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I have a really big aim in my life. It is like a daydream.

I want to be a well-known successful

entrepreneur. Also, I want to keep my ties with this land and make it abundant with life & free from all
the wastes. I believe that I am different from everybody else. And, I will definitely achieve my aim.

I always respect great scientists (all of them) like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Homi
Bhabha, etc. But, there work field is different from mine. They went to the skies with their intelligence
and yet remained close to the ground. But, I want to stay in this soil and serve this land.

I haven't decided yet as to how to go on the way towards my aim. But, I have a lot of plans in my mind.
Some of them are:

i. Recycling of used motor oil.

ii. Use of biodegradable waste as fertilizers.
iii. Recycling of all solid wastes as many as possible.
iv. Uniting the farmers in drought affected areas.
v. Cleaning the rivers, lakes and water sources.
vi. Promoting usage of non-conventional sources of energy.
vii. Promoting the use of electric vehicles.
viii. Planting trees on barren lands.
ix. Promoting eco-friendly tourism.
x. Effective management of all kinds of waste.

Recycling of used motor oil:

Used oil causes many harmful effects to the environment. One litre of waste oil can pollute one million
litres of water. It is very dangerous to spill oil anywhere as it also renders the soil infertile.

So, my idea is to recycle the oil and make it again useful for the vehicle engines. Used oil is generally
available free of cost in most of the garages. And, even if it costs money, it would be Rs. 20 per litre.
Other cost is that for the installation of proper instruments, their maintenance, electric power & some
land along with the transportation charges. The recycled oil will be tested for appropriate properties &
wil be ready for selling. The selling price of the oil will be determined according to its properties.

Use biodegradable wastes as fertilizers:

Everyday, a lot of biodegradable waste is generated. This includes vegetable waste, fallen leaves from
trees, etc. A proper collection and storage facility is necessary for such waste. It may cause diseases and
other issues if exposed to open environment or mixed with non-degradable waste.
But, if it is taken proper care of then it can be used as good organic fertilizers in the farms. We can also
characterize the biodegradable wastes based on their useful properties and ingredients. The various
costs would be installation cost, land, electricity, transport, baraining & storage.

Recycling of solid waste:

Like biodegradable waste, a large amount of solid waste is also generated everyday. This waste is non-
biogdegradable. It is accumalated in the dumping grounds located at various places in the city. Being
impossible to degrade, this in turn invites many serious problems. Burning of solid waste is also harmful
as it releases poisonous gases to the environment. So, we should always try to recycle the waste more &

Most the solid wastes can be recycled such a plastic, glass, metal, etc. The solid waste will be collected
from various sources like houses, dumping grounds, etc. It will be grouped as harmful waste, less
harmful waste, glass, plastic, metal and stored accordingly. The main costs are the same as above
including collection cost.

The major concern regarding all these ideas is the response from customers. It is very important to
convince them in order for the plans to be successful and to run the business. For this purpose, proper
publicity will be needed. Also, satisfaction of the target customer is necessary. Another idea is to sell
these products via online market. More thought has to be given on these aspects.