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Fulton County Georgia Standards of Excellence

Curriculum Map

Visual Arts: 1st Grade

Unit #/Title Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4

Key Concepts  use sketches from

 introduce and create  create plans for art in
sketchbooks to create
sketchbooks sketchbooks
original artworks
 uses a variety of elements  uses elements of art and/ or
 chooses elements of art
of art and/or and principles of designs for
and/ or principles of design
principles of designs to selected themes  create multiple plans for art
to create artwork based on
create artwork  Takes care in craftmanship in sketchbooks
selected themes
 Takes care in  Discuss personal artworks  uses elements of art and/ or
 Takes care in craftmanship
craftmanship and the works of others principles of designs for
 Discuss personal artworks
 Discuss personal artworks  Attempts to fill the space selected themes
and the works of others
and the works of others  Explore spatial relationships  Takes care in craftmanship
 Creates responses to
 Uses pictures to tell a using horizon line and  Discuss personal artworks
personal experiences
story overlapping and the works of others
 Creates non-clay sculpture
 Identify primary,  Uses the clay techniques of  Experiments with stamping
 Explores traditional and
secondary, and neutral modeling, rolling, and  Creates collage and mixed
contemporary craft methods
colors pinching media
 Uses a variety of strategies
 Completes and signs  Completes and signs a work
for art criticism
artwork of art
 Explores universal concepts
 Recognize the various way  Use a variety of strategies
inspired by other subject
artists are involved in the for art criticism