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On day two of PI Planning, management presents adjustments based on the previous day's management review and problem solving

meeting. What is
·         Adjustment to PI Objectives
·         Business priorities
·         Change a team’s plan -x
·         User Stories
What are the last three steps of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap?
·         Train Lean-Agile change agents, identify value streams and Agile Release Trains, extend to the portfolio
·         Launch an Agile Release Train, extend to the portfolio, accelerate
·         Launch more Agile Release Trains and Value Streams, extend to the portfolio, sustain and improve -x
·         Launch trains, coach Agile Release Train execution, train executives and managers
Which statement accurately characterizes Strategic Themes?
·         They are a high-level summary of each program’s Vision and are updated after every PI
·         They are large initiatives managed in the Portfolio Kanban that require Weighted Shortest Job First prioritization and a lightwei
·         They are business objectives that connect the SAFe Portfolio to the Enterprise business strategy-x
·         They are requirements that span Agile Release Trains but must fit within a single Program Increment
What can be used to map the current state of a portfolio?
·         Portfolio Backlog
·         Portfolio Vision
·         Portfolio Canvas
·         Portfolio Kanban -x
What must management do for a successful Agile transformation?
·         Commit to quality and be the change agent in the system -x
·         Send someone to represent management, and then delegate tasks to these individuals
·         Change Scrum Masters in the team every two weeks
·         Strive to think of adoption as an area they can control
Which core competency of the Lean Enterprise helps drive built-in quality practices?
·         Team and Technical Agility -x
·         Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering
·         DevOps and Release on Demand
·         Lean Portfolio Management
What is the last step in Kotter's approach to change management?
·         Consolidate gains and produce more wins
·         Anchor new approaches in the culture -x
·         Generate short-term wins
·         Sustain and improve
Which is an aspect of system thinking?
·         Mastery drives intrinsic motivation
·         Cadence makes routine that which is routine
·         The length of the queue impact the wait time
·         Optimizing a component does not optimize the system-x
What is the recommended way to express a Feature?
·         Phrase, benefit hypothesis, and acceptance criteria -x
·         Functional requirement
·         Epic hypothesis statement
·         Lean business case
What is a valid reason for moving a PI objective to stretch?
·         The team does not have the knowledge or skills to deliver the objective -x
·         The team is unsure how to estimate the related stories using story points
·         The team has high uncertainty about a third-party delivery needed for the objective -x
·         The team has no more time in the capacity but the objective has high business value
What is one component of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline?
·         Continuous Cadence
·         Continuous Planning
·         Continuous Exploration -x
·         Continuous Improvement
In the Program Kanban some steps have Work-in-Process limits. Why is this necessary?
·         To help continuous deployment -x
·         To ensure large queues are not being built
·         To enable multitasking
·         To keep timebox goals
Which statement is true about DevOps?
·         Measurements are not a top priority for DevOps
·         Lean-Agile principles are not necessary for a successful DevOps implementation
·         DevOps is an approach to bridge the gap between development and operations -x
·         DevOps automation of testing reduces the holding cost ?
Product Management has content authority over the Program Backlog. What do Product Owners have content authority over?
·         Team Backlog -x
·         Portfolio Vision
·         Value Streams
·         Portfolio Backlog
What are the three primary keys to implementing flow? (Choose three.)
·         Address the systemic problems
·         Frequent context switching
·         Increase capacity
·         Visualize and limit WIP-x
·         Reduce the batch sizes of work-x
·         Manage queue lengths-x
What is the biggest benefit of decentralized decision-making?
·         Ensuring strategic decisions are not made in a vacuum
·         Creating better visualization
·         Removing accountability from leaders
·         Delivering value in the shortest sustainable lead time –x
What is the best measure of progress for complex system development?
·         System Demo-x
·         ROAMing Risks
·         Refined Backlog
·         Iteration Review
The House of Lean is a classic metaphor describing the mindset essential for Lean thinking. Which one of the four pillars advocates a "Get out of the offi
·         Relentless improvement
·         Innovation -x
·         Flow
·         Respect for people and culture
What is an example of applying cadence-based synchronization in SAFe?
·         Teams decide their own iteration length
·         Teams meet twice every PI to plan and schedule capacity
·         Teams allow batch sizes across multiple intervals
·         Teams align their iterations to the same schedule to support communication, coordination, and system integration –x
Which practice helps with a test-first mentality?
·         BDD-x
·         MMF
·         MVP
·         WIP
When does a Roadmap become a queue?
·         When it is fully committed -x
·         When it includes no commitments
·         When it is longer than one Program Increment
·         When it contains Features and not Epics
Which statement is true when continuously deploying using a DevOps model?
·         It removes the need to automate processes
·         It alleviates the reliance on the skill sets of Agile teams
