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SICAS Liberty Complex

32/33 E-1 Gulberg III, Lahore

Ph: (042) 35762091 (Sr.), 3587601 (Jr.)
E-mail :,

SICAS Main Campus

School Avenue, off Bedian Road
(1-km from Nawaz Sharif Interchange) Lahore
Ph : (042) 37165219, 37165374-5
E-mail :

19–H, Dr. Mateen Fatima Road,
Gulberg II, Lahore
Ph: (042) 35874523-24
Email :

SICAS Johar Town

239. Block R M. A.
Johar Town, Lahore
Ph: (042) 35456781-2-3
E-mail :

310/2F Phase 6
DHA, Lahore
Ph: (042) 111-042-777
Email :


Thank you for your interest in SICAS, one of Pakistan's leading
private school networks.

This admission’s prospectus contains some important information

about our schools and their academic programmes, curriculum design as well
as admission’s criteria and other guidelines that we hope you will find helpful

Welcome to SICAS
while making a well informed decision about your child's future.

We strongly suggest that you read this prospectus in detail and also
recommend that you visit our schools and meet with our school management
staff in person. SICAS is one of Lahore’s oldest and most prestigious network of
Admission Office
With over four decades of a proven track record of excellence in
education, we at SICAS continue to provide a stimulating, safe and
well-rounded learning experience to our students. Academic
excellence has always remained the core focus of our schools but we
equally nurture creativity, personal and physical development and
inquiring minds.

Our teaching philosophy is centered on the values of independent

thought, fair play and social responsibility. Based on this framework,
each year our students are recognized both nationally and
internationally for distinctions in academic, extra-curricular and
sporting activities.

Our academic programmes support our mission statement to

encourage and develop students to be responsible global citizens
with cultural and international awareness.
SICAS Johar Town Campus
SICAS Johar Town (“SICAS JT”) is SICAS’s flagship project in Johar Town,
Lahore. It's a unique and custom built facility spread over 14 kanals of land
located in central Johar Town, which is equipped with all the facilities and
resources expected in a world-class school.

SICAS JT is proud to be a Cambridge associate school offering Cambridge

International Examination (“CIE”) Primary, Secondary 1, Secondary 2 and
Cambridge Advanced curriculums along with associated CIE assessments e.g.
checkpoints and examinations.

Key Highlights
- From Pre-School to A Level
- Centrally located, custom-built infrastructure
- Air-conditioned classes/labs
- 21st century skills development
- Smart boards and modern teaching equipment
- IT-integrated curriculum
- French language programme
- Swimming pool
- Professionally trained staff
- Well-stocked libraries
- Multimedia audio-visual aids
- State-of-the-art computer and science labs
- After school clubs and societies
- School transport facility
- Safe and secure campus in complete compliance
of all security regulations as stipulated by
Government of Punjab
Cambridge Programme
and Qualifications
Cambridge programmes and qualifications is an international programme of
studies recognized by world's best universities and employers, giving students
a wide range of options in their education and career. Over 10,000 schools are
part of the Cambridge learning community. The programmes and qualifications
are well recognized and taken in more than 160 countries worldwide.

The academic programmes and qualifications set the global standard for
international education. It has been created by subject experts, rooted in
academic rigor and reflect the latest educational research.

The Cambridge programmes are progressive, giving young learners a clearly

defined path to success from 5 to 19 years. The four stages lead seamlessly
from primary to secondary and pre- university years, and each stage builds on
the learners' development from the previous one. SICAS is one of the few
schools in Lahore offering all the four stages.

Cambridge Primary Cambridge Secondary 1 Cambridge IGCSE® Cambridge International

AS & A Level
Cambridge Cambridge Secondary 1 Cambridge O Level
Primary Checkpoint Checkpoint Cambridge AICE Diploma
Cambridge ICE
Cambridge ICT Starters Cambridge ICT Starters

Cambridge learners
The Cambridge approach supports schools to develop learners who are:
• in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
• responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others
• as learners, developing their ability to learn
• innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
• engaged intellectually and socially, and ready to make a difference in the world.
Our Curriculum
and Academic
The SICAS academic curriculum is unique in its
depth of content and richness of material. The
framework is influenced by CIE requirements which
focus intensely on the core subjects of English,
Mathematics and Science. This provides the
foundation for students to explore and excel at
many other academic disciplines that are integral to
the SICAS experience. The SICAS curriculum has
continuously evolved over more than four decades
and our curriculum specialists maintain close
contact with the teaching staff and students and
periodically adjust content to cater for the wide
spectrum of student aptitudes and learning styles.

