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Decision Making Framework in Re-visiting Aquatic Tourist

Destinations and Its Prospects on Employment: Basis for Action Plan

on Tara Lets Aquatourism Program
Kian Joseph Hermosa
Labas Senior High School
Keywords: Tourism; Action Plan; Aquatic Destination; Employment; Economy;
Aquatourism Program.

concrete data that will be the underpinnings of the

Tourism plays an integral part as the
2.3 Sampling Technique
world’s largest generator of jobs and wealth. In 2017,
The respondents were chosen using
Travel and Tourism sector contributed almost P3.35
convenience and quota sampling technique under
trillion to the Philippine economy accounting for
non-probability. Whereas, convenience sampling
roughly 21 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic
occurs when respondents were chosen based on their
Product (GDP). Indeed, it continues to create jobs,
availability and quota technique was established
drive sectors, and generate prosperity globally.
when researcher limit the standard number of
Nonetheless, Department of Tourism (DOT)
highlighted that tourism has become a top priority
in terms of economic agenda and can be a tool to
solve problems like unemployment and poverty in 2.4 Description of the Respondents
developing countries.
The respondents of this study were the
With this, several records depict that service provider and tourist from Anawangin,
aquatic destinations is top most visited sites among Zambales. To be able to determine if the tourist is a
other tourist attractions. Nevertheless, researcher second timer, if it’s likewise, they will become the
has an in-depth analysis which aims to determine respondents instantly. Moreover, the destination
the decision making framework in re-visiting where the data has been gathered was chosen
aquatic destinations and its implications on because it has the highest accumulated tourist
employment. Moreover, this study shaped the arrival where the researcher had his work
comprehensive action plan in promoting and experience in travel agency.
uplifting distinct characteristics of tourist
attractions. 2.5 Research Instrument
In this study, the main data gathering
2. METHODOLOGY instrument were the questionnaires that was
formulated by the researchers. The research
2.1 Research Method Used instrument was designed in accordance with the
conceptual framework, statement of the problem
and hypothesis of the study and research objectives.
This study was crafted using descriptive
type of research. This method involved gathering,
analysing, clarifying, and tabulating data (Calderon 3. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION
and Gonzales, 2014). Furthermore, researcher
utilized triangulation method which involves 1) On the demographic profile of the
Qualitative and Quantitative technique. service provider respondents in terms of:
2.2 Population and Sample Size 1.1 Age
The researcher have found out that most of
This study has 15 respondents from service the Service Provider ages range from 17-26.
provider and 15 respondents from the tourist.
Hence, it has 30 respondents in total. The researcher
believes that this sample size is accurate to have
1.2 Sex 5.1 Service provider
It was found out that male is dominant to 5.1.1 Observations on why tourists’ re-visited
be a service provider. aquatic destination.

1.3 Years in Service The data shows that service provider

It was revealed that most of the service respondents find it Strongly Agree that lots of island
provider works for almost 2-3 years. action; best restaurant in the sea – the beach; place
for scuba diving; great condition for snorkelling; and
2) On the demographic profile of the lots of beautiful lagoons are the reasons why tourist
service provider respondents in terms of: re-visited aquatic tourist destinations.

2.1 Age 5.1.2 Employment Aspect

The researcher found out that the tourist The service provider respondents find it
respondents ages range from 25-34. Strongly Agree that re-visiting aquatic tourist
destination provides job opportunity and to augment
their family needs.
2.2 Sex

It was revealed that the male is dominant 5.2 Tourists’

to be a tourist. 5.2.1 Reasons for re-visiting aquatic
2.3 Civil Status
The tourist find it Strongly Agree that lots
The researcher have found out that most of of island action; place for scuba diving; breath-
the tourist respondents were male. taking viewpoints; best restaurant in the world – the
sea; and an island for all budget is the reasons why
3) What is the rate of tourist arrival in the tourist re-visited aquatic destination.
various tourist attraction? 5.2.2 Employment Aspect
Based on the data gathered from Travel
The researcher found out that most of the
Agency. Aquatic tourist destination got the highest
tourist respondents find it strongly agree that re-
accumulated frequency. Further, Anawangin got the
visiting aquatic destination plays an integral part
most visited tourist attraction among others.
for employment and to augment the family
4) How does the demographic profile of the
respondents affect the decision making 6) Why do tourists’ select aquatic
framework in re-visiting aquatic tourist destinations?
The respondents says that its unique
According to the data, most of the itineraries and water activities that leads them to
respondents says that demographic profile has a escape from the jolts from the city. Moreover, they
huge impacts in their destination preference. Most want to have an intimate time with nature.
of them, choose a tourist attraction depending upon
their age, sex and civil status. Whereas, it plays a 7) How do aquatic destinations impact the
vital role in choosing their itineraries. prospect for employment?

5) What are the perceived effects of aquatic Most of the respondents revealed that it
tourist destinations in decision making offers huge job opportunity and can be a means in
eradicating extreme hunger and poverty. It also
framework and its prospects on diminishes the borders of inequality compare to
employment in terms of: those works which requires high professionalism.
8) What are the respondents’ To the Travel Tayo Car Rental and tours,
recommendations or suggestions to uplift for being an inspiration to create a study that
focuses uplifting the tourism sector;
Aquatourism program?
To the Local Government Unit of
The respondents says that government and Anawangin, Zambales, for being a tool for data
other non-governmental organization should gathering;
partake their responsibility in promoting tourism
sector. Also, they must provide programs and To his colleagues and friends for the
projects that will address the various issue that understanding;
tourism sector was facing about. Nonetheless,
inaccurate infrastructure and transportation is also To the researcher’s family, for the words of
an issue to look for. Also, services from tourist encouragement; and
destinations is somewhat poor due to lack of clean
restroom, and water from sea become polluted due To the Almighty Father, for being the latter
to weak implementation of law and ordinance. realize that impossible can be possible by faith.

Cruz, R. G. (2017). Ecotourism. Manila: Rex
Based on the data gathered, the following
conclusion are made:
1) Tourism plays an integral part in achieving
Guia, J. (2015, June 29). Anawangin Cove in
holistic goal for unemployment.
2) Distinct characteristic of tourist attractions shape Zambales - A True Paradise. Retrieved
the decision making framework of the tourist. January 26, 2019, from
3) Itineraries or any activities that lingers to
intimate contact with nature shape the decision of rticles/Anawangin-Cove-in-Zambales-A-
the tourist to re-visit a specific attraction. True-Paradise
4) There are various issue and concern that sector of
tourism was facing about. For instance, poor Lopez, T. (2018, December 28). Losing the tourism
infrastructure and transportation.
race. Retrieved January 26, 2019, from
5) Services of tourist attractions is somewhat poor
resulting in poor management.
6) There must be a strong implementation of laws
and ordinance that will help to conserve the natural /virtual-reality-by-tony-
resources or any tourist destination from gradually lopez/283968/losing-the-tourism-race.html
7) Local Government Unit and other stakeholders Rey, A. (2018, July 19). Philippines hits 3.7 million
must partake their responsibility to create a foreign tourists mid-2018. Retrieved
community forged by discipline.
January 20, 2019, from Rappler:
5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS number-tourist-arrivals-philippines-june-
To Labas Senior High School for being the 2018
avenues of the researcher to be prepared in the field
of academics and professionalism; Sicat, G. P. (2019, January 9). Tourism as a driver
of growth and employment. Retrieved
To Margie Monderin, the research January 26, 2019, from Philippines Star
specialist, for the guidance and support during the Global:
conduct of this study.
To the Faculty of Labas Senior High School,
for being patient whatever the researcher has employment