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I. Course Information

Class day(s)/hours:

• Mondays, 7-8pm CST

• Wednesdays, 7pm Facebook live on page

Class Recordings: Class recordings (for Monday’s sessions only) will be uploaded to
Schoology within 24 hours.

Instructor(s): Chris Tofilon

Teaching Assistant: Andrea Tofilon Email:

Course Description
This course is designed to be an introductory class where both teacher and student explore
different subjects regarding prophetic musicianship. What is prophetic musicianship? What is
the role of the Bible and the Word of God in music and why are they related? Is music just a
nice background that enables us to enjoy times of prayer and corporate worship? What´s the
power of prophetic musicianship and why is it so important for people who love worship,
specially musicians, to understand more and more about this? As this is an ever growing
subject, and the role of full time musicians in houses of prayer and churches that pray is
expanding, we are pioneering and discovering all this together, therefore, having more questions
than answers at the end of the class is a desired goal. In this course we will also have different
tips and advise from musicians on how to flow prophetically from different instruments. We
will have these last only as extra content to enrich the class and plan to go deeper in future

Course Objectives/Aims

1. To explore and define the concept of prophetic musicianship and the different aspects it
2. To consider the different ways the emotional nature of musicians affect not only the
environment around them but their ability to flow spontaneously in a team context.
3. To study what the Scripture says about music and the themes we are encouraged to play
and sing.
4. To share practical advise on different instruments that can help musicians grow in
confidence in their ability to lead others, connect with a team and foster prophetic worship.

International House of Prayer

Course Approach
The course material will be presented through pre-recorded teaching, online facebook live
connections, weekly discussion on go to training, and assigned readings/viewing of material.

Required Text

For this course there is a number of required resources to view and read. All of them will be
provided by links on documents for each class, along with the weekly discussions and
worksheets. The material will be available for free online.

II. Topic Plan with Course Schedule

Week 1 Live class: Introduction | Monday May 8 7-8 pm CST

Facebook live connection: the emotional connection | Wednesday May 10 7 pm

Week 2 Live class: Musicianship and Scripture discussion | Monday May 15 7-8 pm CST
Facebook live connection: content of songs | Wednesday May 18 7 pm CST

Week 3 Live class: Practical class discussion | Monday May 22 7-8 pm CST
Instagram live connection: Q&A | Wednesday May 25 7 pm CST

III. Course Assignments / Homework/Projects

Every class will have a different worksheet and discussion to complete as a homework. This
will include certain activities (like reading Scripture while listening to specific pieces of music)
and also a series of questions designed to stir up thoughts regarding the elements we will be
studying and discussing. This will be our reference for the live connections and an ongoing
conversation that can hopefully transcend the duration of the course.

International House of Prayer