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2 Criminalistics Review Questions 5.

In the strict sense of the word,

Forensic Medicine means
1. The following are types of A. application of medicine to legal
medical evidence, except: cases
A. Photographic evidence B. application of medical science to
B. Experimental evidence elucidate legal problems
C. Testimonial evidence C. knowledge of law in relation to
D. Autoptic evidence practice of medicine
D. none of the above
2. The art of identification by E. all of the above
comparison of fingerprint is called:
A. Dactylography 6. The different test to determine
B. All of the these peripheral circulation are the
C. Dactyloscopy following,
D. Palmistry except
A. Magnus test
3. Some scientific methods of B. Diaphanous test
identification are the following, C. I card’s test
except: D. Winslow’s test
A. Fingerprinting
B. Handwriting 7. The following officials of the
C. Dental identification Philippine Government are
D. Identification by close friends authorized to
and relatives conduct death investigation, except
4. The greater the number of points A. Public Prosecutor
of similarities and dissimilarities of B. Judges of the regional trial court
two persons compared, the greater C. Director PNP
the probability for the conclusion D. SOCO team
to be correct is found in the
A. Law of Municipality of Evidence
in Identification
B. All of the these
C. Identification by Comparison and
D. Law of Super Imposition
8. The following statements are 11. To find out the truth is an
important in death determination. essential requirement for the
Which administration
is not valid?. of Justice. Which of the following is
A. Civil personality of a natural the commonly used method of
person is extinguished by death deception detection?
B. Civil property of a person is A. Lie detection method
transmitted to the heirs, if not, to B. Hypnotism
the government C. Use of drugs
C. The death of the partner is one of D. Confession
the causes of dissolution of
partnership agreement 12. In molecular or cellular death,
D. The criminal liability of a person death of individual cells is with in
is extinguished by death A. 3-6 minutes
B. 3-6 hours
C. 20-30 minutes
9. The following are kinds of death, D. 20-30 hours
which one is not?
A. Somatic or Clinical Death 13. Post-mortem lividity has the
B. State of Suspended Animation following mechanisms:
C. Cellular or Molecular Death A. Hypostatic pressure
D. Regulated Death B. Diffusion
C. Gravitational pressure
10. Of the following kinds of death, D. All of the above
which one is relevant to Organ
A. Somatic or clinical Death
B. State of Suspended Animation
C. Molecular Death
D. Cellular Death
14. Hanging is asphyxia due to the 17. Comprehensive study of dead
constriction of the neck as a result body, performed by a trained
of Physician, to determine the cause of
suspension in which the weight of death:
the body pulls upon the ligature. A. Autopsy
What differentiates it from B. Biophsis
strangulation by a ligature C. Dissection
therefore is: D. Physicians
A. The factor of suspension
B. Hanging raises a presumption of 18. Articles and materials found in
suicide the crime scene:
C. Strangulation is usually A. Physical evidence
homicidal B. Associative evidence
D. All of the above C. Evidence
E. None of the above D. Tracing evidence

15. Distinctions between ante- 19. Circumscribed extravation of

mortem from post-mortem clot are blood or subcutaneous tissue or
the underneath the mucous membrane.
following. Which one is not valid? A. Contusion
A. Ante-mortem clot is firm in B. Petechia
consistency C. Abrasion
B. Clot is homogenous in D. All of them
construction so it cannot be
stripped 20. Among the following, which has
into layers the greatest value in scientific
C. Clot with varied colors examination/identification?
D. Surface of the blood vessels are A. Dental examination
raw after the clots are B. Fingerprinting
removed C. Photography
D. Pictures Parle
16. Post-mortem lividity maybe due
to any of the following, except: 21. One is a condition that can
A. Hypostasis approximate the time of death.
B. Autolysis A. Cadaver
C. Diffusion B. Magnus test
D. Suggillation C. Rigor mortis
D. None of these
22. The means sanctioned by the 26. An open wound produced by a
law, of ascertaining the judicial sharp-pointed instrument and is
power/proceeding, the truth characterized by a small opening of
respecting the matter of fact. the wound.
A. Polygraph A. Gunshot wound
B. Evidence B. Stab wound
C. Lie detector C. Shrapnel wound
D. All of these D. Punctured wound

