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Mars in libra in 1th house

With the planet Mars in the sign of Libra, you feel a strong need for social harmony, but it is
achieved through desire rather than force. In Libra, Mars finds its detriment because it is
assigned to the opposite sign, Aries. Your desire for recognition from and collaboration with
others may be limited by a feeling that you are being got at.

Much effort may be focused on making friends and establishing a sense of rapport and trust.
This is because you enjoy attention and feel best when you work together with others. You
enjoy a steady relationship with the opposite sex, and you may seek a powerful and
energetic partner. Sometimes you mistake your own needs and ambitions for those of

Under Libra, the aggressive and self-centered desire of Mars manifests itself as either charm
and fineness or listlessness and laziness. Anger is rarely expressed here, but it will ultimately
depend on its aspects to other planets. You relate to a certain social grace, discipline, and
caution. Your strong sense of justice can become enraged when you see someone else
wronged. You are convinced that unfair treatment is a sign of moral weakness, which at
some point could also affect you. Try to avoid taking a short term solution to issues as it will
invariably compound them.

According to mythology, Mars sprang from the loins of the raging goddess Thera as a fully
grown warrior. This may be a very fitting picture, since those with Mars in the first house
have a quick temper, and their actions may easily get out of control. It is possible that the
slightest delay makes you impatient and angry, and you constantly have the feeling that you
must prove yourself. You should not fight out your conflicts on a physical level or let your
aggression loose on the next best available person. It would be better for you to channel
your energies into physical training or sport, particularly the practice of T'ai chi, trance
dancing, or Wushu (Kung Fu).

Persons with this placement usually have a strong jaw line. You make an honest, dynamic,
and refreshingly open impression. Be sure to act with frankness and conviction. Learn to set
your own priorities with enough importance that you do not find yourself playing a role for
the sake of gaining attention from others. Being impulsive, you are just the sort of person to
jump into life at the deep end. You do not sit around and wait for something to happen, you
like to grasp the initiative yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to take what you want from life
instead of trying to gain what you want through manipulative behavior. You have a strong
desire to control your own fate and are prepared to tackle any obstacles in order to get what
you want. You possess great vitality and your desire for independence may display itself at a
very tender age. If Mars receives some challenges from other planets, certain errors may
crop up that lead to much frustration. If you overtax your strength, headaches are likely.