The academic programmes offered at SICAS

Johar Town Campus are as follows:

- Pre-school
- Junior School (Grade 2-5)
- Middle School (Grade 6-8)
- Senior School (O/AS/A Level)
Students wishing to enroll at SICAS JT Campus can complete their Pre-School
coursework at Kids Kampus or SICAS Elementary both of which offer a
time-tested and proven early childhood curriculum. The curriculum’s primary
goal is to provide the necessary learning tools that help achieve a child’s
maximum academic and creative potential. Our curriculum requires students to
apply themselves in the classroom in the core disciplines of literacy and
numeracy as well as stimulate their imagination by introducing them to various
thematic programmes including arts and crafts, music, physical education and
in grade levels, foreign language programmes.

Following are the grade levels that students pass through as they work their
way towards the Junior School:

- Toddlers/Playgroup
- Nursery
- Pre-Kindergarten
- Kindergarten
- Grade 1
- Grade 2 (where offered)
Junior School
Grade 2-5

As a Cambridge Associate School, SICAS JT Campus offers the Cambridge

Primary curriculum, in the Junior School which provides a framework for
world-class instruction to develop skills and understanding in the core
subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Cambridge Primary
Progression Tests and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint assessments also
provide the school with an international benchmark to measure student
progress over time. These tests are mandatory for students.

Based on our multi-year experience, the Cambridge Primary Programme

proves extremely beneficial as it helps to identify a student’s strengths and
weaknesses at the primary level and is instrumental in creating a smooth
transition to Cambridge Secondary 1 and beyond.

Cambridge Primary is typically for students aged 5 to 11 years. It develops

student skills and understanding through the primary years in English,
Mathematics and Science.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess students

at the end of Cambridge Primary. They are available in English, English as a
second language, Mathematics and Science, and give valuable feedback on
students’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage
of education.
Middle School
Grade 6-8

Similarly, the Middle School further develops in our students long

lasting habits of academic and co-curricular excellence as they move
towards the Senior School. Middle School student follow Cambridge
Secondary 1 curriculum in the core subjects of English, Math and Science.
The students by end of Grade 8 appear for Cambridge Secondary 1
Checkpoint Examination that gives a clear picture of each student's
readiness for Secondary 2 i.e. O level. This exam is mandatory for all

Cambridge Secondary 1 is typically for students aged 11 to 14 years. It gives

schools a flexible framework for developing skills and understanding in English,
Mathematics and Science.

Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess

students at the end of Cambridge Secondary 1. They are available in English,
Mathematics and Science, and give valuable feedback on students’ strengths
and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education.

Keeping in mind the importance of multilingualism for the
future of our students, French is offered as foreign language in
the junior and Middle school level. The French curriculum
conforms to the CEFR (Common European Framework of
Reference for Languages) by a spiral progression, working on
the five skills of the target language.
Our French department works in close collaboration with the
French Center (Alliance Française de Lahore) to ensure the
best experience of learning a foreign language with high
quality service. By the end of Grade 6 students will appear for
DELF (A1) conducted by French Centre and French National
Education Ministry. The DELF (Diplômed’Etudesen Langue
Française) is official diploma issued by the French National
Education Ministry to certify French language skills and
proficiency of non-French candidates and is a recognized
Middle & Junior Additional Resource Material
After School Clubs At SICAS we have incorporated the technology into our core
curriculum as we strongly feel that when properly integrated into the
curriculum, technology tools can extend learning in powerful ways.
SICAS JT offers several club activities for Junior and Middle School students
to develop skills in the area of their co-curricular interests. Club sessions are
typically held twice a week and their duration is one hour per session.
Following are some of clubs that our school offers throughout the academic

