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26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths


Fact-Checking Myths

Nord Stream 2 is a complex project that involves discussion of many issues, including energy security,
environmental protection, international relations and market dynamics. We already provide a vast trove
of information ( and present the project in
hundreds of events, hearings and conferences.

But there is still a lot of misinformation, deliberately repeated by political opponents and commercial

Below we counter these myths with facts.

"Nord Stream 2 increases – The country that is most dependent on

the dependency on Russian gas is Russia itself.

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26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths

"Nord Stream 2 is(/) used by – In light of the EU's strong

Russia as a political diversification, it appears that it is the
weapon." West that is using a simple pipeline
project for political purposes.

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"Nord Stream 2 could be – Nord Stream 2 will consist of only two

abused for marine strings of concrete-coated steel
surveillance equipment." pipelines on the seabed. Nothing more.

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"The EU does – Gas production in the EU is in decline, and this

not need needs to be compensated for with new imports.
another pipeline
Nord Stream 2."

The European industry and energy sectors disagree: Gas production in the EU is in
decline, and this needs to be compensated for with new imports. And these
imports need to be competitive. The chemical sector with more than one million
employees, for example, is highly dependent on a secure and competitive energy
supply. Nord Stream 2 is one part of the solution, as are LNG supplies from around
the world. The average utilisation of some 22 LNG terminals in the EU is around
just 27% (see market study on EU LNG infrastructure
but no one questions their existence or the wisdom of EU taxpayer support for
more LNG terminals.

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"Nord Stream 2 would be – If offshore pipeline construction

implemented in a legal happens in a legal void - are there no
void." traffic rules for LNG tankers? Are
offshore wind farms built illegally?

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26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths

"Nord Stream 2 (/) – Focusing on diversification for

undermines the EU’s diversification's sake is no solution and
diversification goals." creates expensive results.

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"Nord Stream 2 is against – Campaigners against Nord Stream 2

the EU’s climate goals." should ask themselves if their support
for coal and fracking-derived LNG would
really be helping the EU to meet its
climate goals.

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"Nord Stream 2 will cause a – The economic feasibility of any gas

$2 billion loss to Ukraine." transport infrastructure for any operator
depends on their competitiveness, in
addition to trust from the clients at both
ends of the pipe.

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"Germany is undermining – Nord Stream 2 is a project that benefits

European energy solidarity all of Europe, including millions of
by its support for consumers in terms of lower energy
Nord Stream 2." prices.

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Facts & Figures 3/8
26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths
The pipeline is being laid at a rate of up
to 3 km per day
Pipe lay vessels act as floating factories, welding and
testing pipe sections before joining them onto the main
pipe string. Pipe sections must be delivered to the
vessels in time to maintain the 24 hour production

Nord Stream delivered at full capacity

in 2018
Utilisation of the existing Nord Stream pipeline has
increased every year since it opened in 2011, reaching a
record volume in 2018
The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline will provide additional
capacities to meet the EU’s growing energy needs. 

Generating electricity from gas instead

of coal produces ~50 percent less CO₂
Switching from coal-fired power generation to gas can
help the EU meet its goal of reducing CO₂ emissions
40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. In fact,
Nord Stream 2 could save about 14 percent of the EU‘s
total CO₂ emissions from power generation if natural gas
from the pipeline were used to replace coal-fired power
stations. 4/8
26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths
The pipeline will transport enough gas
to supply 26 million households
Nord Stream 2 can make a major contribution to EU
energy security, but further additional supplies will be
needed to fill the future gap between supply and demand
in the EU. The new pipeline will supplement existing
transport routes and complement other new gas supplies
such as liquid natural gas (LNG) and the Southern

Nine states have been consulted

The pipeline will pass through the territorial waters
and/or the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of five
countries. Through the international permitting process,
Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany have all granted
the necessary permits for construction and operation.
The process is ongoing in Denmark. Other neighbouring
Baltic states – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia –
were also consulted.

200,000 pipes make up the whole

Nord Stream 2 will be a twin pipeline stretching 1,230
km through the Baltic Sea. Each line will comprise
around 100,000 individual pipes, each 12 m in length.
Once pipe-laying begins, up to 3 kilometres of pipe can
be laid each day. 5/8
26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths
One of the longest offshore gas
pipelines in the world
Nord Stream 2 will travel through the Baltic Sea, starting
from the coast of Russia and reaching landfall near
Greifswald in Germany. It will run roughly parallel to the
existing Nord Stream pipeline.

Each pipe joint is 12 metres long and

weighs 24 tonnes
The 12-m pipe sections will be welded together and then
laid the Baltic Sea using a pipelay vessel. Every weld is
tested to ensure that it meets Nord Stream 2’s high
quality standards, and the completed pipeline will
undergo further testing by an independent certification
body before gas can flow.

The pipe walls are up to 41 mm thick

with a constant internal diameter of
1,153 mm
The pipes are coated internally to reduce friction, and
externally to reduce corrosion, increase protection and
add weight, making the pipeline more stable on the
seabed. 6/8
26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths
By 2035, the EU will need to import
about 120 bcm more gas per year
The production outlooks of major gas producers such as
Netherlands and UK, as well as Norway, are falling. At
the same time, demand for gas is expected to continue,
owing to its lower carbon qualities. This means that the
EU will need to import more gas. Nord Stream 2 will have
the capacity to meet about one third of the EU’s import

59,000 km were sailed to research the

Baltic Sea environment
Nord Stream 2 is committed to meeting the highest
standards for environmental protection and social
responsibility. The company will follow the example set
by Nord Stream to create a pipeline that is in harmony
with the Baltic Sea. The environmental studies
undertaken by Nord Stream are one of the most
significant analyses of the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

47,800 bcm: Russia has the largest

natural gas reserves in the world
Nord Stream 2 will deliver gas to Europe from the vast
natural gas field Bovanenkovo in North Russia’s Yamal
Peninsula, which holds some 4.9 trillion cubic metres of
gas reserves. This field alone holds more than twice as
much gas as the total proven reserves of the EU (1.9
trillion). 7/8
26/5/2019 Nord Stream 2 - Facts & Myths
Proportion of Russian gas in total EU
energy consumption
Nord Stream 2 builds on over 40 years of EU-Russian
energy co-operation. Russia is the world’s biggest gas
exporter and major long-term investments mean Russian
reserves are amongst the most cost-effective sources to
supply Europe. The EU has a diverse energy mix and
natural gas from Russia makes up only a small portion of
total energy supplies.

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