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I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this
report. I am very thankful to all the employees of National Bank of Pakistan Hujara Shah
Mauqeem Special thanks to Afzal Watto Manager of National Bank of Pakistan which provide
me the opportunity of traning and very nice.

I want to thank the operational manager Mr. Mirza Javed for giving me permission to
commence this report in the first instance, to do the necessary research work and to use departmental

data. I have furthermore to thank the Mr.Ayaz Mehmood Assistant who gave and confirmed this
permission and encouraged me to go ahead with my report. I am bound to the Honorable Mr.mushtaq
Ahmed for their stimulating support. I also want to thank Bank manager Mr. Afzal Watto for all his
assistance on the bank culture and environment.

Especially, I would like to give my special thanks to my Parents whose patient love enabled
me to complete this work

Executive summary

In this 6 weeks internship program. I have worked in national Bank of Pakistan Hujara shah
Maqueem during the internship program I learned about banking from experienced staff running these
sections. This report contains the information and learning about National Bank of Pakistan that I
learnt during the 6 weeks internship period in National Bank Of Pakistan This report deals with
Departments where, in internship report program I is also write plan of my internship program the I

worked. financial statement analysis in which is I analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss account
of Horizantal and vertical analysis and ratio analysis of 2006 to 2008 Swot analysis, in which I
provide the essential element for essential in bullet form of strength and weakness opportunity and
strength of the National Bank of Pakistan I have also provided the recommendations to overcome the
problems and to improve the working of the NBP. It was a wonderful experience of working in the
environment of bank.

1. Title page 1
2. Letter of Undertaking 3
3. Scanned copy of the internship certificate). 4
5. Acknowledgement 5
6. Executive summary 6

7. Table of contents 7
8. Brief introduction of the organization’s business sector 9
9. Overview of the organization 12
10. Organizational structure. 24
11. Plan of your internship program 43
12. Training program 47
13. Structure of the Finance Department 59
14. Functions of the Finance Department 61


Introduction of Bank

Different view about the origin of the word Bank some people think that Greek word Banque.
A bank is a reliable financial institution which receives the money form one group of people and lends
to other group of people. So bank perform the duty of financial intermediary money the people and
creates the credit money

A bank is public company which deals in money for the purpose of profit bank provide the loans to
the business mans and earned interest and pay interest on receiving the deposit it can transfer money
form one place to another place and received the charges bank also deals in foreign currency
approximately provide the forty services to its customer these services is also increasing with day to


National Bank of Pakistan as a semi public commercial bank and its is the largest bank of Pakistan
and the head office at chandury gahar road Karachi .Now a days national Bank of Pakistan carry on
business through out the world and also out side the world its main product is loans, credit cards
savings and consumer banking . National Bank of Pakistan services are available to individual
corporate investment banking retail and consumer banking agricultural financing treasury enterprise
and the same time fulfilling its social responsibility
National Bank of Pakistan is the first bank of Pakistan which introduce the provide ruler credit to
farmer at very easy term and condition now a days National bank of Pakistan has implemented special
credit schemes like small finance agriculture and business and industrial and provide loan student and
also introduce self employment scheme for unemployed persons in June 30, 2009 its branches is 1258
and 8 Islamic branches
Now a days national bank deals in accept money in current account saving account profit and loss
sharing account providing loan against Gold and Advance salary scheme its key people is Syed Ali
Raza (chairman)


History of National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan was established on November 9,1949 and National bank of Pakistan head
quarter at Karachi National Bank of Pakistan start it operation in 20 November 1449 basically

National Bank of Pakistan established for the purpose of expending credit in agriculture sectors
mostly in jute crops and in December 1949 Lahore and Karachi opened its branches National Bank
was act as agent it received the loan to the state bank of Pakistan for the purpose of managing the local
transaction In 1949 deposit of National Bank of Pakistan 3.1% of total deposit of all Pakistani
banks and Growth 38%in 1952 it invest in textile yarn iron and agriculture sectors it play good
role in financing and growth in country and import and export The NBP has also played an
important role in financing the country’s growing trade, which has expanded through the years as
diversification took place. Today the Bank finances import/export business to the tune of Rs. 52.7
billion, whereas in 1960 financing under this head was only Rs. 1.54 billion