23. Determination of individuality 27. A physical injury wherein the

of a person or thing: offended victim is incapacitated for
A. Description work or requires medical assistance
B. Perception for 10 days or more but not more
C. Identification than 30 days.
D. All of these A. Slight physical injury
B. Mutilation
24. Types of fingerprint patters, C. Serious physical injury
except: D. less serious physical injury
A. Arches
B. Ordinary 28. It is the type of burn due to
C. Loop gamma rays and which is difficult to
D. Whorl remedy:
A. Thermal burn
25. It is any unusual pattern of B. Electric burn
sexual behavior including habitual, C. Chemical burn
preference and completing need for D. Radiation burn
sexual gratification by any
means except sexual intercourse 29. The metal tube through which
which results to bodily excitement the bullet is fired is called
A. Virginity A. Bore
B. Sexual intercourse B. Barrel
C. Prostitution C. Baretta
D. Sexual deviation D. Bromet
30. The old form of gunpowder 35. This is a device for storing
invented over a thousand years ago cartridges in a repeating firearm for
and loading into the chamber. Also
consisting of nitrate, charcoal, and referred to as a "clip".
sulfur. A. Clipper
A. Chinese Powder B. Holder
B. Black Powder C. Pin or pinhead
C. Gray Powder D. None of these
D. All of these
36. A device that fits over the
31. The inside of the barrel is muzzle of the barrel to muffle the
generally termed as sound
A. Bore of a gunshot. Most work by baffling
B. Barrel the escape of gases.
C. Rifling A. Buffer
D. Primer B. Silencer
C. Magazine
32. The portion of the gun which is D. Hanger
held or shouldered is called
A. Buckle 37. Under the management of Lt.
B. Buttstock Darby during the American
C. Handle occupation
D. End joint in the Philippines, a modern and
complete fingerprint file has been
33. In a gun, the portion of the established for the Philippine
"action" that holds the cartridge commonwealth. In 1937, the first
ready Filipino fingerprint technician
for firing is called employed by the Phil. Constabulary
A. Gas tube was
B. Chamber A. Mr. Generoso Reyes
C. Double-action B. Mr. Amado Delos Santos
D. Trigger C. Mr. Calixto Solis
D. None of these
34. A metal rod or plate that strikes
the cartridge primer to detonate the
A. Spring
B. Trigger guard
C. Hammer
D. Revolver
38. The first leading judicial 41. In police photography studies,
decision in the Philippine what are called the thin, gelatinous,
jurisprudence on the light-sensitive coatings on film that
science of fingerprinting was the react chemically to capture the
case of color and shadings of a scene?
A. People vs Medina A. Films
B. People vs Pineda B. Emulsions
C. People vs Amador C. Chemical Coatings
D. People vs. Rosas D. None of these

39. What is the intermediate and 42. A medium that divert or absorb
the thickest layer of the hair and is light, but does not allow lights to
composed of elongated, spindle- pass
shaped fibrils which cohere? They though, they absorb most of the
contain pigment granules in varying light while reflecting some of
proportion depending on the it is called
type of hair. A. Opaque object
A. Medulla B. Convection
B. Cortex C. Visible light
C. Core D. Prisms
D. Cuticle
43. In the practice of polygraphy,
40. Who was the noted British what do you call questions
Examiner of questioned documents unrelated
said to the matter under investigation
that an intelligent police but are of similar nature although
investigator can detect almost 75% less serious as compared to those
of all relevant questions under
forgeries by careful inspection of a investigation?
document with simple magnifiers A. Irrelevant questions
and measuring tools? B. Relevant questions
A. Dr. Arthur Stoll C. Control questions
B. Dr. Aristotle Curt D. Interrogative questions
C. Dr. William Harrison
D. Dr. Benjamin Jones
44. What test is given if a subject of 48. In the study of questioned
interrogation is not yet informed of documents, what do you call the
the details of the offense for which quality
he is being interrogated by the of paper that does not allow light to
investigation, or by other persons pass through or which prevents
or from other sources like the print dark objects from being seen
media? through the paper?
A. Peak of Tension test A. Opacity
B. Control test B. Watermarks
C. IQ Test C. Skid marks
D. Guilt Complex Test D. Invisibility

