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List of Intermediate Piano Repertoire

Note: This list includes intermediate-level piano repertoire that may be used in teaching piano. Pieces are listed alphabetically by composer within generally-
accepted historical periods. Due to the subjective nature of categorizing by difficulty, no attempt has been made to do so. This list is manually updated and
may not include all pieces of the standard teaching repertoire. Consult the Schirmer Piano Teacher's Guide for a listing of pedagogical piano repertoire in the
public domain.

Babell, William (1688–1723)

Prelude in A Minor
Aire with Variations
Menuet in G Major
Prelude in F Major
Prelude in G Major
Prelude in E Minor
Prelude in G Major

Bach, Carl Phillip Emanuel (1714–1788)

March in D Major, H.1 (from Notebook for Anna Magdalena)

Polonaise in G Minor, H. 2 (from Notebook for Anna Magdalena)
March in G Major, H. 3 (from Notebook for Anna Magdalena)
Polonaise in G Minor, H. 4 (from Notebook for Anna Magdalena)
Solfeggio in C Minor, H. 220

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Notebook for Anna Magdalena

Notebook for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Minuet in F Major, BWV Anh. 113
15 Inventions, BWV 772-786
Gavotte from English Suite No. 3 in G Minor, BWV 808
Gavotte II from French Suite No. 5 in G Major, BWV 816
Allemande in G Minor, BWV 836
Prelude in C Major from WTC I, BWV 846
9 Kleine Präludien, BWV 924-932
6 Kleine Präludien, BWV 933-938
5 Kleine Präludien, BWV 939-943

Dieupart, Charles (1670–1740)

Suite No. 2 in D Major

Du Phly, Jacques (1715–1789)

Pièces de clavecin, Livre 1

Pièces de clavecin, Livre 2
Pièces de clavecin, Livre 3
Pièces de clavecin, Livre 4

Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand (1656–1746)

Ariadne Musica

Handel, George Frideric (1685–1759)

Menuet in D Minor
Suite in G Minor, HWV 432
Suite in D Minor, HWV 437
Suite in G Major, HWV 441
Suite in G Minor, HWV 453
Allemande in A Minor, HWV 478
Gavotte in G Major, HWV 491
Impertinence (Bourée), HWV 494
Minuet in F Major, HWV 516
Minuet in G Minor, HWV 533
Passepied in C Major, HWV 559
Keyboard Sonatina in Bb Major, HWV 585

Kirnberger, Johann Philipp (1721–1783)

2 Capprices

Kuhnau, Johann (1660–1722)

Neue Clavier-Übung I (7 Keyboard Partitas in Major Keys)

Purcell, Henry (1659–1695)

March in C Major, Z.647

March in C Major, Z.648
Minuet in A Minor, Z.650
Rigadoon in C Major, Z.653
A New Scotch Tune, Z.655
Suite in G Major, Z.660
Suite in C Major, Z.666
Air in D Minor, ZT 676
A Song Tune, ZT 695

Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683–1764)

Menuet and Rondo from Pièces de clavecin avec une méthode

L'Orageuse (Anonymous; commonly misattributed to Rameau)

Royer, Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace (1705–1755)

Pièces de clavecin

Scarlatti, Domenico (1685–1757)

Sonata in D Minor, K. 32, "Aria"

Sonata in C Minor, K. 40
Sonata in Bb Major, K. 42
Sonata in D Minor, K. 64
Sonata in C Minor, K. 73
Sonata in D Minor, K.90d, IV. Allegro
Sonata in G Major, K. 431

Telemann, Georg, Phillip (1681–1767)

Fugues legéres & petits jeux à clavessin seul

Gigue à l'angloise, from Partita à cembalo solo, TWV 32:1
Gavotte in F Major from TWV 32:4
36 Fantaisies pour le clavessin, TWV 33:1-36

remover propaganda

André, Johann Anton (1775–1842)

Sonatina in C, Op. 34, No. 1

Arne, Thomas (1710–1778)

8 Harpsichord Sonatas

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770–1827)

