does placing a tight jar lid under hot appliances?
water help to loosen it? A. To avoid electrical shocks
A. Because any material expands when B. To avoid high consumptions of
heated. electricity
B. Because it will absorb the water. C. There will be high consumptions of
C. Both A and B electricity
D. None of the above D. There will be sparks in the
18. Gaps are left in railway tracks to keep up appliances.
with the expansion during
A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter A. Identify and explain the law of motion used
19. The following are an example of in a given situation.
evaporation EXCEPT;
A. Drying of clothes under the sun 1. When Janes drives to work, she always
B. Boiling of water places her purse on the passenger’s seat.
C. Steam By the time she gets to work, her purse has
D. Heating of chocolate fallen on the floor in front of the passenger’s
seat. One day, she asks you to explain why
20. When there is enough _______ added to this happens in terms of physics. What do
metals, they melt you say?
2. You are waiting in line to use the diving
board at your local pool. While watching
people dive into the pool from the board,
you realize that using diving board to spring
into air before a dive is good example
Newton’s third law of motion. Explain how a
diving board illustrates the third law of
B. Determine the energy used in a given
1. A boy rides on his bike and suddenly
stops for a drink.
2. A mountain climber climbs up the
mountain for an adventure.