45. In fingerprinting, the space 49. What is the oldest ink material
between shoulders of a loop, free of known?
any A. Ball point pen ink
appendage, and a butting at right B. Chinese Ink
angle. C. Aniline Ink
A. Complete curve D. White Ink
B. Sufficient Recurve
C. Straight arrow 50. It is the art of extracting and
D. Core working on metals by the
application of
46. The term use to refer to a single chemical and physical knowledge.
recurving ridge enclosing one or A. Cryptography
more rods or bars of a fingerprint. B. Metallurgy
A. None of these C. Casting
B. Envelope D. Matalisky
C. Furrows
D. Bifurcation

47. These are depressions or canals

between the ridges of a fingerprint
which maybe compared with the
low area in a tire tread.
A. None of these
B. Envelope
C. Furrows
D. Bifurcation
51. The branch of geology that deals 55. In ballistics, what is the
with the systematic classification pressure generated within the
and identification of rocks, rock chamber
forming minerals and soil. Also erroneously called breeched
includes study of dust, dirt, safe pressure?
insulation, ceramics and other such A. Chamber Pressure
materials, both natural and B. Barrel Pressure
artificial. C. Gunpowder
A. Petrography D. None of these
B. Serology
C. Anthropology 56. The ratio of the weight of the
D. Ecology powder charge to the weight of the
projectile is called
52. In a fire, the presence of reddish A. Power to speed ratio
brown smoke indicates B. Charge weight to bullet weight
A. Nitrocellulose ratio
B. Sulfuric acid C. Firing pin stroke ratio
C. Nitric acid D. All of these
D. All of these
57. Chemical rearrangement of
53. The bending of light around an molecules into gas instead of solids
object gives rise to the phenomenon to
called cause the high explosives to exert
A. attraction full power of shock. The speed
B. diffraction varies in different explosive but in
C. light curve some it is as high as 7000 yards in
D. light fingerprint a second. This refers to
A. Energy
54. Under the law of reflection, The B. Gas
angle of reflection depends upon C. Detonation
the D. Gun powder
angle of the light striking the
material, which is referred to as the
A. angle of incidence
B. angle of biometry
C. angle of light
D. none of these
58. What occurs when a cartridge 62. A noted British anthropologist
fails to explode on time or delayed who began observation which led to
in the publication in 1882 of his book
firing? “Fingerprints.” That established
A. Knocking Power the individuality of classifying
B. Hang fire fingerprint patterns.
C. Recoil A. Francis Galton
D. None of these B. Gilbert Thompson
C. Wayne Kate
59. In China, fingerprint is called ___. D. Alphonse Bertillon
It was valued for purposes of
identification since time 63. The notorious gangster and a
immemorial as found on a Chinese police character, who attempted to
clay seal erase his fingerprints by burning
made not later than the 3rd Century them with acid but as time went by
B.C. the ridges were again restored to
A. Hua Chi their “natural” feature.
B. Mah Whang A. John Fielding
C. Wong Cho B. Johanes Curie
D. Tiang Hin C. John Dellinger
D. Billy the Kid
60. Who has given the fame title as
“Father of Dactyloscopy”? 64. What is the science of palm
A. Johannes Purkinje print identification?
B. Leonard Keeler A. Chiroscopy
C. Charles Darwin B. Poroscopy
D. Sir Francis Galton C. Podoscopy
D. Astrology
61. In Hoogly, district of Bengal,
India, he used fingerprints to 65. A single ridge which splits into
prevent two ridges forming a “Y” shape
fraudulent collection of army pay formation or structure is commonly
account and for identification of known as
other documents. He was known as A. Diverging ridges
the Father of Chiroscopy. B. Bifurcating ridges
A. William Herschel C. Loop
B. Francis Galton D. Delta
C. Gilbert Thompson
D. Alphonse Bertillon
66. Symbolized by letter W in the 70. Are condensed and compact set
fingerprint classification. It is a of authentic specimens which, if
fingerprint pattern which there are adequate and proper, should
two deltas and in which at least contain a cross section of the
one ridge makes a turn through one material from a known source for
complete circuit. questioned document examination.
A. Plain whorl A. Basis products
B. Central pocket loop whorl B. Standards
C. Accidental loop C. Handwriting
D. Ulnar loop D. Signatures

