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Ernest Concepcion (1977-present)

Concepcion is a studio artist whose work experiments with intense emotion, deconstructing
images in his paintings, sculptures, and installations. He creates art like recording a music album,
where each painting is from a series of nine.

Ronald Ventura (1973-present)

Ventura’s work is known to consist of multiple layers, using imagery that focuses on the
human form. His paintings are a dramatic union of comic sketches, reality, and graffiti.
Leeroy New (1986-present)
Initially trained as a sculptor, Leeroy’s work blends theatre, fashion, film, production design, and
public art. He graduated from the prestigious Philippine High School for the Arts, before continuing
his Fine Arts degree at the University of the Philippines. He has received artist residences in
Singapore and Australia and was awarded the 13 Artists Award by the Cultural Center of the
Philippines in 2014

Oscar Villamiel (1953-present)

Born in Caloocan City, Manila, Villamiel is a multimedia artist known for his large-scale
installations consisting of objects found in local communities. His art career may have started later
in life, but his installations have enthralled audiences for the past decade.

Dex Fernandez (1984-present)

His work is influenced by pop culture, graffiti, children’s drawings, and tattoos – creating pieces
that challenge people’s views on fine art. He is known locally for his on-going series of Garapata
street art (the Tagalogword for ‘tick’), filling public spaces with the notion of ‘infecting’ the city
with his art.

Neil Pasilan (1971-present)

Brother to artist Diokno Pasilan, Neil is a Bacolod-born artist from a family of craftsmen and boat
builders. He is a self-taught visual artist who displayed creativity as a child. Pasilan has moulded
clay figures for most of his life and continues to use this in his work.

Kawayan de Guia (1979-present)

This Baguio-born artist is son to legendary filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik and German artist Katrin de
Guia, and was mentored by famous Baguio artists BenCab and Santiago Bose. Kawayan’s art
contemplates the Philippines’ changing urban culture. He illogically arranges texts and icons to
compose a painting, depicting the human form in new ways. His work draws from popular culture,
the media and mass consumerism.

Patricia Perez Eustaquio (1977-present)

Eustaquio is an artist who works in various mediums, experimenting with different materials
through installation, drawing, and painting. The frames from her painting are cut, resulting in
canvases that evoke images of wilted flowers and carcasses.

Martha Atienza (1981-present)

Born to a Dutch mother and Filipino father, Atienza continues to live both in the Philippines and
Holland. After receiving her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts and Design in
the Netherlands, she accepted residency grants from England, Australia, New York and Singapore.

Elmer Borlongan (1967-present)

The Manila-based artist often refers to Filipino culture in his paintings, drawing from everyday
scenes of local urban life, which sharply depict an imperfect world. Borlongan’s work is a favorite
among collectors and at auctions.