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“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
– C.S. Lewis

This quote reminds me of my father who was a farmer with a minimum literacy.
Married at 18 and had two kids by 20, he did whatever he could to make sure we
survive. He had to do all kind of odd jobs to make a living until he started a small
business. In this process he lost sight of dream and he treated my talent as his
second chance.

Having said that I hail from a farmer’s family, I had the chance to watch all the
machines and tractors used, being repaired in close quarters. I was also a huge fan
of Discovery channel’s “How Its Made” and “Future Weapons”. This made me
fall in love with machines. At that moment I decided to pursue a career in
mechanical engineering.

I completed my schooling with me being in the top 10 till the end. I had
developed an interest for Maths and Physics the sole reason being elation. There
are n number of ways to solve a problem in maths and this taught me we can solve
any complex problem in different ways as long as we’re thinking in the right way.

I have completed my Intermediate from Alphores Junior College with the main
stream subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I scored 95% in the board
examinations. I was ranked in top 8% in EAMCET which is a state level entry test
for engineering.

As a student of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology located in Hyderabad

and affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), I got an all-
round experience in the main streams of Mechanical Engineering in the subjects
of Engineering Mechanics, Automobiles, Thermodynamics, FEM, Design of
Machine Members, Production Technology, Robotics, Heat and Mass Transfer,
Thermal Engineering, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines, CAD/CAM,
Metallurgy and a few other courses. We were given complete access to all the labs
and workshops to work on our projects.

While at my college, I have actively participated, volunteered and organised

many events. Our national level symposium titled “IGNITO” spurred us to
organise events which would eventually help us in understanding leadership
qualities and the benefits of teamwork. I participated in blood donation campaigns,
volunteered for 2K run held my Adore India Campaign to save girls. Volunteered
for GHMC Live Web Casting as a part of government elections as well. Robozest
and Volvo’s Workshop on Automobiles Braking Dynamics are a few technical
workshops that I have attended.

As part of internship, I worked with National Thermal Power Corporation

(NTPC), located in Ramagundam on the project “Study of Working of Turbines
and its Auxiliaries” under Turbine Maintenance Department. But we were taught
completely on how a thermal power plant would operate not limiting our
knowledge to just steam turbines.

I was the project leader for our final year project Gearless Transmission System
using Elbow Mechanism. This system demonstrates efficient gearless
transmission of power at any required angle. This saves gear manufacturing time
and costs along with teeth matching and gear placement issues. The elbow
mechanism is an efficient design of gearless transmission technique and the
kinematic system that allows for efficient power/motion transmission at any
required angle. This mechanism allows for motion transmission from 90 degree
to 180 degree angles between the driver and the driven shafts. I chose this project
as I am inclined towards Design, Analysis and Manufacturing. First we designed
a prototype in Solid Works and performed simulation using Ansys before we
assembled all the parts and made it ready.

While completing the project my thirst for knowledge kept growing in the areas
of Design and Manufacturing. I know that designers are the ones that can create a
simple yet effective model that can help shape the future of modern machines. So
I decided to pursue a career in Design and or Manufacturing by completing
masters from a reputed university.

After a little research I came across Concordia University and went through the
courses offered by it. What caught my attention is that is has laboratories and
research centres for Industrial Control and Computer Aided Vehicle Engineering.
Concordia stands top both in Canada and internationally as well. The breadth and
depth of the courses coupled with a stimulating research environment seem to me
the right mix for seminal work and pioneering research. I knew that Concordia
would make me bloom both personally and professionally. I was excited after
seeing this and can’t hold myself from applying to this university.

Interacting with the best minds of the world will be an enriching experience and
this will spur me on, to being the very best in my field. I eagerly wait for your
benevolent act of accepting me into your fold and granting an admission in
Masters in Mechanical Engineering program.

Pannala Krishna Kanth