67. Father of Criminalistics. 71. A term used by some document

A. Dr. Hans Gross examiners and attorneys to
B. Dr. Cesare Lombroso characterize known material.
C. Dr. John Reid A. Basis
D. Dr. John Larson B. Exemplar
C. Xerox copies
68. Which evidence offers least D. Reproduced
resistance to decomposition?
A. Semen 72. When a document is issued and
B. Urine notarized by a notary public or
C. Hair competent public official with
D. Blood solemnities required by law, it is
69. One in which the facts A. Official document
appearing therein may not be true, B. Public document
and are C. Commercial document
contested either in whole or part D. Private Document
with respect to its authen¬ticity,
identity, or origin. 73. What is known as the blotting
A. Questioned document out or shearing over the writing to
B. Illegal document make the original invisible to as an
C. Falsified document addition?
D. Disputed facts A. Obliteration
B. Obscuration
C. Forged
D. None of these
74. In legal language, it refers to the 77. It is the result of a very
document examiner's conclu¬sion. complicated series of facts, being
In used as
Court, he may not only express it whole, combination of certain
but demonstrates the reasons for forms of visible mental and
arriving at his conclusion. muscular
A. Remarks habits acquired by long, continued
B. Testimony painstaking effort. Some defined
C. Opinion it as “visible speech.”
D. Reasoning A. Typewriting
B. Money Bills
75. In this kind of document C. Handwriting
examination, the document is D. All of these
viewed with
the source of illumination behind it 78. In document examination, what
and the light passing through the is the relation of parts of the whole
paper. Documents are subjected to of writing or line of individual
this type of examination to letters in words to the baseline?
determine the presence of erasures, A. Proportion
matching of serrations and B. Alignment
some other types of alterations. C. Lining
A. Microscopic examination D. Letter forms
B. Ultra violet examination
C. Photographic examination 79. Any property or mark which
D. Transmitted light examination distinguishes and in document
examination commonly called to as
76. Ultraviolet radiation is invisible the iden¬tifying details si called
and occurs in the wave lengths just A. Standard
below the visible blue-violet end of B. Characteristics
the spectrum (rainbow). These C. Attribute
visible rays react on some D. Form
substances so that visible light is
a phenomenon known as
A. Prism
B. Fluorescence
C. Infrared
D. Radiation
80. The act of setting two or more 83. It is the crime of making,
items side by side to weigh their circulating or uttering false coins
identifying qualities; it refers not and
only a visual but also the mental act banknotes. Literally, it means to
in which the element of one item make a copy of; or imitate; to make
are related to the counterparts of a spurious semblance of, as money
the other. or stamps, with the intent to
A. Collation deceive or defraud.
B. Analysis A. Counterfeiting
C. Comparison B. Falsification
D. Recording C. Forgery
D. Fake money bills
81. In the study handwriting, the
movement of the pen toward the 84. A fluid or viscous marking
writer is called material used for writing or
A. Downstroke printing.
B. Backstroke A. Pen
C. Sidestroke B. Ink
D. None of these C. Coal
D. Chalk
82. It is a signature, signed at a
particular time and place, under 85. In 1884, who was this insurance
particular conditions, while the agent in New York who patent¬ed
signer was at particular age, in a the first practical fountain pen
particular physical and mental containing its own ink reservoir
condition, using particular A. Lewis Waterman
implements, B. John Loud
and with a particular reason and C. Peter Reynolds
purpose for recording his name. D. Henry Ball
A. Fraudulent Signature
B. Freehand forged signature 86. What do you calle the type of
C. Guided Signature instrument used in measuring pitch
D. Evidential Signature of
rifling firearms?
A. Pinometer
B. Helixometer
C. Thermometer
D. Caliper
87. This valuable instrument is 90. Which film is suitable for
specially designed to permit the general use in the preparation of
firearms black and
examiner to determine the white photography because it
similarity and dissimilarity between produces the most natural
two recording of
fired bullets or two fired shells, by colors?
simultaneously observing their A. Panchromatic film
magnified image in a single B. Chrome Films
microscopic field. C. X-Ray Films
A. Magnetic field device D. Color Films
B. Compound microscope
C. Bullet comparison microscope 91. One film maybe rated ISO – 100,
D. Photographic microscope and another film ISO- 200. This
means that the 200 films are twice
88. Consist of a wooden box, 12 as fast (twice more sensitive to
“x”12”x 96, with a hinged to cover light) than the ISO-100 film. This
and statement is
with one end open. This long box is A. true
filled with ordinary cotton and B. false
separated into sections by C. partly true
cardboard petitions use in ballistics. D. partly false
A. Firing point box
B. Bullet recovery box 92. Among the following speed of
C. Slug collection box film, which has the fastest speed?
D. All of these A. ISO – 25
B. ISO – 100 to ISO – 200
89. Photographic films maybe C. ISO – 400
classified according to their forms D. ISO – 1000 and up
and types. What are the films that
are sensitive to radiation?
A. Chrome Films
B. X-Ray Films
C. B&W Films
D. Colored Films
93. Chromatic aberration is the 96. In photography, what
failure of different colored light determines how effectively a
rays to moving object
focus after passing through a lens, can be stopped, that is, how sharply
focusing of light of different it can be reproduced without
colors at different points resulting blurring, or streaking in the final
in a blurred image. image?
A. Astigmatism A. Focus
B. Bended light B. Shutter speed
C. Chromatic aberration C. Aperture
D. Pragmatic rays D. Lens

