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What is the difference between Online and Self-Hosted options?

actiTIME offers two installation options to meet any requirement. You can either download
actiTIME on your local machine, or take advantage of our hosting service.

To help you make the right choice we compared both options:

actiTIME Online actiTIME Self-Hosted

General Features

Installation Type Cloud on the Amazon servers On-premise

Data location North America/EU, Your internal server

depending on your requirements

System requirements Browser only Windows/Unix

(recent versions of Chrome, Edge,
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) See details

Access Anywhere, from any device Within local network

Data export CSV reports CSV reports

Direct access to the database

Data security Daily data backups performed by our You need to secure actiTIME
engineers data by local firewall and make
Secure access through encrypted regular database backups
communication channel on your own
Service availability 99.9% of the time

Features & Functionality

Full functionality
Unlimited number of projects
Integration with actiPLANS
Integration with QuickBooks
Free mobile app


User count 3-user free license 5 to unlimited

5 to unlimited
Payment Recurring monthly subscription One-time payment
Upgrade fee:
Minor upgrades Free Free, available to users of the
(released several times a year, include
current major version
improvements and additional features)

Major upgrades Free 100% of initial price

(released yearly and include major
new features)

Free trial Sign Up for 1-month Online Trial


Basic email support

Technical maintenance
Daily backups

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