Mathletics is one of the most popular mathematics website in the world. It

covers all aspects of math by incorporating over 1000 learning activities for
students aged 5-18. It facilitates teachers in assessing student performance and
Our Comic Club gives students a platform to produce artwork that also adapts itself to the strength of individual students.
expresses their creativity. It unlocks stories in children’s imaginations and
translates them onto paper. Students use various characters, settings, and As one of the leading international educational resource for mathematics SICAS
plots to convey narrative events. Students are empowered as writers and incorporates Mathletics into its core curriculum by assigning a weekly lab class
artists to maintain full creative control over all their works. for students of Grades 1-8. We believe that Mathletics is a powerful 21st century
learning tool which helps students enjoy and achieve outstanding results in
Film can be a powerful educational tool, especially for children. So how can
we place it at the heart of young people's learning experiences? Our Media
Club is geared towards creative expression. We want to unlock the stories
kids have to tell, get their imagination going and onto researching
information and producing a movie.
Bug Club, a Pearson Education product, is a powerful whole school reading
programme that is proven to raise attainment in reading and spelling and loved
by millions of children globally. It combines stunning books and an incredible
online reading world, filled to the brim with amazing characters, to help children
develop a lifelong love of books and become confident young readers.

With a focus on learning to read, Bug Club delivers clearly defined learning
outcomes for literacy. Bug Club’s powerful assessment tool maps children’s
attainment and progress against age related expectations and generates reports
for parents and teacher alike.

At SICAS we believe in strong communication with parents and to make this

communication more effective and convenient we regularly use Google
Classroom across our network. We rely on this technology to support classwork
and improve the collaboration and communication between the
school and parents.
Senior School (Grade O/AS/A Level)
O Level Programme
O Level is a comprehensive three years academic programme for students aged
14 - 16 years. At SICAS JT, the O Level programme is led by a team of
experienced programme specialists who work with a dedicated, experienced
and hardworking team of predominantly full time teaching staff.

At SICAS we purposely offer a mix of academic and co-curricular

activities that make the SICAS O Level programme both a challenging as well
as enjoyable learning experience. SICAS JT is equipped with state of the art
resources available to the O Level students including library, IT and science labs
as well as abundant other resource facilities.

O Level is considered equivalent to the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) as

per the IBCC(Inter Board Committee Chairman).

Cambridge O Level is an internationally recognised

qualification equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE and the UK

Sample Compulsory Subjects Sample Elective Subjects

- English Language - Accounts

- Islamiat - Additional Mathematics
- Mathematics(Syllabus D) - Art and Design
- Pak. Studies - Biology
- Urdu(Syllabus A) - Business Studies
- Chemistry
- Commerce
- Economics
- Environmental management
- Information and
communication technology
- Physics
- Statistics
- World History
A Level Programme
Cambridge Advanced (AS & A level) is meant for students aged 16 to 19 years
who need advanced study to prepare for university and higher education. It
builds on the foundations of the Cambridge Secondary 2 stage, although
students do not need to have completed that stage.

The A Level (Advanced Level) and AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) are
typically a two-year and one-year course, respectively. Additionally, students
with exceptional learning ability can pursue the AICE Diploma (Advanced
International Certification of Education).

SICAS JT offers a wide range of subjects, comprehensive counselling

programme and the co-curricular activities making the entire programme
holistic as well as robust. Our state of the art campus is equipped with latest
science labs, libraries, dedicated common rooms, multi-purpose halls and
resource rooms.

A Level is considered equivalent to the Higher Secondary School

Certificate(HSSC) per the IBCC (Inter Board Committee Chairman).

Thousands of learners worldwide gain places at leading

universities every year with Cambridge International AS
& A Levels. The syllabuses develop a deep understanding
of subjects and independent thinking skills.

