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© Siemens AG 2019 Flow Measurement SITRANS F C Gene sare) Hoverview The complete owmeter system $ITRANS FO480 can be or: ered for industrial hygienic or NAMUR service, Allversions can be ordered for CT service, according to OIL R 117 (Liquids ther than water) SIL specified cormpact variants can be validated and configured forSiL 2orSit d oporaton SIL 3 operation roquires tw tlowma- ters in series and monitored by a SiL-tated control system. Se- ries mourting must nat introduce cross-talk between tho son- S0f6. Refer to installation guidelines The flowmeter is based on the latest developments within digital signal processing technology ~ engineered for igh measuring performance: «+ Fast response to rapid changes in flow + Fast dosing applications + High immunity against process noise + High turndown rato of fowrates + Suitable fer quid and gas service ++ Easy to install, convrission and maintain C430 s available as standard with 4 to 20 mv analog output With HART 7-2. Additional functions can be freely contiguted fot ‘analog, pulse, ‘requency, relay or status output or binary Input ‘The transmitter comes with a user-configurable graphical dis- play and now SorsorFlash technology, armicto SD card for con- figuration backup, ‘imware update and dala storage, The SITRANS FC430 flowmeter system consists of a SITRANS FCS400 sensor and a SITRANS FCTO3O transmiter. Mipenetits + tis narrow and light, iting neatly nto dense piping arrango- ments + Easy mainionaneo necause modules can be exchanged rap ‘dy Effective separation of measurement tom plant vibration + Highly secure operation in safety critical applications + Non-volatile memory of al setup and operation data + Reliable measurements due to high signal to noise rato + Secure, cigtal transfer of measurement data fiom the sensor + Short overall length; easy drop-n replacement into most exist- ing nstalations «+ Functional Safety (SIL x) Device sultable for use in accor ‘ance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 ‘Hitectnieal specifications Sires iecorney Repeatability Flow range {ator 8 bar prossut loss) ‘rehitectare Display Power su Wargnt Materiar + Sensor = Wetted parts = relosue Tranemiter Enclosure rating ressure ratings ‘Measuring toes + Sensor enclosure + Sensor enclosure bust Temperature ratings +Prosess mesium Ambient Process connections Flanges + Pipe heads ‘Hygienic toads sHigiens clams ovale + Hazardous area + Pressure ecuipmert valerie + Custody vanster + operational safety {compact systom ony) NAMUR DN Toa) DN (Ty DN 50 (2, ON 80 (3), 010% 005% N75 3700hah (1ST) 1DN25: 17500 kh (25358 bh) DN 50 $2 o00 gh (114 620 BN 8 196 00 ka (200 000) Copa rence conauaton ‘elecon welvelanguages Including Chinese and Russa Ful graphical splay 240% 160, pels 24. SV DO & 10%, 406". 240 AG » 10%, 50.80 Has 10% 26. 0K ‘16 stanlss steal 304 stains sto! Auminum wih corrasion 083 fanteasting Pa 100 bar (1450 os) 20 bar (ONS, DN 25) 47 bar {ON'50, BN 89), >160 ba (al sizes) 50 .4200°C ($8.. +992°F) 40 460°C (40. #140°F) EN 1092-1 81, EN 1082-10, ANSIASME 816.5, 138 2220, BIN 1864-7 ASME 81.20 (NPT), 180228-1 6 (GSP), VEO Quick connect DIN 11851, DIN 17464-14, 150 2889, SVS 1748 DIN 11864-5A, DIN 32676, Is02882 ‘ATEX. IECEX, FM, NEPSI, CSA, INMETRO. PED, CAN 3A, FHEDS. oma. R117 SIL2singlo SIL3 Redundant system NAMUR-omplant (e.g. NEO Neat and NE 132), pa channels combining ane log, olay or @al oupute and binary input TART? ENSTS2632 Tate 400 Hz ransom Te low meror vill mechanically tolerate 217 Srme all Sree tons. Few accuracy canal be ‘guatanteed under all onions PIED] sirens tot - 2014 @ Sieens AG 2018 Flow Measurement SITRANS FC enue es LGN aor) [N setecton and Oona daa Tice No i Soak lf Soleo ae Oraeng ala Tite oO coe 'SITRANS FC430 Digital coriolis Nowmeter with SITRANS FCS400 Standard flow sen- ss ‘or with hygiene and fangelpipe thread Connections and compactor emote ‘mounting with FCTO3O wanamiter 'SITRANS FC430 Digital coriclis flowmeter “with SITRANS FCS400 Standard flaw sen- ‘or with hygiene and flangolpipe thread Connections and compactor emote ‘mounting with FCTO3O wanemiter, Sensor size, connection size DN 15, DN 10 (318) DNAS, ON 1S (FH) DN 16, DN20 0% %¢) DN 15, DN25 (#17), DN 25, DN 18 (7,7) N25, DN 25 (7.17) DN 26, ON 40 (114) ON 50, DN 40 2%, 14) DN 50, DN 50 (2.24 DN 89, DN 65 (21) (ON 80. ON 80(S" 34) 2} Process connection ENTO92-1 81, PN 16 ENI0921 81, PN 40 EN1092-1 81, PN 6 EN1092.1 81, PN 100 EN1092-1 D nUT. PN 40 ENT092-1 9 nUT, PN 63 EN1092-1 0 AUT. PN 100 ANS! B165.2008, class 180 |ANS|B16 5.2008, class 200, |ANS| B16 5-2009, class 600 180226. G pipe tres ASME B1.20 1 NPT pipe toad DIN 11851 nypieic sorowod IN32576 hygiene T-Clamp DINI 1864-14 ascepic screwed DIN 1864-24 ascepiic fnged 180.2852 nygiene clarrpes 180 2858 hygienic screwed SMS 1145 hygienic screwed "P.ACO-4 quick connect 18 82200:2004/10K 18 82220.200420K 18 82270,200840K Wiited parte material AISI S16LVT 4435)W71.4404 (100 barg ‘Callration/Accuracy clase (0,33 ow, 5 kai denssy 2.4% low, 1 kg density Standard rection calravon API nambor Baling + 3auré light + "Baumseawy sane *062chie + Pio + Specie Gravity = Tac s unrose2 = uneCSss + MHECS®O oo oe oo oes 1 ‘ TranemiterDSL material & mounting aye ‘Compact, 1P67, aluminum emote. P67, lumnum, M12 Remote IP@7_atvninum, Box Exapproval Norvex AEX 260 lecex GD PM, Clase 3, Div (OSA, Class 1, Zone 1 Toval Userinteriace Bind ‘| Graphical, 240 x 160 px! ‘| 1 We can fer shorter dlvery ies or configurations designated wih Ihe Guick Shp Symbol ©. ordeals soe page 88 Inte zonond. [selection and Ordering data SCs Further designe Please aco "2" to ticle No. and specity Order scale Gable glands Mev, no glands Motic, plastic etic, braseiN plates Meta, stainess see! NPT. no glands NPT Paste NPT arassi pated NPT sanvess see! ‘Sofware funetione and CT approvals Stendars (CT standard To configuration Chi Caf... 20mA HART active SIL certied Cp. 20ma HART passive SIL certed Cad 20mAHART acive Cp. 204 HART passive (Only compact versions ean be usec in SiLapalcations oer soos Semensrior 20 EE) Flow Measurement SITRANS F C Gene sare) {© Siemens AG 2019, [Section and Oraering ata Trae ca lf Selection ae Ordering date Sar anae (WO eenmgesaton CRA, C2 anal Cha Add-on options and accessories Nene Preaso aco "2" fo Atle No. and speci Order -aSignal, None, None coders). SSqral Sal None Sontetos -aSignal. aS'gnal, aSignal Pressure test certificate CRN Signal Sig a Proasro el cerficte ED aSgral ana Sohal a None Signal ala sSgral aR sS:gpa Nose asignal 2B Signa, None, None signa pats, Nene Signal pSignal. signal Signa, pSigna, fo Signa psn Signal, ip, None signa Pla sional. Signa. None signa. Sgral a8 gna pSional Signal sSion\ Ip Sina pSignal None Sigal pSignal pSional Signal Signa a 2Sgral signal Ip Sina. 95ignal aS. alo 2Sral ip Nove Sora! IP Sonal. Signa, pSigna Ia signa None sions, Signa, a 0 signal a, Notes on UO configurations: orp suffix To JO mee i ected a orang ‘ity Bir ave or pass ve uncon Signal: Te ouput can be selected or Curent (oo ie BD mn) avons or use uncton thorn Discrete sats puta he fowneter Functions ae Selesieg nine nen cusirg Meese opal eset aie A: Relay ouput or discrete tats raparing.Functonis Seestedntberront ne using tron High ow wars nt Ihe MLL sbucie fr [0490 systms mustbe lew Ui level ching "2" options A. ara Material certficate EN 10204:3.1 Welaing inspection report Factory cecicate lo EN 10204 2.1 Factory corttcate to EN 10206 22 Gable None 5m (164 1, standard with M12 plugs ftted 5m (1641, standard 10m (228) standare wih M12 olugs fitted 10m (328), standare 25 m (82), standard ith M12 pugs ited 25 m (82), stanaare 50m (164, standare wih M12 plugs ites 50m (164), sandaro 175 m (246M), sandare wih M12 phgs ited 75 m (246, sandare 150 m (492), standard with M12 pugs fied 180 m {492M standard ‘Adaltional data Please a0 "2" ta Atle No. and speciy Order teacele) and pa tet Tagname ‘Tag name pita, stanessstoe! ‘Gustomer specie calibration Customer speci calration (5 faw x 2 pots) Customer speci ealoratin (1 ow x pein) © We can ote shorter delivery times cr conigurations designated with the Guek Shp Symbol ©. ordeals see page 98 Is tae sone. Operating instructions for SITRANS FC430 Description Bete No English + Geman + Seanish + Frence haan + chinese ‘This devi sinned witha Quick Start guide anc a CD containing ther SHAN 'C terature. Al erature is also avaliable for Ke a ftpufnen-s'emone cam mowdecumanaton BIE] sirens tot - 2014