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Justin Kelly 2019-07-28
Founder, CEO 000000001
Let me start by saying how excited we are to have you and your talents with us. We look forward to the
successes we will reach together as we break new ground for citizens of Canada. It will be a lot of work,
but people are thirsting for what we will provide. They just need innovators to go out and actually make
the product – and that’s us.

This document’s goal is to summarise your project and provide a bit of background on The Citizen
Information Group. It will do this first by breaking down key data about this project, like who is involved,
stakeholder information and current dependencies. Then follow up with project overview, status and
basic road map.


Citizen Information Group (Citizen IG) is a not for profit, civic technology, future city company, based out
of Bayshore, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Our mission is to address the host of common issues revolving around daily civic life. We develop human
solutions– not business solutions. Though harnessing the great equalizing and unifying power of
technology and education. We use technology and innovation to create partnerships, social services and
drive community development.

Community development and providing social services allows us to show that we are committed to the
value and power of each person. It allows us to help release that potential, doing what we can, where we
can, to remove roadblocks and burdens that hold them back in thier lives.

At Citizen we believe people must always come first. There is absolutely no need a purposely complicated
world manufactured for profit.
Project Information
NAME FULL: The Universal Reporting Tool
TYPE: Location Based Municipal Service Request/Ticket, Management Tool
DESCRIPTION: An Advanced Digital 311 Server and Client, That Sits Implements the GeoReports V2
API and Provides Innovative Features, Such As:
• Service Request Validation
• Automatic Geo Based Multi Endpoint Routing
• Data Subscription
• Modern Reporting and Data Display

Project Personnel
Section Name Role
Citizen Operations Kelly, Justin Project Lead
Georgian College Reyhan Kumluk Team Lead
Georgian College Ramya Sivanpunniyam Data Analyst
Georgian College Camilo Acosta Software Developer
Georgian College Tarulatha Venkatesh Business Analyst
Current Project Stakeholders
Section Name Role
Citizen Operations Kelly, Justin Chief Project Stakeholder
City of Ottawa Fleury, Mathieu Chief Political Support
City of Ottawa, Bridge, Darrel Key Deployment Stakeholder
Service Transformation Department
City of Ottawa Transportation and Roads Department Key Stakeholder (Potholes and
snow related services)
City of Ottawa Sudds, Jenna Minor Political Support,
Strong IT and Innovation
City of Ottawa Open 311 / IT Services Department Deployment Stakeholder,
Gatekeeper to City of Ottawa
City of Ottawa Leiper, Jeff Policy Maker for City IT Services,
Minor Political Stakeholder
Treasury Board Secretariat Open Data and Innovation Department Policy Maker for Federal
Government IT Services,
Political Stakeholder,
Deployment Stakeholder
Georgian College Big Data Department Business Stakeholder

Project Resources
Type Name Location
Source Control GitHub
Project Management GitHub
Tasking and Tracking GitHub
Cloud Server Hosting AWS EC2-Micro URT
External Server/Host Open311 provided by The City of

Children Project Links

Purpose Location
A sub project for modular URT
A Open 311/GeoReports API
proof of concept, for web
implementation. Shows the City
of Ottawa via API discovery.
A messanger based URT
A data feed tool for bus
Project Dependencies
Type Name
Database MongoDB
Core Language NodeJS with EMASCRIPT 5
Web Templating Tool PUG 2
Testing Language JEST
Integrated Testing Tool Travis
Reverse Proxy NGINX
Base OS Linux Amazon 2
API Standard GeoReports v2 API
Law Privacy and Data Storage Laws, Canada
Law Terms of use of Open311 Ottawa

The Universal Reporting tool is fairly mature project, as such, it has been presented to many stakeholders,
and met with a lot of interest and feedback from stakeholders.

These stakeholders have expressed hope that the URT can surpass the short comings in the current
system. These hopes, comments and wishes have been collected early in development, and converted
and actionable issues on Github. Each issue represents request and an opportunity to fix a long-standing
problem and for us to gain the support and admiration of the stakeholder.

Below is a high-level summary of the core requirements for a successful reporting tool. Because the
details of each of the core requirements would be too much for this document. More a more detailed
view can be found on our Github Issues list and grouped on the milestones page.