94. What is the defect in which the 97. What makes a bullet spin?
light coming from an off-axis object Without spin, a bullet would not
point is spread along the direction stay
of the optic axis? If the object is a pointed forward in flight, but would
vertical line, the cross section of the tumble over and over. The
refracted beam at successively spinning motion increases the
greater distances from the lens is an accuracy of a bullet.
ellipse that collapses first into a A. Bore
horizontal line, spreads out again, B. Gunpowder
and later becomes a vertical line C. Rifling
A. Astigmatism D. Shell
B. Bended light
C. Chromatic aberration 98. What component of the
D. Pragmatic rays polygraph machine records the
changes in
95. Depth of field is the range in the breathing of the subject?
front of and behind a sharply A. Pneumograph
focused B. Cardiograph
subject in which details also look C. Galvanograph
sharp in the final photographic D. Kymograph
A. Focus
B. Depth of field
C. Camera trick
D. Aperture
99. In fingerprinting, it refers to the
process of counting the intervening
ridges that touch or cross an
imaginary line drawn between the
and the delta.
A. Ridge counting
B. Ridge tracing
C. Delta tracing
D. All of these

100.For many years the most

commonly used preliminary test for
blood is
A. Plasma count
B. Serum test
C. Benzidine test
D. Barberio’s test
1. B 39. B 77. C
2. C 40. C 78. B
3. D 41. B 79. B
4. A 42. A 80. C
5. B 43. C 81. A
6. C 44. A 82. D
7. B 45. B 83. A
8. B 46. B 84. B
9. D 47. C 85. A
10. A 48. A 86. B
11. A 49. B 87. C
12. A 50. B 88. B
13. D 51. A 89. B
14. E 52. D 90. A
15. C 53. B 91. A
16. B 54. A 92. D
17. A 55. A 93. C
18. A 56. B 94. A
19. A 57. C 95. B
20. B 58. B 96. B
21. C 59. A 97. C
22. B 60. A 98. A
23. C 61. A 99. A
24. B 62. A 100. C
25. D 63. C
26. D 64. B
27. D 65. B
28. D 66. A
29. B 67. A
30. B 68. C
31. A 69. A
32. B 70. B
33. B 71. B
34. C 72. B
35. D 73. A
36. B 74. C
37. A 75. D
38. A 76. B