2 Sonatinas for Piano, Anh. 5

12 German Dances, WoO 8 (Hess 100)
6 Minuets, WoO 10
12 German Dances, WoO 13
Ecossaise, WoO 23
Für Elise, WoO 59
6 Ecossaises for Piano, WoO 83
Waltz in Eb Major, WoO 84
Ecossaise in Eb Major, WoO 86
11 Bagatelles, Op. 119

Benda, Georg (1722–1795)

Sonatina No. 3 in A Minor, from Sammlung Part 1

Cimarosa, Domenico (1749–1801)

Sonata in C Major, No. 15, from the Sliwinski collection

Clark, Jeremiah (1674–1707)

King's March
An Ayre
The Emperour of Germany March
A March
A Trumpet Minuet

Clementi, Muzio (1752–1832)

6 Piano Sonatinas, Op. 36

Corelli, Arcangelo (1653–1713)

Album für Klavier

Dussek, Jan Ladislav (1760–1812)

6 Piano Sonatinas, Op. 19

Duncombe, William (1736–1818)

Piano Sonatina in C Major (Allegretto)

Gossec, François Joseph (1734–1829)

Gavotte in D Major

Hässler, Johann Wilhelm (1747–1822)

Gavotte in D Major
Grand Gigue in D Minor

Haydn, Joseph (1732–1809)

Divertimento in G Major, Ho. XVI:8

Divertimento in F Major, Hob. XVI:9
Divertimento in G Major, Hob. XVI:11
12 Easy Pieces, Hob. XVII:Anh.
Flötenuhrstücke (Works for Musical Clock), Hob.XIX)
Contredanse in D Major, Hob. XXXIc:17b

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778–1837)

6 Pièces très faciles (6 Easy Pieces), Op. 52

Kuhlau, Friedrich (1786–1832)

6 Sonatinas, Op. 55
4 Sonatinas, Op. 88

Latour, Theodore (ca.1766 — 1837 or 1840)

Four Progressive Sonatinas

Mozart, Leopold (1719–1787)

Nannerl's Music Book

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756–1791)

Allegro in F Major, K.1c

Minuet in G Major, K.1e
Allegro in B-flat Major, K. 3
The London Sketchbook, K.15a-15ss
Andantino in E-flat Major, K. 236/588b
Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 331/300i (III. Rondo alla Turca)
Adagio in C Major, K. 356/617a
Minuet in D Major, K. 355/576b

Schale, Christian Friedrich (1713–1800)

Minuet in C Major
Adagio in C Minor
Andantino in F Major
Largo in A Minor
Largo in F-Sharp Minor
Largo in G Minor
Moderato in A Major
Moderato in D Minor
Moderato in F Minor
Un Poco Adagio in E Major
Un Poco Adagio in E-Flat Major
Un Poco Adagio in G Major
Un Poco Largo in C Major

Türk, Daniel Gottlob (1750–1813)

120 Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler (120 pieces for aspiring pianists)
Piano Sonata in A Major

Wesley, Samuel (1766–1837)

Variations on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Bastl, Josef (1868–1932)

Hudební pohádky

Beach, Amy Marcy (1867–1944)

Children's Album, Op. 36

Berlioz, Hector (1803–1869)

Rustic Serenade

Brahms, Johannes (1833–1897)

16 Waltzes, Op.39

Burgmüller, Friderich (1806–1874)

25 Études faciles et progressives, Op. 100

18 Études, Op. 109

Chopin, Frédéric (1810–1849)

Mazurkas, Op. 7
Preludes, Op.28
Waltzes, Op. 64
Polonaise in G Minor, B. 1
Cantabile in B-flat Major, B.84
Waltz in A Minor, B. 150

Le Couppey, Félix (1811–1887)

24 Etudes primaires, Op. 10

Czerny, Carl (1791–1857)

100 Progressive Studies, Op. 139

Le Petit Pianiste, Op. 823

Diabelli, Anton (1781–1858)

4 Sonatinas, Opp. 151

7 Piano Sonatinas, Op. 168
The First 12 Studies for the Piano, Op. 125

Duvernoy, Jean-Baptiste (1802–1880)