National Bank of Pakistan has domestic branches 1500 approximately which is located all over the
Pakistan and 24 international location including the USA United Kingdom Europe and 1200
branches outs side the Pakistan in 1999 its total assets 350 billion rupees and paid up capital 1.46
billion and total assets in us dollar in 2008 is 817758326000 us a dollars

In 2002 it sign the agreement with western union for the purpose of handling the remittance and
receiving the remittance out side the world It has assets worth USD 12.293 billion in 2007 In 2001
state bank of pakistan and Bank of england to agree to run two pakistani bank in england and united
bank and national Bank of pakistan agree to marge their operation 45 national bank of paksitan and 55
united bank

In 2003 national bank of pakistan recived the promission to open the branc in Afgestan

“Best Bank-Pakistan” award for the year 2005 by world’s leading financial journal
“Global Finance”. Best Foreign Exchange Bank- Pakistan” award for the year 2005 by world’s
leading financial journal “Global Finance”.
World’s leading financial journal, “Global Finance” has named NBP as the Best


Total assets 817758326

Total equity 81367002
Earning per share 17
Profit after taxation 15458590


Advance Salary
National Bank of Pakistan provide the services of advance salary of 20 months and repay advance
salary by employees to the bank in approximately 60 monts to the government employees and receive
the interest on the advance salary these interest is the profit of the bank and bank charge mark up 18%

Agriculture credit
Maximum Agriculture loan period is 5 years.

Documents required

i. Application form
ii. Copy of CNIC
iii. Office/job card
iv. 2 references and their copies of noc
v. 3 undated cross cheques covering the whole amount

Mark up is covered annually bases at 19% per annum.
The person who makes salary is called salary disbursing person

NBP Cash and Gold

Cash and gold product is very common in banking sector and NBP branch hujra shah muqeem
has 500 cases of this product.

• Facility of Rs. 10, 000/-against each 10 gm of net weight of gold ornaments

• No maximum limit of cash
• Repayment after one year
• Roll over facility
• No penalty for each repayment
• Person can withdraw gold ornament at anytime
• Person will not pay full year interest
• He will till that day when he will withdraw gold ornaments

Documents required
• Application form
• Copy of noc
• 2 references and their copies of noc
• Stamp paper required rs.400 (ib6a, ib12, ib26, and ib29)
Student Loan Schemes

National Bank of Pakistan provide the student loans scheme which student obtain 70%
marks in the last public examination these facility to those student who are nationals of
Pakistan including northern areas ,federally adminsiterd tribal areas and azad jammu and
Kashmir and of a age not exceeding 20 years for graduation 30years for post gratduation
and 35 years for PhD at the time of admission and repayment period is 10 years

Demand drafts

If you are looking for a safe, speedy and reliable way to transfer money, you can now
purchase nbp’s demand drafts at very reasonable rates. Any person whether an account holder of the
bank or not, can purchase a demand draft from a bank branch.

Western union money transfers:

Western union money transfer is a fastest way to receive money worldwide. It is working in almost
200 countries. Different Govt and private organization are dealing with western union money transfer
GOVT. Organization e.g. Banks
Private organizations e.g. Zarco, money changer, dollar east, master currency
Main office of western union money transfer is situated in Dubai; it is a procedure of counter
Time required in only one hour and deduction on it is $50.

Procedure of payment

Western union money transfers just needed identification, no need of a/c, its an counter payment
Procedure of payment is that the customer came to specific person who is dealing with wumt tell
him the
1) MTC no
2. Receiver name
First name
Middle name
Last name
3) Sender name
First name
Middle name
Last name

4) Telephone no
5) Photo copy of ID card
6) Expected amount (10% margin is acceptable)
7) Test question

After if the that related officer feed MTC # (money transfer control) , it is unique number not
less then 10 digits, receiver name , his/her 1st name and last name, and sender name to check whether
amount is come or not . When all these things are correct then give a form to the receiver, he/she filled
the specific form, after that office done his signature and give one copy to customer, other copy send
to the cash counter for payment and the last copy for put in file for the purpose of record. Payment is
made only in pak rupees.

