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School Alumni, School Discipline, Impositions

of Disciplinary Actions
National Anthem :Multimedia Presentation : Dr. Florencio I. Cubelo
SHS Department Head
Invocation : c/o Grade-10 Libra Students c. School Policies
: Mrs. Mary Joy D. Cubelo
School Planning Designate
Checking of Attendance: Mary Kennie G. Griar
Grade- 8 Adviser
d. Attendance, Punctuality and absenteeism
: Mrs. Ma. Fe U. Guiral
Welcome Greetings : Levi Mar H. Pazo, Ph.D. e. Physical Aspect of School (JHS/SHS)
Principal- I : Mrs. Catherine P. Besas
School Property Custodian
Statement of Purpose : Caryl A. Orozco f. Health Concerns
Guidance Counselor- II : Mrs. Joycee P. Sugian, RN
School Nurse
Presentation : c/ o Grade-9 selected g. Guidance Services – Mrs. Caryl A. Orozco
Students Guidance Advocate

Orientation Proper : 4. Awarding of Certificate for Adopt A Student

1. Introduction of School Teaching & Non- Teaching
Personnel 5. Mass Singing
: Mrs. Liezel M. Acevedo
Grade- 10 Sagittarius Adviser
2. 4P’s Updates and Announcement- EMCEE:
: Mrs. Gemima Balili
DSWD Representative
3. Discussion of Student Handbook WILLIAM M. APORBO
a. Core Values, Mission & Vision
: c/o Grade- 10 Sagittarius
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
CARAGA Administrative Region
Division of Surigao del Sur



JUNE 11, 2019

1:00- 5:00 pm

You are cordially invited

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