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JUPYTER NOTEBOOK CHEAT SHEET Learn PYTHON from experts at https://www.edureka.


Jupyter Notebook Keyboard Shortcuts Execute Cells

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows Command Description
Java Exceptions
you to create and share documents that contain live code, enter enter edit mode Run Current Run Selected
equations, visualizations and narrative text. It is used for data Cells down & Cells
cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical Command + a; Command + c; Command + v select all; copy; paste create one
modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and much more. Built-in Exceptions User -Defined Exceptions below Run Current
Command + z; Command + y undo; redo Cells down &
Run all Cells create one
Saving/Loading Notebook Command + s save and checkpoint above
Run all Cells
Run all Cells
Command + b; Command + a insert cell below; insert cell above above the
below current
current one
Create new one
Notebook Shift + Enter run cell, select below
Change the
Open an existing
Shift + m merge cells Toggle & clear cell type
Make copy of the current
Command + ]; Command + [ indent; dedent Toggle & clear
current Notebook outputs
all outputs
Save Current Ctrl + Enter run cell
Notebook Rename current Option + Return run cell, insert cell below
Save Current Escape enter command mode Kernel Cells
Notebook & record
Checkpoint Revert Notebook to a Escape + d + d delete selected cell
previous Checkpoint Escape + y change cell to code
Preview of the Interrupt
Escape + m change cell to markdown
printed Notebook kernel
Download Notebook Escape + r change cell to raw Restart
as-IPython Notebook Kernel
Escape + 1 change cell to Heading 1 Interrupt kernel
& Clear all
HTML Escape + n change cell to heading n Restart Kernel
Close Notebook & Markdown & Run all cells
stop running scripts PDF Escape + b create cell below Reconnect to
Escape + a Insert cell above Shutdown all a remote
cells Notebook
Edit Cells
Run other
installed kernels
Magic Commands
Cut the selected cells
Copy cells from to Clipboard
Clipboard to current Statement Explanation Example
position Paste cells above
current cell
Paste cells below Comprehensively lists and
current cell Paste cells on top of %magic %magic
current cell explains magic functions
Delete cells
Revert ‘Delete cells’
invocation When active, enables you Notebook
Split up cell from %automa
to call magic functions %automagic Clear with
current position Merge current cell gic Interactive
with above without the ‘%’ Notebook
with widget
Merge current cell
with below Launch IPython quick
%quickref %quickref widget Download
Move current cell up reference all widget
Move current cell Embed models in
down Pastebins lines from %pastebin 3 current use
Adjust Metadata %pastebin widgets
underlying the your current session. 18-20 ~1/1-5
Find and replace in current Notebook
selected cells Enters the interactive
%debug %debug
Remove cell debugger
Copy attachments of attachments
current cell Print command input
Paste attachments of %hist
and output history
%hist Help
Insert image in current cell
selected cells Automatically enter python
%pdb debugger after any %pdb
View Cells
Opens up a special prompt
%cpaste for manually pasting Python %cpaste through a
code for execution keyboard
UI Tour

Toggle display shortcuts Edit the

of Jupyter logo Delete all variables and Built-in
Toggle display & Filename
of Toolbar
%reset names defined in the %reset keyboard
Notebook shortcuts
Toggle line
current namespace help topics
numbers in
Toggle display Run a python script available in
of cell action
cell %run %run Notebook
inside a notebook
Python help
Display variables defined in topics
%who, %who,
the interactive namespace, IPython
%who_ls, %who_ls, help topics
with NumPy
Insert Cells %whos %whos help topics
varying levels of verbosity
SciPy help
Delete a variable in the Matplotlib
help topics
%xdel local namespace. Clear any %xdel variable SymPy help
references to that variable topics
help topics
In [561]: %time
Add new cell
above the method = [a for About
Add new cell Jupyter
current one %time Times a single statement a in data if Notebook
below the
current one b.startswith(‘htt