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Config’ Section Parameter Type Icons displayed Issue 1
Analogue senders Low Pressure Pre Alarm
High Temperature Pre Alarm
High Temperature Trip
Model 5210 Installation and Configuration Instructions
Low Fuel Level % Pre Alarm
Calendar Date/time Date/time Accessing the front panel config’ editor
Timers Start delay Timer (secs) 2
Press the configure/log and Stop/Reset buttons simultaneously. The LCD
Preheat Timer (secs) 3 configure indicator# will flash to indicate that the module is in ‘configuration mode’.
Crank attempt Timer (secs) 4
Release the Stop/Reset button and the configure/log button.
Crank rest Timer (secs) 5 The first configurable parameter is now displayed. Pressing the + or - buttons will cycle
Safety delay Timer (secs) 6 through the parameters.
Overspeed overshoot Timer (secs) 7
Warming up Timer (secs) 8
Return delay Timer (secs) 10 NOTE:- To exit the front panel configuration editor at any time, press the
Cooling run Timer (secs) 11 Stop/Reset button. Ensure you have saved any changes you have made by pressing
E.T.S.(Energise to stop) solenoid hold Timer (secs) 12 the 9 button first.
Generator output Generator Under Voltage L1-N Trip V
Generator Under Voltage L1-N Pre Alarm V Editing an analogue value
Access the front panel config editor as detailed above. Press the +/- buttons to view the
Generator Over Voltage Pre Alarm V parameter you wish to change (see parameter table overleaf). Press the 9 button to enter
Generator Over Voltage Trip V adjust mode. The value to be adjusted will flash. Press the +/- buttons to adjust the
Generator Under Frequency Trip parameter to the desired value. Press the 9 button to ‘save’ the value. The value will stop
Generator Under Frequency Pre Alarm flashing to confirm that it has been saved. To select another value to edit, press the +
Generator Over Frequency Pre Alarm button. Continuing to press the +/- buttons will cycle through the available parameters.
Generator Over Frequency Trip
Editing the time
Delayed Overcurrent % Trip A The date/time should initially be set using the 5200 series configuration software. However
Engine speed Under Speed (RPM) Trip there may be certain circumstances where a minor change to the module’s time is
Under Speed (RPM) Pre Alarm required. One such instance is correction for daylight saving. Access the front panel config
editor as detailed above. Press the + button until the calendar is shown :
Over Speed (RPM) Pre Alarm
To edit the time, press the 9 button. The time,
Over Speed (RPM) Trip 4.30 in this example, will begin flashing. Press
DC Voltages Low DC Voltage Warning V the + or - buttons to adjust the time in one
High DC Voltage Warning V minute steps until the desired time is shown.
Press the 9 button to save the change. The
Charge Alternator Failure Warning
time stops flashing to confirm that it has been
successfully stored.
Deep Sea Electronics Plc. Deep Sea Electronics inc. Example : This display is showing a time of
Highfield House, Hunmanby 5301 E. State St. – Suite 202 4:30 on 21st October 2002.
Industrial Estate, North Yorkshire. Rockford, Illinois 61108
Tel:+44 (0)1723 890099. Phone: +1 (815) 316-8706
Fax: +44 (0)1723 893303. Fax: +1 (815) 316-8708
Email: Email:
L1 L2 L3 N
5200 series
configuration software
Output expansion
L1 157 relay board
CT or
Earth 548 annunciator
810 interface

Optional Optional Optional
CT CanBus RS232 RS485
common COM H L SCR A B
39 40 41 42 43 35 36 37 38 20 21 22 9 way D 23 24 25 26 19 810 157/548
Not connected

Not connected
Not connected

5210 controller
internal emergency stop
Ground screen
To plant supply +ve at one end only
Supply for
1 2 3 5 4 9 44 45 46 47 10 11 12 13 14 15 6 7 8
Configurable auxiliary input 2

Configurable auxiliary input 3

Configurable auxiliary input 5

Configurable auxiliary input 6

Configurable auxiliary input 1

Configurable auxiliary input 4


Configurable auxiliary output 1

Configurable auxiliary output 2

Configurable auxiliary output 3

Coolant temp. sender
Oil pressure sender

Fuel level sender

These ground connections must be
Crank Fuel on the engine block and must be
Starter a sound electrical connection
motor + to the sender bodies.
Charge WL The ground connection to terminal 47
Battery alt. must not be used to provide a ground
connection to any other device.
NOTE: Full configuration of the 5210 module is possible
using the 5200 series configuration software for PC in

Typical wiring diagram

conjunction with the P810 interface.
Module Dimensions - 240mm x 172mm x 57mm (9.45” x 6.77” x 2¼”)
Panel cutout - 220mm x 160mm ( 8.7” x 6.3”)

Alternative AC wiring
2 phase, 3 wire ( 2 phase centre tap neutral)

3 phase, 3 wire