Pay order

NBP provides another reason to transfer your money using our facilities. Nbp pay orders are a
secure and easy way to move your money from one place to another. And, as usual, nbp charges for
this service are extremely competitive. The charges of nbp are very low all over the Pakistan. It
charges Rs 50/- for nbp account holders on issuing one payment order. And charges Rs 100/- for nbp
non-account holders on issuing one payment order. It charges Rs 25/- for students on payment of fees
of educational institutions. If some one want a duplicate of payment order they charges Rs 100/- for
nbp account holders and Rs 150/- for non account holders.

Mail transfers

Move your money safely and quickly using nbp mail transfer service. And nbp also offer the
most competitive rates in the market. They charges Rs 50/- exchange rate and Rs 75/- postage charges
on issuing mail transfer.



United Bank Limited

Muslim commercial Bank Limited
Soneri Bank Limited
Habib Bank Limited
Punjab Bank Limited

Standard Charter Bank Limited
Bank Al Falaha Limited
Bolan bank limited
Faysal bank limited
Metropolitan bank limited
Metropolitan Bank Limited

(10)Organizational structure

Organization structure



Provincial chiefs/(SEVPS)

Regional chief/eve

Zonal chief/(SVP )

Vice president

Ass. Vice president

Employees of the National Bank of Pakistan in my working branch

Mr. Afzal watto (manager)

1. Mr. Mirza javed (operation manager)

2. Mr. Mirza javed (OG-i)
3. Mr.Sarfraz Ahmed (OG-iii)
4. Mr. Javed watto (OG-ii)
5. Mr. Ayaz mehmood (OG-iii)
6. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed (credit officer)

(c) Main Head office

chaindery Ghar Road Karachi


1- Cash department

National bank of Pakistan act as agent with because as commercial bank it accept the deposit form
general public and loans are provided Cash department performs the following functions.Money
which received by the bank through customer every customer has its own ledger account and separate
ledger cards which customer receipt are control .Bank usually make a contract with customer and pay
through the cheques Cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be
payable otherwise than on demand”2.a written order of a depsitor upon a bank to pay to the
designated party of the bearer a specified sum of money on demand kind of cheque

There is no prescribed form of words or design of a cheque, but in order to fulfill the requirements
mentioned in section 6 above the cheque must have the following.

Bearer cheques Bearer cheques are cashable at the counter of the bank. These can also be collected
through clearing.

Order cheque These types of cheques are cash able on the counter but the holder must satisfy the

crossed chequeIn this type of cheque only credit is transfer to pay account if two person account on a
bank only two parallel lines are drown on the face of the cheque and Then the cheque will be credited
to the account of the person to whom the cheque was issued and debited from the account of the
person who

2-Remittance department

In this department money is transfer from one place to another place through bank in remittance
deparment Mr.Mushtaq performing the remittance activities and also performing the activities of
account opening
Following the way money is transfer
Funds transfer facility
National Bank provide the facilities of fund transfer from one place to another place through out the
country and out side the world Through
Demand drafts
Pay order
Mail transfer
Telegraph transfer

Demand drafts
Most commonly demand drafts DD is used in bank it is a order cheque draw by one bank to another
or another branch if amount exceed 50000 then test telegram is issued to be the bank to ensure
prompt payment to the payee

Telegraph transfer
When customer wand to send fund form one account to another account with in 24 hours the
telegraph transfer this is only inter bank transaction
Pay order / cash order
When money is transfer with in the city cash order or pay order is used
2.5 Mail transfer
It is another quick way to transfer the funds from one station to another. In this mode the funds are
transferred through main and may take two or more than two days.