These issues represent the needs requirements of our clients from a: business standpoint, stakeholder
standpoint and a functional, usable product standpoint.

Corporate Requirements
Our mission is to promote the good, put people first and help people live better, easier, more fulfilling

Citizen knows to reach that goal, a fair deal of social infrastructure will need to be built, customized and
maintained. This transformation will require strong political and public will, money, talent, creativity and

It is the goal of the Citizen IG is to be an organization that is:

1. A leader in rapidly developing unique and innovative technology solutions for unprofitable
civic problems
2. A leader in promoting community wellbeing and civic participation
3. Self sustained and adequately profitable to be able encourage the growth of others
4. Highly resourceful, agile, responsive and opportunistic to sudden change and events
5. Forged around a desire of putting the interest of people first
6. Promote the good in society that goes unnoticed and unrewarded
7. Capitalize on the era interconnectivity
8. Promotes Canadian values domestically and internationally

The Universal Reporting tool provides the core to achieve these goals.

Road Maps
Corporate Roadmap
Roughly the plan for the URT is as follows based on the demand within the city. While our attempts to
gain paying private and public supporters have stalled. We are continuing to push though to create
noticeable products to draw attention and prove the value in investing in this project.

Universal Pothole
Reporting Tool
Automated Reporting
Bike Sensors POC Done
Paired with

Gain Private Generic PotSnap

Clients Reporting Tool May 2019
Ongoing In Progress 20% v1.0.0

Gain Create Unique Input

Goverment/NGO Devices BumpTrax
Clients POC Done In Progress 30%
Ongoing Ongoing to v1.0.0

The URT Projects Roadmap

Start Alpha Beta v1.0.0 v2.0.0 v3.0.0

Feature Complete First public trials • First public release • Advanced Features • Advanced Tooling
• Minimum City • City Requirements Met • Adminstration and
Requirements • Code Improvements Deployment Control
• Verification • Self Service Pages
• Advanced Reporting • Data Improvments
Processes/Pages • Data Subscription
• Digital Story Telling
Breaking this down – as the URT is the heart of the development of Citizen’s current project lineup. Your
Roadmap follows closely The Corporate Roadmap in, “what” and “in what order” are we are trying to
achieve success.

From a business standpoint a cash injection will solve almost all our development woes. Citizen has
enough talent and knowledge to achieve all our objectives alone and without support – what holds us
back however is time. Our members and staff have full time jobs, and that means very little free time for
projects that don’t pay. Woo’ing clients that support our goals (which are many) to prove their support
and pay, is a prime objective for future success.

While that’s ongoing, we are developing out our services to which the URT and your work is a critical part

The basic long-term goal for the URT as it stands is to reach 3.0.0 in some reasonable measure of time,
and have it deployed and used in major cities across the country. Potentially turning this project into a
licenced software, facilitating a subscription service to paid the need to maintain and grow the services.

These are represented in milestones which can be found here:


Synergic Roadmap

Will send a “BumpTrax Report” which will
Private Policing
consist of:
With will send a still image and /or video
• A lat, lon
• Detection type (Auto AI, Auto Aggerate, Other)
payload, with a AI determined violation
• Type of road defect (AI only field), default “POTHOLE” type for data collection/reporting
• Severity / size Will require a mapped "traffic violation"
• Optional Author/Device Information
report service path
Will need custom data aggregation logic
Will need custom data aggregation logic
• It must determine at what confidence level is it safe to
report to that locations end point (road services for • It must determine how/when to report to community
that area) the suspected road defect groups, bylaw or police

One important part to note to understand the bigger picture is that as the heart of the current projects
there are other teams in motion that will count on your development and make products to interact with
you. Projects are setup so no team will derail another project, from setbacks and delays. That being said,
if no progress is ever made – the dependant projects will stall eventually. So, your work is important 😊
There are 2 major projects underway that will interact with the URT, shown below. They should appear
near the mid way point to the end of 2019.

There are also two minor ones (not shown):

• A public URT frontend (Generic reporting tool/ReportIt!)

• A pothole reporting Facebook messenger application (PotSnap)

These will need minor tweaks to the URT as they continue but nothing major to note.