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The New Iraqi Journal of Medicine 2005 1(3):34-35

Letter to the Editor

New International Association Formed to Address Global

Medical Changes

Bernard Ferguson
International Association of Medical Colleges

Bernard Ferguson, JD
listed in the World Health Directory; and
The International Association of Medical members of the 177 known regulatory
Colleges Medicine (IAOMC) has been agencies in the world. IAOMC
formed to serve as the catalyst for invitations have been extended to all the
assisting medical hospitals, Licensing world’s qualified medical schools and
Boards, and agencies around the world regulatory agencies.
to effectively function in the ever
accelerating inter communication and The IAOMC is a global response to the
integration that is a part of the new issue of varying medical education
global world. The mission of this non- standards. It will be the world’s first
stock, not for profit organization is to international medical school accreditor.
enhance world wide medical education In a challenge to traditional accreditation
by means of accreditation under uniform standards processes, every part of the
global standards. It is structured to Association process will be open and
interact in concert with the world’s transparent. This is the first accreditation
governing regulators. At the present, organization to end the mystery and
Association members are medical secrecy that typically surrounds how
schools whose standards are ranked by most nations maintain medical education
the USDOE as substantially similar to standards. Its public accountability will
medical schools in the United States. allow everyone to see exactly which
Membership in the IAOMC is open to schools are maintaining standards and
the 1,684 medical schools currently

which ones are not. Everyone can obtain studying in New York State than the
a copy of the Associations reports. combined totals of Cornell University
School of Medicine, Columbia
At a time of an ever-worsening University School of Medicine, NY
physician shortage the Association’s State University of New York at
member schools responded. Rochester, and State University of New
Approximately 3,000 of their clinical York at Stony Brook. One of America’s
students are now studying across the outstanding physicians, Dr. Lynn Eckert,
United States. For example, IAOMC is the Chair of the American Association
members have more clinical students of Medical Colleges.

She will address the Association’s and talked to Professor Muiris

standards meeting at the NY Hyatt on Fitzgerald, Chair of Education
August 12th in her capacity as the Committee. He has confirmed his
Academic Director of Harvard Medical attendance. Dorian Shillingford Chair of
International. Pledged to be a fully open the Dominician Medical Board
and democratic association, every confirmed. Sheri Nichols, Alabama’s
medical school in the world within the Medical Board Secretary placed the
World Health Directory (1,684) will be invitation on the next Board meeting
contacted for comment. agenda. Bulgaria’s UN Second
Secretary Mrs. Anna Ruski will
The Federation of State Medical Boards accompany Dr. Elena Piperkova from
assisted by providing the list of every Sofia.
known regulatory agency in the world
(177). They have each been invited to Invitations from the Association has
participate in the Association. Every drawn responses from such as Syed
Mission to the United Nations (190) has Ziaur Rahman, MD of Jawaharlal Nehru
been notified to alert the medical schools Medical College in India to Aamir Jalal
and regulatory agencies in their nations. Al-Mosawi MD, PhD. Of Al
And the Regulatory Agencies were Kadhimyia Teaching Hospital in Iraq
heard from. The interest is world wide, a to Michael Gordon from University of
few illustrations. After John P. Lamont, Toronto. All have submitted
Registrar, of Ireland’s Medical Council applications to serve as school on site
received notice of the standards meeting, inspectors.