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A.Y. 2019-2020


Information and Communication Technology The learners demonstrate an June 3-14
1. The current state of ICT technologies (i.e., Web 2.0, understanding of:
3.0, convergent technologies, social, mobile, and
assistive media) ICT in the context of global
2. Online systems, functions, and platforms communication for specific
3. Online safety, security, ethics, and etiquette professional track
4. Contextualized online search and research skills
Applied productivity tools with advanced application techniques the use of advanced tools and June 17-28
techniques found in common
These advanced tools and techniques currently include, but productivity and software
are not limited to: applications in developing ICT
1. Mail merge and label generation content for specific professional
2. Custom animations and timing tracks
3. Hyperlinking in presentations
4. Integrating images and external material in word
5. Embedded files and data
6. Advanced and complex formulas and computations
Imaging and Design For the Online Environment covering the July 1--12
topics of how to manipulate text,
graphics, and images to create
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1. Basic principles of graphics and layout ICT content intended for an
2. Principles of visual message design using infographics online environment
3. Online file formats for images and text
4. Principles and basic techniques of image manipulation
5. Basic image manipulation using offline or opensource
6. Combining text, graphics, and imagesUploading,
sharing, and image hosting platforms
Online platforms as tools for ICT content development covering the principles and techniques of July 15-26
the topics of: design using online creation
1. The nature and purposes of online platforms and tools, platforms, and
applications applications to develop ICT
2. Basic web design principles and elements content for specific professional
3. Web page design using templates and online track
WYSIWYG platforms
WEEKS 9–10
Collaborative development of ICT content covering the topics the key learnings from the July-29 to Aug. 9
of: previous weeks, which they will
1. Team structure and dynamics for ICT content synthesize into an integrated
2. Online collaborative tools and processes ICT content through
3. Project management for ICT content collaboration with classmate
4. Curating existing content for use on the web and teacher as both peer and
Multimedia and ICTs covering the topics of: how rich media content and Aug. 19--23
interactivity affects and changes
1. Rich content in the online environment and the user the user experience in the
experience delivery and consumption of ICT
2. multimedia and interactivity content
3. Web 2.0, Web 3.0, and user participation in the web

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ICTs as platform for change covering the topics of: ICT as a tool, medium, and Aug.26- 30
1. ICT as medium for advocacy and developmental force in bringing about action
communication and mobilize change in a
2. The social power of social media population, society, or culture.
3. Digital citizenship and the Filipino people
WEEKS 13-16
Developing an ICT Project for Social Change covering the How to work with peers September 2-27
topics of: external publics/ partners for the
development of an ICT project
1. Planning and conceptualizing an ICT Project for Social that advocates or mobilizes for
Change a specific Social Change or
2. Research for ICT Projects, Audience profiling, cause
(demographics and psychographics)
3. Designing and copywriting for ICT Projects
4. Developing and constructing the ICT project

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Fueling Dreams, Empowering Learners