3- Deposit departments:

Different types of account are opened and detail described below

Types of accounts

Current accounts.
Profit and loss sharing account.
Fixed deposit account.
N.i.d.a. Account
Bba account
Current account
Current account is a running account and remain continuously in operation through current deposits
can be with draw with out giving the notice minimum requirement for opening the current account is
500 in current account agreement bank not provide the interest to the account holder but over draft
facility is provided
Profit and loss sharing account
Profit and loss sharing account was introduced in January .1982 in Pakistan only 100 rupees are
required for opening the account and for with draw purpose seven days notice is required for the
purpose of with draw Withdrawal is allowed 8 times in the month total not exceeding rs.15000
opening the account required named address occupation ,signature and reference
Fixed deposit account
This type of account is the major fund of the bank in this type of account interest is provide by the
bank to the holder of the fixed deoposit account it is best those who as a surplus money Fixed amount
is deposited for fixed period and receipt is used as fixed deposit receipt

4- personnel department (HRM)

Human Resource Department perform the services like Enhance skills of the employees, Training
employees, Hiring employees, Services benefits, wages, medical facilities and staff loan are the basics
function of this department Personal department is a department which focus on training the existing
employees providing the skills for better work of the baking system and hiring the employees and
providing high wages and strong compensation package
5-Credit department

Financing means money give away for the purpose of achiving the interest or extra amount in
future and receiving the deposit which is fixed and current and saving profit and loss account in
financing following thing can be carefully followed in financing
Capital position
Risk and profitability
Stability of deposit
Economy condition

Care full lending and investing

• Basically, there are six principles, which must be served while advancing money to the
• There are six principle of lending

• Which deposit accept by the bank like deposit money is advance to save where the risk is low

• The banker which security accept it is storable transferable marketable realizable

• Finance department should confirm the liquidity position of lender which emergency or early
return the principle and interest amount

• Diversification means not putting all eggs in one basket investing different industry

Corporate/same financing

National bank of Pakistan is also providing credit facilities to smes and corporate customers.
These facilities are fund based and non fund based. Credit officers, staff, manager have to take full
care and securitizing to finance any level to anyone to avoid the loss of principal amount and mark up
and but also sometimes nbp penalties are imposed on officers due to their little bit ignorance. National
bank of Pakistan is giving fallowing types loans to the firms.

Cash finance
Forms of Loans
In addition to purchase and discounting of bills,bankers in Pakistan generally lend in the
form of cash finance,overdrafts and loans.NBP provides advances to different people in
different ways as the case demand.
a)Cash Finance
This is a very common form of borrowing by commercial and industrial concerns and is

made available either against pledge or hypothecation of goods,produce or merchandise.
In cash finance a borrower is allowed to borrow money from the banker up to a certain
limit,either at once or as and when required.The borrower prefers this form of lending
Cash finance is giving against liquid securities such as lien on fixed deposits; defense saving
certificate treasury bills etc. It is facilitated for the purpose of working capital of the firm.

Running finance

Running finance is also use for working capital by the firm these are short period loans as
compare to demand finance. This credit is given against pledge or hypothetication.

Demand finance

This fund based facility is to finance the fixed assets of the firm. These are secured by the
mortgage hypothecation pledge and all types of securities and collaterals that are acceptable by bank
and nbp. It is long term financing.

Trade finance

Trade financing facility is given by national bank of Pakistan to its firms that are involved in
import export business or trade of raw material etc. It is short term financing mostly.

6- Clearing department
In clearing department banker settle cheques and other instruments drown by each other
A clearinghouse is an association of commercial banks set up in given locality for the
purpose of interchange and settlement of credit claims.National bank of Pakistan is the member of
sbp clearing house and receives cheques, demand draft and other negotiable instruments for the
presentation of its payment and also provide excellent services for clearing cheques and other inter
bank obligations between the banks.
In this way different banks get cheques drawn by the customers on one another. So, to off set the inter-
bank claims 14 branches of sbp are providing clearing facility for scheduled banks. The state bank of
Pakistan merely debit or credit the balances of banks whose accounts and services are maintained with
it. It easier for member banks to adjust their claims against each other in the books of the state bank.

