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An importance of the internet as a learning tool is significant.

The development
of Internet technologies has raised the education level in all countries and it has
changed the way students are being taught at schools. That’s why it is very important
for the present generation that they provide internet education for their young
Internet applications respond to students and other people questions in real time.
Students are seeing Google as a new Teacher and the Internet as a school. That’s why
it is important for teachers to use information technology in education
The Internet has been crucial in the evolution of our education system in various ways.
Teachers can use the internet as a modern tool for education. Education department
should provide the infrastructure that teachers and student can use to get benefits of
technology in education
Students are always curious and creative by nature. They are smart enough to know
how they can use the internet to search for almost anything. It doesn’t matter if they are
studying at a private school or government school. But at the same time, there is a
difference in the ways they use the internet for education in schools. In private schools,
teachers will teach about computer and internet skills to students. The students note the
homework that needs to be done related to that computer class. And do you know how
some students do this? They are forced to go to a cyber café with their parents to
collect data that they have to include in their assignments. This is not good. If students
are taking the help of cyber boy to collect the data for their homework I don’t think these
students learned anything in this process. But the one thing they do learn is that money
can work wonders anywhere.
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The teaching process that schools are following is not good and they need to use the
internet as a tool, not the source. The source is a student. Teachers need to explore the
creativity in their student’s minds. And then students can learn and solve problems
using their own creativity and innovative thinking and not by the direct work of
parents/tuition. If necessary the parents can help with encouragement but they should
not do the homework themselves. Completing the assignment given is not as important
as the learning process that a child goes through while doing it. It is essential for
parents to provide computer and internet facilities to their children. It is not that easy for
parents to pick up modern technologies as fast as their children but it is very important
that parents also know about the importance of computers literacy and internet
In government school especially in India, the level of computer and internet
infrastructure is very low. I know government school or school in villages provide
computer education only after 9th or 10th class. Within that little time too, a government
school student barely gets to learn much because there are 5-10 students who are
assigned a single computer. It is very difficult to learn this way. I agree that this is the
best time to teach them about the advanced computer skills but this is not the way to do
it. The lack of Information technology infrastructure in schools is a big question mark
against Government policies towards computer education. It feels bad to see on the
news that computer teachers are on strike again. This happens once a year. The
government must think, how computer teachers can teach with low-quality IT
infrastructure in government schools and a small salary?
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According to the news, Government school teachers are getting average Rs.
6,500 per month instead of Rs. 10,000 prescribed by the Ministry of Human Resource
Development (HRD). Here is the news from Odisha
This is happening in other states too because states don’t have their own IT
infrastructure and they are providing computer education by utilizing the services of
private companies. This is a big political game played by politicians and industrialists
who are interested in making money by misusing the education system in the country.
And the victims are students and teachers. How can a teacher teach without tools? How
can teacher/students learn and practice? And that’s why parents are right if they admit
their kids in private schools. This whole scenario looks like a game played by politicians
and industrialist for their personal interests at the cost of children’s internet education in
schools. The fees in these private schools are very high but the parents have no other
options if they want their children to learn about the importance of the internet in
education at schools.