Sample Subjects

- Art & Design - English Language - Physics

- Biology - Further Mathematics - Principle of Accounting
- Business Studies - Law - Psychology
- Chemistry - Literature in English - Sociology
- Computing - Mathematics - Thinking Skills (AS Level)
- Economics - Media Studies - Urdu
Guidance Counselling
University placements are taken very seriously at SICAS. Students are guided
by a full time counsellor as early as grade 8 and it is our mission to empower all
students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school
counselling programme to facilitate their academic, personal and professional

Our dedicated counsellors work closely with students to guide them in all
accepts of college/university placements including scholarships and financial
aid, essay and personal statement writing workshops, summer and winter
camps placements etc. Due to the comprehensive structure of our guidance
counselling programme, every year SICAS students get admitted to some of
the most selective national and international universities and college.
SICAS emphasizes that students develop creative skills and learn to balance
their studies with a range of co-curricular activities. We have a dedicated
Co-Curricular office for the explicit purpose of planning and coordinating
intra and interschool events and to encourage student participation.
Some of the student run societies at SICAS are as follows:
- Debating Society (SIDS)
- Model UN Society
- Dramatics Society
- Music and Arts Society
- Media Society
- Entrepreneurial Society (SES)
- Irtiqa (Community Service)
- Scientists at Work (SAW)
- SICAS Literary, Arts and Poetry Society (LAPS)
- Young Environmentalists Society (YES)

SICAS Debating (SIDS)

and MUN Societies
Since its inception, SICAS has maintained a strong tradition of excellence in
debating and public speaking. Hence, SIDS and the MUN Society are amongst
the most popular and successful student-run societies at SICAS.

The debating and MUN programme employ the services of high quality coaches
who train students for MUNs as well as U19 and U17 Parliamentary debating
circuits. They host separate afternoon camps that serve to prepare students for
competition at local, national, and international events. SICAS is proud to host
events such as SIMUN and the SICAS Debating Championships which attract
the top teams and delegations from schools all over Pakistan.

SICAS, as an active member of the Debating Society of Pakistan (DSP), has not
only hosted many key events, but has also won prestigious competitions, such
as the Raziuddin Shaikh U-19 English Parliamentary Debates (Nationals) twice
in 3 years, and the Sonnu Rehman U17 National Championships 3 times. Our
students often represent our school and team Pakistan at the World Schools,
International MUNS, and beyond.
It is no wonder that SICAS is consistently ranked as the best debating and MUN
team in the country.
SICAS athletics and physical education programme embodies the
core values of competition, training and fairness. Our programmes,
grounded in integrity, promote character development and
collaboration. At SICAS, we believe that athletic competition is a
powerful teaching tool. The physical and mental challenges of
being part of a team offers students the opportunity to develop
leadership skills, team building, self-confidence and a commitment
to others that will inspire them to lead productive and active lives.

Some of the athletic facilities and programmes at SICAS are as

- Cricket
- Football
- Tennis
- Basketball
- Table Tennis
- Track and Field
- Badminton
- Swimming (20 meter indoor pool)
- Gymnastic Club
How to Apply*
Admission at SICAS JT is a selective but simple process.

Preschoolers at Kids Kampus and SICAS Elementary are automatically

promoted to SICAS JT Junior school in grade 2 or grade 3. Other prospective
students have to apply for admission in March/April for the next academic

Admission to the O Level programme is offered in Grade 9 and in exceptional

circumstances students may be allowed to enroll in Grade 10 or 11.

Admission to the A Level programme is offered in A1 and applicants with

strong O Level results may qualify for merit-based scholarships based on the
set criteria for that year.
The following steps are required in the application process:

Step 1 - Registration
The registration form should be filled up and returned to the admission office
along with the registration fee. The registration form can also be printed from webpage.
Step 2 - Assessment and Interview
Registered students will be informed about the assessment and interview
schedule. Assessments are age and grade appropriate dependent on the
grade/ programme to which a student is applying.
Step 3 - Admission Decision and Documentation
The admissions committee will disclose their decision through official
correspondence. Parents of successful applicants will be required to complete
the admission procedure by providing the following:
- Attested copy of the applicant's birth certificate
- CNIC of both parents
- 3 recent photographs of the student
- School Leaving Certificate of previous school (if required)
- Payment of Admission and Refundable Security Fee
*completion of registration form does not guarantee admission, rights of admission reserved by SICAS.
*Disclaimer: Completion of registration form does not guarantee admission. Right of admission is reserved by SICAS