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Scheme of Examination of Two Year MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) on WEEKEND Basis Academic Session 2017 onwards ~ Gun Gormn0 Son GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY Dwarka, Sector 16C, New Delhi - 110 078 (INDIA). wee. academic session 2017-18, WEEKEND PROGRAMMES ‘The school realizes the continuing educational needs of the growing population of working. professionals in the government, public and private sector who want to assume higher Tesponsibilities to better serve the industry and the society by upgrading their qualification without Jeaving their jobs i. who cannot leave their full-time jobs to pursue an MBA. With this realization, USMS has launched first of its kind innovative MBA programme on Weekend basis for working/employed personnel in order to serve the various sections of the industry. PROGRAM FOCUS To develop conceptual knowledge and behavioral of the participants to assume higher responsibilities through efficient and effective management of contemporary business environment. EVALUATION SYSTEM ‘The evaluation of students in this course shall be continuous and dynamic. The evaluation of students shall be done in each semester. In every semester, each paper will carry a total weightage ‘of 100 marks. The complete evaluation shall be done by two methods having different weightages: ‘© Internal evaluation - 40 marks + External evaluation - 60 marks ‘The internal evaluation shall be done by the teacher who is teaching the course. The weightage for various components of assessment of students shall be: Internal Evaluation Class Test only one i.e. written test : 20 Marks Rest of the Assessment based on: (Presentations! Assignments! Class interaction/ Conduct of Practical and Practical file) 20 Marks ‘The exact breakup of the above component shall be decided by the concemed teacher in each semester and inform to the students in the heginning of the semester. External Evaluation “The evaluation shall also be done through a written test (extemal evaluation) to be done at the end of each semester comprising of 60 marks. This would be based on the curriculum specified for each paper. A student in ‘order to clear the paper must obtain atleast 50% marks in the internal and external evaluation taken together. Note: The Scheme and Syllabus is as per the Ordinance 25 of the University. ‘w.e academic session 2017-18 $ GURU GoBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY, DELHI MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FIRST SEMESTER Code No, | Course | L | P| Credits] aaa 101 | Management Process & Organizational Behaviour ~~ [2-7 > e MBA 103 | Decision Sei a deal ieal MBA 105 | Managerial Economics 2 = 3 MBA 107 | Business Communication 2 ~ 3 MBA 109 | Accounting for Management an eel MBA ITT | Information Technology Management 2 y=] 3 MBA TI3 | Minor Project - 1 - 4 6 | MBA 131 | Information “Technology Management Lab ~~ z 1 >— ha —— | “Teaching Hours: The total number of teaching hours for cack course of 3 credits is oF 42 L hours spread over 21 weeks i.e. one Semester We cademic session 2017-18