Comments on organization structure

National Bank of Pakistan structure is centralize structure because every department is responsible for
his work and performing the needs of its customer but the promotion opportunity is not same to each
employees because manazoor watto sign promotion opportunity watto cast employees manager of the
national bank of hujara shah maqueem is not competent for the sete of manager

(a) Introduction of branch

Introduction of Branch: National Bank of Pakistan Hujara

Name of Branch National Bank of Pakistan Hujara shah Maqueem

Branch code 0458

Status Offline

Region okara

Phone Number 044-4860532

Fax No 044-4860032

Name of my supervisor Meriza Javeed (Operation Manager)

No. of employees 10

Name of Manager Afzal watto

Address of the Branch Hujara Shah Maqueem

I have done internship as an internee in national bank of Pakistan, hujra shah muqeem tehsil depalpur
district okara. Branch code is 0458 and branch lie in the heart of city. According to the bank manager,
this branch is profit oriented and one crore yearly profit .This branch has good liquidity position and
have customer oriented environment. This branch follows rules and regulations and regional office is
sahiwal which is quite satisfied with the performance of national bank of Pakistan, hujra shah

This Brach is foucs on near the main bazaar of Hujara Shah Maqueem and and the road but some
things which can also affect if new branch are established of other bank because the raod are full of
traffic no path on road which customercan retain his moter cycle or cars or cycle

As the requirement of MBA completion to make internship 6 to 8 week and make internship report
as internee my personal responsibility The internship is to serve the purpose of acquainting the
students with the practice of knowledge of the discipline of banking administration to learn and achive
the practical knowledge and utilize that knowledge and provide the financial services to the financial


Starting the internship 11/12/2009 to 26/12/2009


cash department

remittance department

deposit department

personal department

credit department

clearing department


Description of the operations/activities performed in NBP

(1) Issue the token

Operational manager ask me to sit token seat to issue the token and I spent three days to perform this
operational activity .It is basic activity to understand the how to issue the token.
There is very necessary point to see that whether cheque is correct or incorrect .following thing must
be keep in mind when issue the token.
1- Date

When you issue the token, above mentioned point must verify whether signature is correct or
incorrect. If u finds any error then you must match signature with the customer signature book.
Date should be mentioned .previous six month date is acceptable otherwise not. Tomorrow date is not
valid according to bank rules and regulations. Date should clear manner.Amount should be matched
whether correct or not.

(2) Account opening

A customer willing to open the account in the bank must fill firstly the account opening forms
(prescribed format issued by the bank).
The nature of account can be single, joint, sole proprietor, partnership, etc. The condition of account
varies in each case.For individual / sole proprietorship: a part from account opening from it requires
nic and passport size photograph.

For partnership:
Bank further requires partnership deal and certified copy of partnership mandate.

For limited company

The following documents must be available like, copy of certificate in corporation, memorandum,
articles of association, list of directors, copy of board resolution, copy of CNIC to the directors.
Opening of account by an individual:
After entering into bank premises the person goes through the following steps for opening an account
in the bank and for becoming a bank customer.
Account opening form and specimen signature card:
Now the person is provided with an application form known as account opening form.
This form contains: -
• Title of account
• Address
• ID. Card number
• Telephone no. (office and residence)
• Signatures of the applicant
• Amount deposited
• Check book series no.
• Next to kin
The customer will attach a copy of national identity card with the form.
Specimen signature card:
Specimen of signatures will be obtained from depositor at the time of opening his account. A
specially designed card is used for this purpose; the card must be countersigned by an official of the
bank not below the rank of an officer.
Account opening register:
Now the name of the customer will be recorded in account opening register, and from here the
account no. Of the customer will be written on (top most corners) account opening form and on
specimen signature card.
Fallowing documents are attached with account opening form.

