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Topic 1 Centre For Tranquility Topic 2 Business Park Topic 3 Resort

Aishwarya Satthya




Topic : Centre For Tranquility

Theme : Sustainable Architecture


To explore how architecture can inform healing or provide spaces and events where healing can take place. We as human beings have an inner connection with our environment by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual means. This connection can create a dynamic life that people can

thrive in every aspects.

Objective :

To establish a relationship between healing, senses and architecture.

To understand the various elements of healing, by incorporating them into the built form.

To challenge the preconceived notion of healing centres.

To learn and understand healing as a part of built environment.

To create a holistic environment that restore and maintain the equilibrium between mind and body.

To understand the five elements of nature and five senses as a rejuvenating factors of healing environment.

Scope And Limitation :

A tranquility centre has a rejoicing environment to cater to activities like meditation, massage, yoga using non- conventional materials. It’s a rejuvenation centre with an infusion of low cost of living and modern day comforts. Keeping it as close to nature as possible, the commodities and methods used sustainable and eco friendly.

For people who have a very hectic lifestyle, time comes to a standstill, for the days they spend here. This rejuvenation centre caters to everyone, by providing them an exhilarating experience involving the calming effects of nature at a very reasonable cost of living.

Rejuvenation , fresh air, feeling of being away from the usual hoo-haa, that’s what this place provides, for the weekend.

One would want to live in such a place because the environment is very suitable for a day or two out. People would not just go for the sake of outing but to be close to nature and admire such environment within their reach.

Guide Name : Ar. Mayank Tenguriya Sir


Topic : Business park Theme : Sustainable Architecture incorporating user movement Introduction :

A landscaped area containing high tech amenities for business purposes, as distinct from high-tech park or a science park. Building density is lower than would be usual in a traditional industrial estate. Business park are preferentially located where motor way, rail and airport communications are within a short distance.

Business parks are designed to be environmentally sustainable, which will help reduce air pollution and develop social health and lifestyle. Besides many ecological and environmental services, business parks provide significant social and spiritual benefits to human societies. Green business parks aim to decrease the huge negative effect of business on both nature and society.


To understand the overall space concept with respect to human scale and built environment.

To create a space which can form the node for holding and experiencing commercial and social activities.

To create a barrier free environment.

To understand the boundless freedom of working.

Objective :

To provide open living spaces achieving the comfort ambience.

To blend architecture planning and structure.

To ensure an all-time engaging and vibrant environment for all users by integration of

movement and activity.

To create interaction between the nature and the employees by bringing the outside


To create spaces that helps in enhancing the productivity of the employees.

Scope & Focus :

The major role is to design the business park in a series of integrated spaces and variety giving unique identity to business streets and serves as hub of commercial activities.

Guide name : Ar. Vivek Agnihotri Sir


Topic : Resort Design Theme : Interior Landscape Introduction :

Resort is a place to spent holiday for relaxation and recreation so that, one can give dynamism to their leisure time. Oxfords dictionary defines resort as place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose. One can go and swim in resort, can have lunch, can go just to pass time, plan an overnight stay and lit campfire, artist can complete their portrait, novelist can finish novel, a poet can create his poem and tourist can have charming stay there. A resort can function as a conference centre, as a meeting centre, as a banquette, as a restaurant, as a health club and various other functions. A resort could be day serving and night serving, and it provides the cuisine service.


This is a thesis proposal on designing the Recreational Tourist Resort, for the partial fulfilment of Bachelors Degree of Architecture. This covers design problems related to resort and tourists place, from program formulation, site selection, case studies, literature reviews, research, and design. The project will try to incorporate all the necessary facilities and amenities.

Objective :

Provide a recreational environment for the resort through varieties of facilities and functions.

Provide hospitality for both domestic and foreigner tourists and promote tourism ultimately Promote local as well as national economy through the promotion of both internal and external tourism.

The establishment of tourist resort will create the economic opportunities to site neighbourhood. Also the local and national economy will boost due to establishment of multifunctional recreational tourist resort.

Create an interactive ground for locals and visitors so that there may be interchange of ideas and cultural demonstration.

Provide a space for official meetings and seminars in natural surroundings.

Make analytical study of the functional requirements of resort and implement efficient design to carry out the functions smoothly.

Respond to climatic and energy consumption issues raised by present day architecture through eco-sensitive design.

Scope And Limitations :

The resort with recreational facilities posses wide range of scope. If we analyze the present trend of internal resort tourism and need of leisure place, then it is acceptable to have multifunctional resort, which not only focus on overnight stay but also concern in day services too. For internal visitors, there is no trend of going hotels in weekend, due to their location on core urban area. They intend to go some distance far from city so that they can enjoy the environment and freshness there. Hence, resort tourism can provide best solution to internal tourism.

Guide Name : Ar. Shailoneil Sahu Mam