25 Études progressives, Op. 298

Fuchs, Robert (1847–1927)

Jugendklänge, Op. 32

Gade, Niels (1817–1890)

Børnenes Jul (Der Kinder Christabend), Op.36

Gedike, Aleksandr (1877–1957)

20 Little Pieces for Beginners, Op. 6

Glière, Reinhold (1875–1956)

Douze Esquisses pour piano (12 Sketches for Piano), Op. 47

Gurlitt, Cornelius (1820–1901)

Piano Sonatina in D Major, Op. 54, No. 4

Angfangs-Stunden (The First Lessons), Op.117
Album pour la jeunesse, Op.140
Technik und Melodie (Elementar-Klavierschule), Op. 228

Heller, Stephen (1813–1888)

25 Melodius Etudes, Preparatory to the Studies of Op.16

25 Etudes, Op.47
Preludes pour Mademoiselle Lili, Op.119

Hofmann, Heinrich (1842–1902)

Stimmungsbilder, Op. 88

Jensen, Adolf(1837–1879)

Lieder und Tänze, Op. 33

Kirchner, Theodor (1823–1903)

Neue Kinderszenen, Op.55

Kölling, Carl (1831–1914)

Prestissimo in D Major from Lose Blätter, Op. 147, No. 3

Kunz, Konrad Max (1812–1875)

200 Short Two-Part Canons, Op. 14

Lichner, Heinrich (1829–1898)

3 Piano Sonatas, Op. 4

MacDowell, Edward (1860–1908)

10 Woodland Sketches, Op. 51

4 Little Poems, Op. 32

Mendelssohn, Felix (1809–1847)

Lieder ohne Worte (Songs Without Words), Op. 30

6 Kinderstücke, Op.72
Lieder ohne Worte (Songs Without Words), Op.102

Rebikov, Vladimir (1866–1920)

Valse mélancolique

Reinecke, Carl (1824–1910)

6 Sonatinas, Op. 136

Reinhold, Hugo (1854–1935)

24 Miniaturbilder, Op. 39

Schmitt, Jacob (1803–1853)

Sonatina in G Major, Op. 249, No. 2

Schubert, Franz (1797–1828)

Ecossaises, D.299, Nos. 1-8

38 Waltzes, Ländler and Ecossaises, D.145
3 German Dances, D.972
18 Waltzes, Op. 9a (from 36 Originaltänze), D.365
2 Scherzos, D. 593
12 Valses nobles, D.969

Schumann, Robert (1810–1856)

Kinderszenen Op.15
Album für die Jugend, Op. 68
3 Piano Sonatas for the Young, Op. 118

Scriabin, Aleksandr (1872–1915)

Canon in D Minor

Smith, Sydney (1839–1889)

Con Amore

Spindler, Fritz (1817–1905)

10 Sonatinas, Op. 157

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr (1840–1893)

Children's Album, Op. 39

Walker, Edward L. (Unknown birth/death dates)

Le chant des oiseaux

20th Century
Bartók, Béla (1881–1945)

10 Easy Pieces, Sz. 39

For Children, Sz. 42
Romanian Folk Dances, Sz. 56
14 Bagatelles, Op. 6

Bridge, Frank (1879–1941)

3 Miniature Pastorales, Set 1, H. 127

Debussy, Claude (1862–1918)

Le petit nègre, CD 122; L. 114

Granados, Enrique (1867–1916)

Cuentos de la juventud, Op.1, No. 1 (Dedicatoria)

Ibert, Jacques (1890–1962)


Manookian, Jeff (b. 1953)

Gradus: Progressive Repertoire in 12 Volumes

Etudes for the Intermediate Pianist
Etudes for the Young Pianist

Martinů, Bohuslav (1890–1959)


Nielson, Carl (1865–1931)

Humoreske Bagateller, Op. 11

Ornstein, Leo (1893–2002)

Arabesque, Op. 42, No. 1 (The Isle of Elephants)

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