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Republic of the Philippines

Region III
San Luis

Technology and Livelihood Education 10-Agri- Crop

Third Quarter
BEGIN HERE: 9. In selecting the best site for plant nursery, the availability
and adequacy of _______ is the most important factor to
DIRECTIONS: Read each questions carefully then consider
choose your answer among the four A. Compost
choices. B. Microclimate
C. Soil
D. Water
1. Nurseries are places where _____ are raised for 10. It is one of the basic major requirements for a successful
planting purposes. cropping, good yield, quality produce and profits.
A. Seeds A. East west seeds
B. Seed box B. Broken seeds
C. Plants C. Quality seeds
D. Seedlings D. Good seeds
2. These are nurseries established in or near planting 11. It is the cleanliness of seed from other seeds, debris, inert
site. matter, diseased seed and insect damaged seed
A. Temporary nurseries A. Physical Quality
B. Permanent nurseries B. Genetic quality
C. Plant nurseries C. Physiological Quality
D. Seedlings nurseries D. Seed health
3. These can be large or small nurseries depending on 12. It is the true to type nature of the seed. i.e., the seedling /
the objective and the number of seedlings raised plant / tree from the seed should resemble its mother in all
annually. aspects
A. Temporary nurseries A. Physical Quality
B. Permanent nurseries B. Genetic quality
C. Plant nurseries C. Physiological Quality
D. Seedlings nurseries D. Seed health
4. The most important facility for the successful 13. Health status of seed is nothing but the absence of
operation of a plant nursery is a, insect infestation and fungal infection, in or on the seed.
A. Shed house C. Seed trays A. Physical Quality
D. Tools B. Fence B. Genetic quality
5. When designing your nursery, you need to allow, C. Physiological Quality
A. sufficient space for the plants you D. Seed health
Intend to produce 14. It is the actual expression of seed in further generation /
B. more space for workers in the nursery multiplication.
C. More plant to produce A. Physical Quality
D. position the buildings near your house B. Genetic quality
6. The less times and distance the plant has to be C. Physiological Quality
moved from seed sowing until planting, the cheaper it D. Seed health
will be to produce. 15. The following are good characteristics of seed, EXCEPT,
A. False C, Maybe A. Possession of good shape and size
B. True D. Seldom B. Higher physical soundness and weight
7. Which ofthe following are the factors to consider in C. Higher germination
putting up a plant nursery ? D. All of the above
A. consider local weather conditions. 16. Seed require a few things to grow: sunlight, growing
B. the position of the plants medium and,
C. consider building materials A. Air
D. consider the area B. Water
8. Protect seedlings from predators by means of, C. Humidity
A. wiring or fencing D. Temperature
B. Shading with plastic
C. Concrete fence
D. none of the above

