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Course content:

Week Topics and activities

Week One a) Ice breaker

b) Getting to know one another
Class 1 & 2 c) Introduction to course outline
d) Introduction to German language
e) Alphabet; numbers 0-50; self-introduction;
f) German greetings and expressions.
g) German pronunciation tips.
h) Days of the Week & Name of the month.

Week Two a) Listening and reading: Self introduction, introducing a

third person and greet people
Class 3 & 4 b) Grammar: Conjugation of to be verb (Sein) and to have
(haben) verb & Exercise of sein & haben verb.
c) Numbers 50-100
d) Grammar: conjugation of verbs heißen,kommen, &
wohnen. & exercicse of complete sentences.
e) Listening: affirmative and interrogative sentences(W-
fragen & Ja/Nein fragen)
f) Speaking: Getting to know one another asking questions
and answering questions in French

Week Three a) Listening and reading: to identify a person

b) Grammar: Introducing definite & Indefinite article; gender
Class 5 & 6 of nouns and adjectives
c) Subject pronouns and their uses
d) Introducing Akkusativ & essential expressions.
e) Speaking: asking questions and answering questions
Week Four a) Listening & Reading : numbers; masculine, feminine &
neutral. understanding visiting cards; professions and
Class 7 & 8 pronunciation practice, countries name & language name
b) Grammar: preposition used before country, city and places
& conjugation of gehen, fahren & fliegen verb.
c) Exercise: complete sentences
d) Speaking: practice professions, country names and
e) Quiz 1

Week Five
a) Class test-1and reading: asking address, telephone numbers,
Class 9 & 10 age etc; approach someone
b) Grammar: possessive pronouns (mein,dein,sein,ihr etc)
c) Introducing Dativ
d) Difference between « Akkusativ » and « Dativ »
e) Different moments of whole day.

a) Listening: numbers(0-100); understanding telephone
Six numbers
b) Grammar: interrogative sentences
Class 11 & 12 with(wie,was,wo,woher,wohin ,warum etc)
c) Exercise-complete sentences.
d) Speaking: making a dialogue between two old friends and
practice through pair work

Week Seven
a) Reading: understand someone’s profile and likings;
Class 13 discover German speaking countries in the world
b) Grammer: conjugation of modal
c) Writing: writing a letter to a pen friend
d) Listening: video clip and German music on German culture
and language
e) Name seasons of Germany & Bangladesh
f) Asking time & Introducing preposition “um”
Week Seven
Class 14 MID-TERM

Week Eight
a) Listening : video on discovering Berlin and meeting
Class 15 & 16 someone
b) Speaking practice: locate objects using
prepositions(an,auf,unter etc)
c) Listening and reading: describing bed room ,furniture &pet
d) Grammar: plural of definite and indefinite articles;
preposition; uses of Es gibt (There is/There are)

Week Nine a) Listening: to identify a person; singular, plural and negative

Class 17 & 18 b) Grammar: interrogative sentences with “ was ist das”
c) Listening and reading: to describe a person, physique,
clothes, colours etc
d) Grammar: Separable verbs(ankommen,abfahren,aufstehen)
e) Listening: pronunciation practice
f) Grammar: plural form of possessive pronouns; agreement
between noun and adjective.

Week Ten a) Listening and reading: numbers(100-1000); dialogue on

shopping; asking price; colour; size and likings etc
Class 19 & 20 b) Grammar: interrogative sentences( was ist das? wie viel
kostet/kosten )& conjugation of verbs(essen,trinken,kaufen)
c) interrogative (welcher,welche,welches & welche)
d) Listening: number for asking price and pronunciation,
video clip on shopping
e) linking between two words
f) Grammar: Demonstrative
pronouns(dieser,diese,dieses,diese)& conjugation of finden
g) Speaking: role play ( shop keeper and buyer)

h) Class test-2
Week Eleven a) Reading and writing: Describe a person ,picture and room
b) Listening and reading: Describe an apartment, understand
Class 21 & 22 an email, describe a lay out of an apartment and understand
a small advertisement
c) Conjugation of
verbs(spielen,arbeiten,suchen,besuchen,warden etc)
d) Introducing irregular verbs & imperative.
e) Exercise-complete sentences.

f) Speaking: Describe own apartment with picture, practice

for speaking test.

Week Twelve
a) Presentation of own apartment in German.
Class 23 & 24 b) Dialogue practice on renting an apartment

Week Thirteen
a) Understanding a location on the map
Class 25 & 26 b) Giving direction
c) Finding a particular place

Week Fourteen a) Asking time

b) Listening: video clips on daily activities.
Class 27 & 28 c) Do Exercises

Week Fifteen & a) Power point presentation on five famous cities and five
famous personalities in Germany.
Week Sixteen b) Simulated dialogue practice on shopping, buying train
ticket & ordering foods in restaurant.
Class 29, 30, 31
& 32

Week a) Preparation for speaking test.

Seventeen b) Listening practice and revision.
c) Revision of all previous grammar
Class 33 & 34 d) Discussion on whole book.
Week Eighteen a)Final exam
Class 35 & 36 b)Speaking test

a) Every class is tailored for practicing four skills (listening, speaking, reading
and writing)
b) Every class covers pair work, group work, individual work and simulated
dialogues for speaking and listening practice.
c) Important materials for different exercises are attached with the manual
(cahier exercises) moreover handouts and worksheets will be provided in the
class as per requirements.
d) Related vocabulary is explained before starting the lesson.
e) All mobile phones should be turned off or silent before entering the class.
f) Students should have a folder where they will keep class work, homework and
handouts given by the teachers. For class work and homework students are
advised to use A4 size paper.
g) About plagiarism: using the oral words or written words and ideas of others
without proper acknowledgement is an academic offence.
h) The assignments must not be copied. Late submission will be considered as no

Referrence Books :

1. TANGRAM 1 aktuell

2. Wir 1& 2, Wir 3 & 4

3. German Dictionary
4. Studio Deutsch A1

Midterm + Presentation 30 % (20+10)

Final 40 %

2 x Class Test 10 %

Speaking Test 15 %
Attendance 05 %

Total = 100 %