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Leah Mae G.

Nolasco August 28,2018

BSA 1 – G3 Mary Ann Ynclino


“Blessed are the poor in spirit for they have pure in heart.” They may poor but
should not be rejected. Their lives may not be perfect but they should be respected.
People needs someone to hold on most especially those who are longing for love of
parents. The advocacy campaign is passionate attempt to right a wrong or pass a
law that’ll benefit the community. In urban areas they are, to a significant degree,
describing the same children. Within prevailing forms of state provision, an
irreversible situation seems to exist for millions of children who equate with past and
present understandings of “street children”. It thus involves being, as well as doing. It
means that projects and programs not only need to accomplish physical and
concrete changes, but need to do so in such a way that people have a greater
capacity to choose and respond to these changes. But first of all, how do we say that
a person is poor?

The Advocacy Campaign that came from the Group 4 about the life of the
poverty reduction like street children in Cebu City. By watching their video, they
catching my attention to see, how it is really important of helping one another in one
society. I thought that the video was boring but they attempt us to look forward of
what is the lesson they give us in the video. The video is consisting of poverty and
street children in Cebu City that has no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no home to
sleep especially I’ve seen a lot of children, no slippers to wear. This video teaches us
to communicate the social development in our community to have a capacity to
choose and have a plan for them. Through involvement in the community, this will
help boast their self-esteem and self - worth because they will think that although
they are poor, they could still help by watching them in the video. Where the
community are rich continues to gain more wealth and deprived of the needs and
wants of the people. Improving their self in formal and informal education, training,
discipline and teaching them a moral value is the greatness things that they have
been received to us as a person in this society.

Many people also suffering poverty because of the one reason is incidence
like typhoons and other calamities in the world. We cannot deny the fact also that our
country is suffering in this kind of issue. The street children need various resources
to meet their physical and emotional needs. Many street children were facing
malnutrition in our society. In this children, our society has many programs for the
malnutrition children especially in the streets like charity programs, donations and
also feeding program just to lessen the hunger children in the community. The way
an individual street educator responds to the needs and problems of street children
depends on the circumstances of the street children, availability of resources and the
cultural norms and expectations. The response to these problems must be
complimentary and comprehensive, taking into consideration other individuals and
organizations in the community who might be needed to implement the selected
intervention. There is a need to be clear about your own role in the implementation of
selected interventions.

As a young student, I’ve learned in the video that poverty that affect mostly poor
people, because of the little resources they have, this means that poverty is an issue
that’s harming poor people that want to get out of poverty, but they can’t because they
don’t have the support of rich people. Even though there are a lot of people trying to
stop poverty, it is impossible to stop it without the support of rich countries, this is
because to fight poverty we have to fight it with a lot of money and their only a few
countries that could support us with this need. Something else that we have learned
is that poverty today is looking worst then when it first started; millions of kids are living
on piles of trash dying of starvation.
The reason there are so many people living in poverty is because millions of
other people are spending money in things they don’t need. This leads us to the effects
of this issue that are deadly illnesses that make people fall and give up on their life,
we learned that poverty lead people to abuse of drugs or to abuse of other people.
And even though many people support the idea of helping those people who live in
poverty, there are also those that don’t support people who are trying to stop poverty.
And the most important thing that we have all learned from this research is that poverty
can be stop, but to be able to stop it we must all support each other, with no hate or
anything that could harm us. So for those that are willing to help don’t help because
you feel pressure, do it because you want to and your heart is telling you to do it.