Nadra verification form
1) CNIC copies of customer
2) Next to kin
3) Utility bill
4) Job certificate with total emulation and must be attested by their department
Letter of kinship:
In the latter of kinship the customer authorized the bank to pay the proceedings of his/her
pls/current foreign currency account to the related person by describing the relationship of the person
with the customer after the death of the customer.
Letter of thanks:
Letter of thanks is the latter issued by the bank to the customer for two purposes
1. 1st purpose is to say thanks to the customer for opening the account in their bank
2. 2nd purpose is to confirm the address provided by the customer while opening the
Issuance of cheque book:
Cheques book is issued to the customer after sending the letter of thanks when the customer comes
with the latter of thanks and requests for the issuance of the cheques book. A cheques book (usually
having 25 leaves) is issued to the customer.
The cheque book will ordinarily be issued to all customers desiring to have chequing facility. Cheque
book consists of, 25, 50, or 100 leaves depending upon customer requirement.
Customer can withdraw money by signing a cheque and writing the amount he wants to withdraw
from his account. A special cheque book register is kept to enter the name of the person having
cheque book.
Balance requirements
Bank’s own employee can open its account of min amount of rs100 only. Wapda employee’s account
is opened with min. Amount of rs100 and other customers account is opened of min. Balance of Rs.
500. If balance in these accounts is less than rs5000 then Rs.50 is charged on monthly basis
3) Government pension
They assign me worked in pension department. Pension manager Mr. Muhammad MUSHTAQ
trained me very nicely and I learned lot of things in this department. They give the pension to retired
Govt. Employees. There are three type of pensions given,
1= Provincial
2= Central
3= Defense
These are different according to their PPO numbers
For example:
Provincial PPO 123456
Central PPO 12345/pak
Defense PPO da/dg1/gh/4 etc.
I am full trained now in this particular job and I serve 500 people in first week.
There are many things keep in mind while giving pension to the government employees which are
given below
 Pensioner signature
 Correct amount
 Ticket

 File no
 Pension payment order (PPO) no.
Verify above mentioned things, after performing this activity remittance officer done signature
and pay cash stamp on the pension payment form and information dispatched on the Debit scroll.
(4) Cash and gold
After performing govt.pension task, Bank manager ask me to understand the national bank of Pakistan
cash and gold products. Every branch has its own sunar and its name Muhammad Shafique which is
honest person.
Following thing is necessary:

o Facility of Rs. 10, 000/-against each 10 gm of net weight of gold ornaments

o No maximum limit of cash
o Repayment after one year
o Roll over facility
o No penalty for each repayment
o Person can withdraw gold ornament at anytime
o Person will not pay full year interest


No maximum tenure of this loan.

Documents required
• Application form
• Copy of CNIC
• Next of kin CNIC copy
• 2 references and their copies of CNIC
• Stamp paper required Rs.400 (IB6A, IB12, IB26, and IB29)
(5) Public dealings Operational manager of National bank of Pakistan hujra shah muqeem is very
nice employee and honest personality and perform their task and duty effectively and efficiently. They
are very sincere their institution and they deliver me a special lecture on public dealings .Their lecture
effect on my communication skills and change attitude in right manner. They noted me during public
talk and understand me that how to communicate with customers.
(7) Demand Draft
How to fill DD?

How to information dispatched on DD register from DD voucher?

(8) Cash voucher

While you are filling cash (deposit slip) voucher, following point keep in mind

Correct date mentioned

Account no. Should be correct

Name of depositor

(9) Mail transfer

How to fill MT?

How to information dispatched on MT register from MT voucher

(10) Western union money transfer (WUMT)

It is a money transfer service provided by the national bank of Pakistan hujra shah muqeem.Wumt is a
fastest way to transfer money from one country to another. I have seek that how to process this
services and detailed discuss in the NBP products

(11) Scroll the utility bills

Electricity bill etc is collected from the public and this service is very tuff to perform.

Arrange the utility bills and numbering to the bills.

Credit scroll is used

Reference no. Write on the credit scroll

Amount match written on the utility bill against red pencil and mention on the scroll.

(12) Verifications of customer CNIC

To verify identity card of customers for different purposes like account opening, cash n gold and
advance salary etc.

To prepare daily verification list and send to the Nadra or NBP online district branch or regional
branch sahiwal

Write name of applicant and CNIC no.


Swot an alysis is used to compile and organize the process of identifying company strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is done by any institution for environment scanning and
where stands in current situation.


