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Actividad 05.


Carlos Andrés Quintero Núñez


Teacher: Yannet Pilar Carrillo Carrillo

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios

Bogotá D.C


I'm happy to have such a close family; my family nucleus is integrated by 4 people that I to love,

my daughter Sara is 4 years old and is studying in prejardin, my wife works as a security guard,

my daughter Alejandra is 15 years old and she is studying at the Bravo Paez school in the tenth

grade and finally my son Emmanuel he is 3 years old he is in the garden.

my mother is living in Ortega Tolima, my mother is the woman that I admire most and I wanting,

I have 3 brothers, my whole family goes to the Christian church and we alling share special

moments together.


I validated my studies during the night after I began to study my career, then I learned to make

breads, Now I study at the university psychology I am finishing my studie, eventually I'm about

to finish my psychology degree.

One of the issues that I find difficult is English because it seems complicating; I thank my

daughter for believing me the basics of English,


On weekends I go out to play soccer in the park and go to the movies with my friends, I like

drinking green tea after going to play; I go jogging in the mornings for health, when we keep on

the street, we decided to eat out.

I go to visit some families for praying them, and prepare all the activities we have in the little

church we have, I am a person of very few friends.


I want to travel to Israel; I want everything to progress in the lives of my children, I want to be

economically stable to get my house, I want to lead a more active life physically, to be able to

form a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, to be a better person, give my family a better quality

of life.

I hope my children can do many more things that I made


I was working in different jobs but now I am in the church, we try to make bread for selling and

other activities, I have worked as a baker and as a security guard and I am currently a pastor of a

Christian church.