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My daily routine

On weekdays I get up at 7:20 am then I spend around 12 minutes in the shower then
I walk the dog to the park. I eat eggs, bread, fruit and I drink my favorite beverage
that it’s coffee for my breakfast. I always check my social networks after the brush
my theet. Then I take a bus to go to Colombo for my English class which starts at 10
a.m. When my English class finishes, I come back home and I have lunch at 1 p.m
then I brush my theet and I go to my cousin’s because I help her with homewok, she
lives in Salitre. I always do my English homework and my class preparation, too. I
leave to my home at 6:30p.m take another bus and I go back home at 7:30 p.m. In
the night I eat dinner something light like fruit, bread, arepa with cheese, etc. Then I
play with my dog, whacht netflix, text with my friends and I check my social networks.
Eventually I brush my theet and I go to sleep at 10:30 pm.
On weekends I get up at 8:10 a.m and take a shower. I wear sports clothes and I
walk the dog. Sometimes we go to the Timiza park and we run around the lake, my
dog plays with anothers dogs or with me. When we come back home I have lunch
with my family and sometimes we go to our favorite restaurant, it’s called “dos cielos”
and the food is excellent. In the afternoon I meet with my friends and we often go to
the movie theater or we go to Salitre and we play soccer. At night I have dinner with
my family and sometimes I play video games with my brother, I usually win.
Eventually I brush my theet and I read some chapter of the book then I go to sleep
at 10:30 pm.

My favorite day

My favorite day is Saturday because I spend time with my family, my dog and my
friends. My family and I usually go to the timiza park in the morning and play a lot
with my dog. His name is Kenji. Then we often go to “dos cielos” restaurant and we
eat our favorite dishes.
In the afternoon I meet with my friends and we go to the Salitre park and play soccer
or sometimes we go to the cinema. We like action movies like marvel and comedy
movies. I also have time to do my hobbies.
At night wacht netflix, anime or a movie and I also read a book before to go to sleep.
My favorite genre of books are fantasy, science fiction and paranormal. I have
currently read about 243 books in four years.
Surprising information

I can play the piano but only the simple things, I studied for a year and I can play
songs like happy birthday, el condor pasa, mi ranchito which is my grandmother’s
favorite song, and others.
I can also draw anime and lately realistic animals, but I need to practice more. I love
draw but sometimes it’s hard to have time to do the things that you really like. I really
want to draw realistic people but it’s very difficult.
I play football in a professional team on weekends, my position is Midfielder and I
like to score a lot of goals. we almost win the league last year.

Online activites- tv shows

I really like the anime like death note, one piece, fullmetal alchemist, etc. Because I
love the japanese culture and there are very funny. Sometimes I watch the simpsons
but lately I prefer cartoons like rick and morty, final space and trollhunters they are
more interesting.
I also watch series like game of thrones, breaking bad, Dr house and others. I harldly
ever watch the news because the most of the news talk about bad situacions and
that makes me sad. I also don’t like the soap operas because they always try the
same thing so it’s boring for me.
I usually check my social networs on my phone. I mean, I check instagram because
I can follow great artist and see their drawings. I also text with my friends on the
phone every day.
I always wacth netfilx or movies on my desktop computer every nigth and I often
watch some series in English with Spanish subtitles. Sometimes I play video games
with my brother in his playstations. We usually play fifa and naruto. We are vey

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