• Basic strength is that it is the government bank

• National Bank of Pakistan has ability to compete with Multinational Bank
• National Bank of Pakistan is maintaining highly globally standerds to compete
• National Bank of Pakistan has very friendly, pleasant and interesting environment to maintain
cooperation with one another.
• National Bank of Pakistan has a good top management
• Better research appraisal system to verify economic and financial feasibility for future
• National Bank of Pakistan management creating and developing the good customer relation
• National bank deal with in the country approximately 1450 branches

• National bank is old bank and good customer relationship

• Provide some unique services like pension, advance salary to government employees,
therefore it build trust among public rather then other banks.

• National bank of Pakistan provide the advance salary scheme

• Western Union used for money transfer

• Strictly followed the rules and regulation of the NBP main head Office.


• Now a day, Pakistan’s situation is not good economically; politically, socially and financially
therefore it is very difficult for other sectors to maintain their positions.
• In previous years National Bank of Pakistan forced to downsize its experienced and devoted

• To get loans is very tuff and time consuming in modern age and complicated. Loans granted
on personal relations as well as on politically basis.
• Selection of new employees on preference basis and political interference.
• Advertising network is poor as compared to other banks.
• First of all most many branches of off line which is the main threats of the national bank of

• National Bank of Pakistan perform his duty under political pressure


• In the past time there was manual work like accounting, general banking, transfering and
etc…now world is advance and national bank has latest technology and competent work
• National Bank is providing facility of bills collecting from 9 am. To 5 pm. Also electronic
• National has great valuable customers, more credit lines and more deposits because of good
reputation and image.
• Big opportunity for national bank of Pakistan to take benefit of information technology

• Growing banking system therefore NBP should improve his standard to get high share in

• Due to passage of time deposits are increased and investment is expended

• Due to investing National Bank of Pakistan earn communication


• First of all main threat is unable or which Is not able for manager and working as manager
with the help of political leaders .this is the main threat in competition
• Due to economic instability, National Bank of pakistan decreasing his projects and products in
• Politically basis proved the unviable loans and projects is dangerious threat in future.
• National Bank of Pakistan should have time management in any work. Time has major
influence in future and minimum time consume of customers.
• Its also major threat to use old software and technique like old word processor. It should
provide credit cards, atm machine and other important services.
• Day to day bank are increased and this also threat

• Customer complaints also reduce the expectation of customers on NBP.

• Most banking services like loan are provided under political pressure


In the end of my internship report, I want to suggest some recommendations to enhance

performance, efficiency and productivity of National Bank of Pakistan .

The first things that I feel in this Bank and I recommend that NBP should improve technological
system .Technology improve is very essential for National Bank of pakistan in the competition the
market because day to day bank are increased and competition also increased .

The Loans system not under political pressers provide and their system or process also easy

Online branches required increased due to competition it is necessary for national Bank of pakistan

Sometimes employees are tired to do same work and its responsibility of management to rotate
employee in different seats.

Every branch should give objective, responsibilities and standard and also give authority to achieve
these targets. Freedom of work but some limitations.

It is also recommend that proper training should required to staff member to improve work

Recruiting professional qualified person and providing the more training to that persons due to
competition in the market

There is information box for receiving complaints of the public but is is not proerly managed. We can
say that there is box but reality is that there is no person to manage this. Sometimes manager is
inteested in this matter. I think regional office should manage this matter.

Staff relation improve providing the training to the worker for better relationship

National bank of pakistan also required to provide the reward to that employees whose performance
very efficient .due to this employees work hard

Finally, I say that NBP should provide more and more facilities to courage the employees and
decrease the burden from the employees .if every employees will take spcific reponsibilities, NBP will
get more better results and good repu

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1. Mr. Afzal watto (chief manager)

2. Mr. Mirza javed (operation manager)
3. Mr. Mirza javed (OG-i)
4. Mr.Sarfraz Ahmed (OG-iii)
5. Mr. Javed watto (OG-ii)
6. Mr. Ayaz mehmood (OG-iii)
7. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed (credit officer)