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[UPDATED] I’ll try to cover every possible thing related to GATE Exam like:-

• Preparation Strategy,
• Free Test Series,
• Time Table,
• Free Study Material,
• Do’s and Don’t for Gate Exam
• and Many More.
So, be ready Friends!

If you have the best Strategies and Time Table as given in this answer. Then, You
can get 1 rank in Gate Exam.

I am going to give you GATE exam preparation Strategies which is followed by Asif
Hassan and many GATE AIR -1 Toppers.

Also, I gives you FREE Study material links at the end of answer.

I am going to give you some tips. If you seriously follow below tips then I assure you that
you can get AIR 1 Rank in GATE Exam. [No need to join any coaching center]


Let’s dive in!

Time Table of Toppers:-

A sample of time table follow by GATE Toppers.

Best Test Series Providers:-

• ACE Academy (Recommended)

• Made Easy
• Gate Forum
• The Gate Academy
• Testbook
• >> Gyanpal ( Provides FREE 30+ Subject Wise Mock Test) <<

Do’s for GATE Exam

• Solve at-least last last 10 years Previous Papers. It will make you get the
idea about the type of Questions being asked in the Exam.
• Focus more on 2 mark questions. They boost your Score exponantially
• Practice as many Mock-tests as you can (that too as per the Standard pattern
of the Gate Exam)
• Keep your fundamentals and concepts clear. The Questions asked in
the GATE Exam are mostly based on the fundamental concepts.
• By giving Mock test you will actually know about question pattern and gain
• Prepare easy subject first

Don’ts for GATE Exam

• Don’t waste your time studying stuff that is out of syllabus.

• Don’t lose your hope and confidence in preparation.
• Don’t discuss the doubts just before the Exam at the Exam Centre.
• Don’t start your preparation with hard subjects. It may waste your time.
• Don’t Waste on your time in reading all the books for a single topic.
I hope you understand, what I want to say you?

Before GATE Exam:-


1. Understand that you cannot get 100 marks in GATE :) I think even 90 is a
tough ask. Toppers answer around 85-90 marks (of course it depends on the
paper's difficulty, but the general trend is this).
2. NEVER OMIT ANY subject. I find most students omit a subject based on
the weightage.
3. Self-study works, but I would suggest joining a coaching institute if you unable
to understand concepts.
4. Aptitude & Maths will make a huge difference in your scores. Around 30
marks (including aptitude) is really easy to score. They are usually less difficult
and direct than subject questions.
5. Solve as many previous year GATE problems as you can.
6. Learn concepts only from standard books
7. Use standard books.
8. Solve 10–15 Questions Daily.
9. Make Your Own Formula Sheet.

During GATE Exam

1. If you are not sure about an answer,LEAVE it. Negatives cost a lot.
2. Having a strong clear mind throughout the exam.
3. Solve aptitude section first.
4. Solve Easy Question first then shift to hard one.

Preparation Technique
Some Simple but most important point I describe below..

1. Must give at least one week for each subject. This includes studying all
the topics, going through standard book back questions, coaching institute
material exercises.
2. Give another month to revise everything, take Test Series and solve previous
3. If you are really talented and in constant touch with your subject basics, I would
suggest a month preparation. If you are an above-average/average student, it is
best to give 3-4 months preparation.
4. Stop searching for preparation tips too much and start preparing!
5. Don’t panic.
I am going to share some strategies to crack GATE exam.

Bonus Tips for You:

1. Start your preparation with atlest 4 hour a day and try to extend it upto 10 hour.
2. Make separate notes for each subject,
3. Don’t wast you time on watching NPTEL Videos.
4. Try to solve examples given in reference books by yourself.
5. Revision on regular basis
6. Solve at least 10 previous year's papers
7. Mock/practice test at the end
8. Prepare according to the syllabus.
9. Don't ignore the maths and the aptitude portion, it's a scoring area.
10. When you finish a subject, go through its previous Year Gate questions.
Solve them.
11. Revise after you have completed your syllabus. More the better. Notes are helpful
at this time.
12. Practise till you are comfortable with all the concepts of the subject.
13. Discuss a concept. It really helps your understanding.
FREE Study Material is given at the end of Answer.

download all to start preparing for GATE in smarter way.


Many student want to know that how to get good rank in gate exam. Believe me it totally
depend on your GATE exam preparation Strategies.

If you have some strategies then it’s take few month to prepare gate exam.

Many Student also want to know, Can we prepare for GATE exam without any coaching?

Yes, you can crack gate exam in only one month without any coaching.

But only when you have Best Strategies to crack GATE Exam.

- -> I am aslo preparing for GATE Exam.

I am using both ACE Academy and Made Easy notes and also I am using 2 Books for
Aptitude Section Which gives Shortcut tricks to solve each Question within 10–15

But Still, I decided to find the best website which can help me to download latest GATE
exam study material and finally I find it.

Click on below links to see it. If you want any other help then comment below.

Read also :- How to Prepare GATE Exam in One Month (Without any Coaching)

I found a website which provides Gate ACE Academy Notes for FREE.

I also download ACE Academy Notes from this website and believe me it’s awesome.

I am giving you list of some best notes below. Must check below articles.

If you want any Help then Comment Below, I will reply within few minutes.


• 2 Books for Aptitude Section Which gives Shortcut tricks


• How to Prepare GATE Exam in One Month (Without any Coaching)


• GATE ECE Previous 30 Year Chapter-Wise Solved Paper by ACE

GATE NOTES in PDF Format:-

• GATE ECE ACE Academy Notes [From 2017 Batch]

• GATE Mechanical ACE Academy Notes [From 2017 Batch]
• GATE CS & IT ACE Academy Handwritten Notes Free Download

Prelims: For Mains:

More weightage subjects More weightage

1. Powerplant engineering 1. Powerplant Engineering

2. TOM and Vibrations 2. RAC
3. Fluid Mechanics 3. I C Engines
4. Thermodynamics 4. Mechatronics and Robotics
5. RAC 5. Theory of machines and
6. Strength of materials

Medium weightage subjects Medium weightage

1. SOM 1. Renewable Sources of Energy

2. I C Engines 2. Heat transfer
3. Production Engineering 3. Machine design
4. Material Science 4. Production Engineering
5. Heat transfer 5. Material Science

Less weightage subjects Less weightage

1. Renewable sources of energy 1. Industrial Engineering
2. Mechatronis and Robotics 2. Maintenance Engineering
3. Machine design 3. Fluid Mechanics
4. Maintenance Engineering 4. Thermodynamics
5. Engineering mechanics 5. Engineering Mechanics
6. Industrial Engineering