·         It lessens the severity and frequency of release failures -x
·         It increases the transaction cost
Which statement fits with the SAFe Core Value of Built-in Quality?
·         Quality depends on the scale of the project and should be implemented from the top down
·         Quality should only be worked on during the Innovation and Planning Iteration
·         You cannot scale crappy code -x
·         Quality is not part of the SAFe Core Values
What is found on a program board?
·         Tasks
·         Epics -x
·         User Stories
·         Features
Which statement is true about the Innovation and Planning (IP) Iteration?
·         It is used as a weekly sync point between the Scrum Masters
·         Without the IP Iteration, there is a risk that the tyranny of the urgent outweighs all innovation activities -x
·         The Scrum Master can decide if the IP Iteration is necessary
·         It is used annually when the team needs to refocus on work processes
What is part of the role of Product Management?
·         To facilitate backlog refinement session
·         To prioritize Enablers
·         To assign business value to features
·         To prioritize the Program Backlog –x
How is the flow of Portfolio Epics managed?
·         In the Portfolio Kanban -x
·         In the Portfolio Backlog
·         In the Program Kanban
·         In the Program Backlog
What is one guardrail on Lean budget spend?
·         Spending caps for each ART
·         Participatory budgeting
·         Continuous Business Owner engagement -x
·         Learning milestones as objective measurements
What is the recommended frequency for updating Lean budget distribution?
·         Twice annually
·         On demand -x
·         Every iteration
·         Annually
What is a Minimal Viable Product?
·         A minimal product that can validate a hypothesis -x
·         A minimal Feature that can be released to the market
·         A minimal product that can be built to achieve market dominance
·         A minimal story a team can deliver in an iteration
What is considered an anti-pattern when assigning business values to Team PI Objectives?
·         Assigning business values to stretch objectives
·         A value of 10 given to all of the PI Objectives -x
·         Business Owners assigning the business value
·         Business Owners assign high values to important enabler work
Which statement is a principle of the Agile manifesto?
·         Measure everything
·         Respect for people and culture
·         Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential -x
·         Visualize and limit WIP, reduce batch sizes, and manage queue lengths
When basing decisions on economics, how are lead time, product cost, value, and development expense used?
·         To recover money already spent
·         To identify different parameters of the economic framework -x
·         To limit WIP through the system
·         To take into account sunk costs
What is the foundation of the SAFe House of Lean?
·         Leadership -x
·         Value
·         Relentless Improvement
·         Flow
Which statement is a value from the Agile Manifesto?
·         Customer collaboration over feature negotiation
·         Customer collaboration over a constant indefinite pace
·         Customer collaboration over ongoing internal conversation
·         Customer collaboration over contract negotiation –x
What is one benefit of unlocking the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers?
·         To centralize decision-making
·         To provide autonomy with purpose, mission, and minimum constraints-x
·         To lower WIP limits
·         To strive to achieve a state of continuous flow
How are stories estimated in SAFe?
·         Story points -x
·         Ideal time
·         Feature points
·         Agile prescribes a No Estimation concept to speed delivery
What is SAFe’s release strategy?
·         Release continuously
·         Release on cadence
·         Release on demand -x
·         Release every Program Increment
Which statement describes aspects of the team's commitment during PI Planning?
·         A team commits to all stories they put on their PI plan
·         A team commits to all the features they put on the Program Board
·         A team does not commit to stretch objectives -x
·         A team commits only to the PI Objectives with the highest business value
What is one of the Agile Release Train sync meetings?
·         Solution Demo
·         Iteration Review
·         Scrum of Scrums -x
·         Iteration Retrospective
Who has content authority to make decisions at the user story level during PI Planning?
·         Scrum Masters
·         Development Team
·         Product Owner -x
·         Release Train Engineer
What can be used as a template for putting SAFe into practice within an organization?
·         SAFe House of Lean
·         SAFe Principles
·         SAFe Core Values
·         SAFe Implementation Roadmap –x
Who is responsible for the Solution Backlog?
·         Product Management
·         Product Owners
·         Solution Management -x
·         Solution Train Engineer
When is a Pre-PI Planning event needed?
·         When multiple Agile Release Trains working on the same Solution need to align and coordinate -x
·         When Product Owners and Scrum Masters need to coordinate dependencies within the Agile Release Train
·         When there is only one day to run PI Planning, so more time is needed to prepare to run it effectively
·         When teams cannot identify and estimate Stories in PI Planning and need more time to prepare
The Agile Release Train uses which type of teams to get work done?
·         Phased review process teams
·         Cross-functional teams -x
·         Management teams
·         Solution teams
Corriger team & tech agility, PI planning, Release On Demand with devops, Lean portfolio
d problem solving meeting. What is one possible type of adjustment they could make?

b First prioritization and a lightweight business case

llars advocates a "Get out of the office" mindset?
and system integration –x
e Release Train