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17. Some seeds should be planted about ______inch 28. Propagation from the following plant parts can be
below the surface of the growing medium considered a modification of layering, as the new plants form
A. ½ to ¼ inch C. 5/8 inch before they are detached from their parent plants.
B. ½ to 1 inch D. ¾ inch A. Cutting C. Layering
18. Keep the seed ________ for easy germination. B. Division D. Separation
A. Dry C. Moist 29. Method of plant propagation where shoots are separated
B. Wet D. Covered from the mother plant
19. Refers to the multiplication of plant material of a A. Crown
specific cultivar, variety, breeding line or strain that B. Suckers
possesses desirable characteristics in such a way that C. Cuttings
more daughter plants are obtained from the mother D. Layering
plant. 30. Underground solid stem structure that contains nodes and
A. Multiplication internodes;
B. Propagation A. Corms
C. Budding B. Slips
D. Marcotting C. Runners
20. It is the production of new plants by means of a D. Leaf cutting
seed 31. The following are the advantages of asexual propagation
A. Sexual propagation .EXCEPT,
B. Asexual propagation A. They produce true-to-type
C. Artificial propagation B. They bear fruit earlier
D. Stock propagation C. Highly useful for species for maleness
21 is the production of new plants by means other than D. Produce seeds but are difficult to grow
seeds, for instance by rooting stem or leaf cuttings, or 32. It very essential because a mature seed is often quite dry.
by layering a stem or dividing clumps. A. Fertilizer
A. Asexual or vegetative propagation B. Moisture
B. Sexual propagation C. Water
C. Artificial propagation D. Air
D. All of the above 33 It has an effect on the metabolism and growth rate of cells
22. The use of _____ is the most practical and even the within the seed's embryo,
cheapest of propagation. A. temperature
A. Stem C. Seed B. water
B. Leaf D. Cutting C. moisture
23. Here the moisture content is initially high and the D. Air
loss by drying below the critical level 20% will lead to 34.Technique that exposes plant to harsh environment
rapid loss of viability To become strong,
A. Recalcitrant seed C. Good seed A. Thinning
B. Orthodox seed Viable seed B. Rogueing
24. To stimulate seed germination, this procedure can C. Hardening
be done chemically or dipping in boiling water for 5 D. Pruning
seconds, 35. It is a fungal disease that causes the tiny plants to wither
A. Certification and die.
B. Scarification A. Damping off
C. Soaking seed overnight B. Downy mildew
D. None of the above C. Wilting
25. A vegetative plant part which is severed from the D. Powdery mildew
parent plant in order to regenerate itself, thereby 36. Is the cutting of roots to control root system development
forming a whole new plant. beyond container,
A. Cutting C. Layering A. Hardening off
B. Division Separation B. thinning
26. Stems still attached to their parent plants may form C. Pricking
roots where they touch a rooting medium. D. Root pruning
A. Cutting 37. These are the possible damage and disaster that may
B. Division affect the growth of the seedlings,
C. Layering A. Weather condition
D. Separation B. Human
27. Is a term applied to a form of propagation by which C. Insects, livestock and wild animals
plants that produce bulbs or corms multiply? D. All of the above
A. Cutting C. Layering
B. Division D. Separation

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38. The process of transferring young seedlings to 47. MSDS means,
Individual containers, A. Material Safety Data Sheets
A. Potting B. Mental safety Data sheets
B. Packing C. A& B
C. Transferring D. A only
D. Planting
39. Seedlings are ready for transplanting when they 48. The following are OHS orientation needed by new
have attained at least _____ mature leaves workers in the nursery, EXCEPT__
A. 2 leaves A. Right and responsibilities
B. 4 to 5 leaves B. Compensation and bonuses
C. 3 to 4 leaves C. Safe work procedures
D. 1 to leaves D. Workplace hazards
40. Which of the following are NOT considered potting
materials for plants in the nursery? 49. Which material is NOT included as hazardous when
A. Banana leaves storing tools and materials in the nursery?
B. Earthen pot A. Compost
C. Polyethylene bagfs B. Fungicides
D. Recycled pots C. Herbicides
41. What term is used for preservation of viable seeds D. Pesticides
from the time of collection until they are required for
sowing? 50. Which of the following is dangerous when it
A. Pricking out happens in the nursery after work?
B. Scarification A. Chemical spills
C. Storage B. Scattered potting media
D. Thinning C. Disposal of excess compost
42. Where is the best place for grown-up seedlings in D. All of the above
the nursery?
A. Display area
B. Germination area
C. Growing-on area
D. Pricking-out room
43. Why are plants pruned in the nursery?
A. To eradicate pest and diseases
B. To ensure good health and structure
C. To destruct insects especially leaf eating one
D. To make it good look at
44. To avoid the cases of respiratory type illness from
exposure to potting mix in the nursery, it is imperative
to keep..
A. Soli mixes moist at all times
B. Soil mixes should always dry
C. Soil mixes should always wet
D. Soil mixes should always hot
45. To eliminate the exposure of the worker to the
Chemicals as much as possible used alternative
methods to control insects like,
A. Organic
B. Commercial chemicals
C. Only tested chemicals
D. None of the above
46. Which of the following are the duties of workers in
the nursery
A. Cooperate with management
B. Report unsafe condition
C. Used all safe devices
D All of the above

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